VPS Module Installation

  1. Download the VPS module.
  2. Upload files to your server and extract OnApp VPS For WHMCS Module to your server into WHMCS root directory:
  3. Extract your OnApp VPS For WHMCS Module. You do not have to copy each file individually because all of the files will automatically appear in the right localizations
  4. Add a new server. To do so:
    1. Go to Setup > Products/Services > Server screen and press the Add New Server button.
    2. On the screen that appears, enter your server name, IP address (or hostname), username and password. Choose OnappVPS from a drop-down menu and press the Save Changes button.
  5. After that, create a server group. To do so:
    1. Click the Create Server Group button.
    2. On the screen that appears, give the server group a name and specify which servers should be placed in the group.
    3. Click the Save Changes button to add a new server group.
  6. To create a product, go to Setup > Products/Services > Products menu:
    1. Click the Create a New Group button.
    2. On the screen that follows, enter product group name and press the Save Changes button.
  7. When you have created a product group, proceed to the product creation:
  8. Press the Create a New Product, select Product Type and Product Group from the drop-down menu, Enter Product Name and press Continue.
  9. Select OnappVPS and the server group from the drop-down menu and click Synchronize next to Templates. Choose OS Template, Data Store Zone, SWAP: Data Store Zone, Compute Zone, Compute Resource and Network Zone. Add a user-friendly virtual machine description.
  10. Choose User Role, User Group and User Billing Plan.
  11. Generate custom fields and configurable options. To do so, press the Generate default texts  button next to the Custom Fields and Configurable Options, respectively. Press the Save Changes button to finish the configuration process.

Figure 1. Client area service management screen