OnApp WHMCS Reseller Module

Only one instance of the Reseller module can be installed and used at any given time.

OnApp Reseller For WHMCS is a module which allows you to easily change its name and sell it under custom name. Your resellers will be able to offer OnApp VPS servers which will be created on cloud servers restricted by you. Your resellers clients will be able to manage those ordered VPS servers via your resellers WHMCSes.

Basic Functionality:

  • Create
  • Terminate
  • Upgrade/Downgrade

Product Configuration:

  • Synchronization Of Templates
  • Static Resources Per Product:
    • Resources (Memory, CPU, CPU Shares, Disk Size, SWAP Space)
    • OS Template (Template Group, OS Template)
    • Storage/Backups (Data Store Zone, SWAP: Data Store Zone, Primary Disk Min Iops, Swap Disk Min Iops)
    • Networks (Compute Zone, Compute resource, IP Addresses, Max Port Speed, Network Zone)
    • Additionals (VM Description, Type Of Filesystem, Licensing Server ID, Licensing Type, Licensing Key, Automatic Backup, Virtual Machine Build, Use HTML5 Console)
    • User Configuration (User Role, User Billing Plan, User Group)
  • Configurable Options (Memory, CPU, Primary Disk Size, Swap Disk Size,  Extra IP Address, Port Speed, CPU Priority, OS Template, Primary Data Store, Swap Data Store, Network Group)

Client Area Features:

  • Manage VM Status (Start, Stop, Shutdown, Reboot, Startup On Recovery, Rebuild)
  • View VM Details & Status
  • Firewall Management
  • IP Management
  • Network Management
  • CPU Usage Graphs
  • Disk Management
  • Backups
  • Activity Logs


  • Supports WHMCS V6 and Later 

Below you will find installation and configuration instructions for OnApp WHMCS Reseller Module.