OnApp WHMCS Cloud Module Guide

OnApp WHMCS Cloud Module is an advanced module which allows you to create and terminate VS under resources limits in OnApp Cloud products you ordered. 

Basic Functionality:

  • Create
  • Terminate
  • Upgrade/Downgrade Resources

Product Configuration:

  • Static Resources Per Product
  • Configurable Option for Resources
  • Ability To Create Product With Unlimited Resources (Resource Usage Billed With
  • OnApp Billing)
  • Ability To Switch Units Between GB and MB
  • Configuration Of Available Client Area Features

Client Area Features:

  • Create/Terminate/Edit VS
  • Upgrade/Downgrade VS
  • VS Basic Commands (Start/Stop/Shutdown/Reboot/Startup On Recovery/Rebuild/ Console)
  • Firewall Management
  • IP Management
  • Network Management
  • CPU Usage Graphs
  • Disks Management
  • Backups Management
  • Auto Scaling
  • Resource Usage Control
  • VS Activity Logs


  • Supports OnApp Billing For WHMCS
  • Supports WHMCS V6 and Later

Below you will find installation and configuration instructions for OnApp WHMCS Cloud Module.