The guides in this section will assist you in setting up and configuring WHMCS modules. The Guide column points to the module guide page, while the Module column shows where the module can be downloaded. Check out What's New to see the updates and improvements.

  • The update (04/03/2020) of the WHMCS modules provides full compatibility with OnApp 6.2 API.
  • The update (13/12/2018) of the WHMCS modules provides full compatibility with OnApp 6.0 API.
  • The update (13/03/2018) of the WHMCS modules provides support for the Incremental Backups functionality for the Cloud and VPS modules.
  • To ensure that all WHMCS modules are working correctly you need to be running a Stable or LTS OnApp version.
  • Check the list of 6.0 LTS Known Issues before upgrading.

This documentation is provided by http://www.modulesgarden.com.


Cloud Module (.zip, 28th May 2020, 731 KB, v1.8.11)   

The Cloud module allows you to sell groups of resources to clients, where they can then create, build, reboot, shut down, start up, rebuild and delete virtual servers directly from WHMCS within the limits of the resources given.

Currently, autoscaling does not function with the Cloud module.

OnApp WHMCS Cloud Module Guide

Billing Module (.zip, 28th May 2020, 646 KB, v1.8.11)  

WHMCS Billing module allows you to set up additional billing options and produce invoices for your clients.

OnApp WHMCS Billing Module Guide

User Module (.zip; v3.8.12)

The OnApp Users module for WHMCS allows you to create, suspend and activate users directly from WHMCS. Clients then log directly into OnApp to build and manage their VSs with WHMCS handling billing.

OnApp WHMCS Users Module Guide

Reseller Module (.zip, 16th June 2020227 KB, v1.8.11)   

The Reseller Module allows you to create your own branded VPS module to provide to your resellers. Your resellers then manage their own customers and orders through their own WHMCS.

OnApp WHMCS Reseller Module Guide

VPS Module (.zip, 28th May 2020295 KB, v1.8.11

The WHMCS VPS Module allows your clients to create, build, reboot, shut down, start up, and rebuild a single VPS directly through WHMCS.

Currently, autoscaling does not function with the VPS module.

OnApp WHMCS VPS Module Guide

DNS Module allows your clients to manage DNS zones and records directly through WHMCS.

OnApp WHMCS DNS Module Guide

The CDN Module makes it possible for your clients to manage CDN resources from the WHMCS.
If you are using the old CDN module which is no longer supported - use migration tool to switch to the current CDN Module.  
OnApp WHMCS CDN Module Guide

vCD Module (.zip, 30th June 2020, 458 KB, v.1.1.8)

OnApp vCD For WHMCS module allows you to offer vCloud Director functionality on your OnApp server for your customers using WHMCS. OnApp WHMCS vCloud Module Guide
You can use a custom template order instead of the standard template. 
  • We recommend you to make WHMCS backup prior to upgrading to new modules.       
  • Please note that currently only User, Cloud, and VPS modules support incremental backups. In case of usage of other WHMCS modules, the incremental backups functionality is not available.