vCenter Cloud Requirements

If you are looking to run VMware ESXi servers through OnApp, then you will require an external installation of vCenter. These can be installed on virtual servers, if necessary, but should not be hosted inside OnApp. 

The OnApp Control Panel server communicates with vCenter over the OnApp management network.

The following are the requirements for VMware integration with OnApp Control Panel:

  • vCenter ESXi hosts must be organized into Clusters.

  • OnApp can only deploy and manage vCenter VSs connected to a dvPortGroup. All hosts in your cluster(s) must be connected to a DvSwitch or vSwitch.

    Since VSS networks cannot be managed on OnApp side, it will not be possible to configure traffic shaping for them, so the Port speed field at the Edit NIC page and the Resources step of the VS Creation wizard will be disabled.

  • At least one data store on the ESXi hosts is required for the virtual server provisioning. Make sure that this data store is accessible to all ESXi hosts in a Cluster. NOTE: The data store name will be used on the Control Panel. 
  • Ensure that the OnApp Control Panel server has admin access to vCenter and all of the ESXi hosts.