The OnApp Control Panel server communicates with vCenter over the OnApp management network. Below you can find a scheme, which shows network creation workflow in OnApp and in vCenter.

The following network mapping shows dependencies between vCenter and OnApp network components:





Network Label

dvPortGroup VLAN


Network VLAN

dvPortGroup Name


Network Network

<Nothing Here>

Network IP Addresses

dvPortGroup MoRef

Network vCenter Identifier


There is a set of requirements for managing vCenter networks, network zones and compute resources in OnApp Control Panel. Follow the requirements listed below to ensure the proper operation of your vCenter. 

If you don't meet the requirements listed in this document, you won't be able to upgrade to OnApp 5.8. The upgrade will not be performed if any of the following network issues are detected in your vCenter.

Network Requirements 

The following requirements are applicable to managing vCenter networks in OnApp CP: 

  • The network cannot be attached to a compute zone if this zone has more than one compute resource and one of them is vCenter-based. 

  • The network can be attached only to one vCenter compute resource. 

  • The network cannot be shared between vCenter compute resources. 

  • If any network in OnApp is already attached to a compute resource, it cannot be attached to a vCenter compute resource.

Network Zone Requirements 

The following network zone requirements are applicable to vCenter: 

  • In one network zone, you can have networks that are assigned to vCenter and networks that are assigned to KVM compute resources. 

  • vCenter networks are imported into one network zone and you can move them to different zones.

Compute Resource Requirements

The following compute resource requirements are related to vCenter networks: 

  • The vCenter compute resource cannot be assigned to a compute zone if this zone already has any compute resources and attached networks.

  • The compute resource that does not belong to vCenter cannot be assigned to a compute zone if this compute zone has vCenter compute resource and attached networks.