There is a set of requirements to vCenter networks, network zones and compute resources in OnApp Control Panel. If you don't meet the requirements listed in the linked document, you won't be able to upgrade your OnApp cloud. The upgrade will not be performed if any of the network issues are detected in your vCenter.

Follow these guidelines to install and configure VMware vCenter:

  • Install the VMware vCenter server by following VMware documentation instructions.
  • Create an administrator account on the vCenter server or use the default administrator account with full admin permissions.
  • Create a new Datacenter.
  • Create a new Cluster and keep DRS enabled.
  • Install and add ESXi hosts to the Cluster.
  • Do not place clusters in folders.
  • Create a vSphere Distributed Switch and add the ESXi hosts to the switch.
  • Add a data store that is accessible to all ESXi hosts in the Cluster.
  • Make sure the vCenter/ESXis TCP 443 port is open for incoming connections from the OnApp Control Panel.
  • Use NTP for all environments for correct time synchronization.