Virtual servers running on vCenter compute resources are managed almost the same as normal virtual servers. Also, the vCenter cluster is displayed as a pool of resources rather than per compute resource.

OnApp Cloud gives you high-end cloud management features including:

 Certain VS operations are unavailable in OnApp with vCenter:

  • Reboot in recovery
  • Segregate 
  • VIP status
  • Autoscaling
  • Migrate VS. vCenter utilizes vMotion to ensure that the VSs are optimally placed on the compute resources. However, you can migrate vCenter virtual servers to KVM
  • Backups. The backup process for vCenter virtual servers differs from the standard OnApp backup scheme. See the Manage Virtual Server Snapshots page for details. 
  • The use of IPv6 is not supported for vCenter virtual servers.  

Performing the following VS operations at vCenter may lead to problems with VMware infrastructure management. Please, do not execute the following actions in vCenter:

  • Edit the Properties for any VS
  • Create and delete Snapshots
  • Make changes to the distributed vSwitch
  • Remove templates from the data store
  • Delete the services account on the virtual server
  • Remove or stop VMware tools on the virtual server

Performing the following actions in vCenter will not affect OnApp:

  • Migrate VSs between compute resources using vMotion
  • Migrate VSs between data stores using Storage vMotion
  • Place compute resources into maintenance mode
  • Make changes to compute resources when in maintenance mode
  • Back up VSs using a third-party tool (e.g. Veeam)
  • Enable, Disable or make changes to DRS

Performing the following actions in vCenter will be synchronized with OnApp:

  • Networks Created
  • Networks Deleted
  • Datastores Created
  • Datastores Deleted
  • New Compute Added
  • Compute Remove
  • Updates to Imported VSs (Ex. Changed Resources, added NICs, add Disks)
  • VS has been Deleted