Control Panel Configuration

Read the steps described in this section carefully to get a common notion of the VMware vCenter configuration within the OnApp cloud. 

To configure VMware vCenter on Control Panel:

  1. Create new vCenter compute resource in the compute resource settings. See the Create vCenter Compute Resource section for details how to do that. A transaction will be launched to import all networks and data stores:

    1. PortGroups are created as Networks under a single zone with an initial name of dvSwitch - dvPortGroup Name

    2. Data stores Cluster (PODs) are created as individual zones with their Cluster Name in the zone Name

    3. Data stores not in a cluster are created under a single zone

  2. Create a VS template by following the instructions in the Create Template for vCenter Virtual Server chapter. Also, you can upload templates using OVA import.

  3. Create a new vCenter virtual server or import VS from vCenter.

  • To import a VS from vCenter successfully, make sure vCenter resources for compute, network and datastore zones are added in your bucket in the Virtual section.
  • In order for a vCenter VS console to work, the system_host parameter in /onapp/interface/config/on_app.yml file must be changed from its default value to an appropriate FQDN or IP address of the Control Panel server.