To use OnApp vCenter with basic licensing, you may import existing VSS from vCenter to OnApp so that they can be used instead of dvSwitches.

vSphere Standard Switches

In vCenter, you can create abstracted network devices called vSphere Standard Switches (VSS). You use standard switches to provide network connectivity to hosts and virtual machines. A standard switch can bridge traffic internally between virtual machines in the same VLAN and link to external networks.

You can add a VSS network for a VS imported from vCenter to OnApp. To successfully import VSS networks from vCenter to OnApp, do the following on the vCenter side:

  • make sure that all VSS port group names are the same across ESXI hypervisors, otherwise, issues with migration may appear.
  • manually create VSS on each ESXi host for the VSS to be shown in vCenter as one entry.

Once done, you may import your vCenter VS or resync it if the VS was imported previously.

Since VSS networks cannot be managed on OnApp side, it will not be possible to configure traffic shaping for them, so the Port speed field at the Edit NIC page and the Resources step of the VS Creation wizard will be disabled.