To manage the administrative options of a vCenter virtual server:

    1. Go to your Control Panel > Cloud > Virtual Servers menu.
    2. Click the label of the required vCenter VS.
    3. Click the Tools button on the server's screen to expand the Tools menu.
    4. The Tools menu enables you to perform the following administrative actions:
      • Set Root Password - set current root/administrator password for a newly imported VS.
        • Password confirmation - repeat the password to confirm it
        • Encrypt password - move the Encrypt Password slider to the right, to encrypt your password, then enter an encryption key in the field that appears
      • Change Owner - pops up a dialogue box with a drop-down of all users on the system, enabling you to pass ownership of the vCenter VS to the user selected from the list. If you have any recipes for this server, you will be also prompted to confirm if the recipe should be moved to another user. 
      • Set Credentials - The credentials are required for adding/editing disks and other operations. You need to set your vCenter credentials to gain access to the full functionality of the VS. For that, go to your Control Panel > CloudVirtual Server > Label > Tools > Administrative Options > Set Credentials.