VCD Compute Resources

A vCloud compute resource is used to integrate OnApp and VMware Cloud Director so that to enable existing VMware Cloud Director installations to use the OnApp CP as their front-end UI.

For details on how to create a vCloud compute resource, refer to the Create vCloud Compute resource section of the OnApp and VMware Cloud Director Configuration Guide.

vCloud Director Compute Resource Characteristics

Virtualization Software

Integrated StorageN
Cloud BootN
Smart ServersN
Incremental backupsN
Load balancing clustersN
Edge serversY
Balooningrelease resource type for Compute zonesN
CPU UnitsN
Virtual server options

Hot RAM resize without reboot**N
Hot CPU cores resize without rebootN
Hot migration**N
Cold migrationN
Disk hotattachment / detachmentN
Disk resize (increase/decrease)Y - cold
IPv6 support ***N
Reboot in recoveryN
Segregate N
VIP statusN
Backupssee Virtual Server Snapshots
Change ownerN
CPU TopologyN