OnApp allows you to manage your VMware Cloud Director integration through a simple and intuitive web-based user interface. The OnApp UI facilitates management for all common entities of your VMware Cloud Director system, such as cloud resources, catalogues, organizations, and system users. In OnApp, you can find more services that go beyond the limits of VCD default features and allow you to extend the VMware Cloud Director native functionality to create solutions personalized to your exact requirements.

The following OnApp services are designed to provide advanced customization options for your VMware Cloud Director integration:

  • Service Add-ons that allow you to provide your customers with additional services on top of your current offering.
  • Recipes that represent a set of commands that are run on a VMware Cloud Director virtual server to trigger certain events during predefined stages.

When it comes to billing frameworks, OnApp provides a possibility to use the following options:

  • Company billing plans (bucket) that you can create using various resource allocation models.
  • Integrated billing systems that allow you to offer VMware Cloud Director functionality on top of OnApp to your customers using such modules as WHMCS.

As an integration-friendly platform, OnApp supports integration with other cloud providers, including AWS. You can manage your Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances from your OnApp Control Panel using the AWS API.

In addition to the services mentioned above, you can use the OnApp intuitive user interface to run the following operations with VMware Cloud Director integration that are not available in VMware:

  • Create and Manage VCD Application Servers
    Application Servers are regular virtual servers based on a default CentOS template with pre-installed additional software. This software allows you to install and get up and running various applications on a server, such as Joomla, Magento, WordPress, and others.
  • Create and Manage VCD Edge Servers
    Edge Servers are designed to cache web content on the CDN distributed across different geographical locations. Starting with OnApp 5.4 version, the edge servers functionality is applicable for users with vCloud Director integration.
  • Create and Manage VCD Orchestration Models
    vCloud Director orchestration models allow you to provide your customers with a ready environment that they can use to deploy virtual servers. You create and deploy orchestration models in your system and customers, in their turn, will receive a vCloud Director environment with configured resource pools, networks, and data stores.

Running your vCloud Director in OnApp ensures the availability of all default features available in VMware and provides a wide set of additional services that you can access and manage through a friendly and intuitive UI.