OnApp Dashboard

The OnApp dashboard is displayed after logging into the system. You can view resource usage statistics, activity log and summary of the entire cloud.

vCloud Director Statistics

You can choose the time period (24 hours, 7 or 30 days), for which the vCloud statistics will be shown. Resource statistics are represented in the form of bars and charts, which show the following:


vCloud CPU*

Points on the graph show daily peaks of used provider vDC CPU (in GHz)

vCloud Storage*

Points on the graph show daily peaks of used vCloud storage (in GB)

*VMware Cloud Director charts are not shown on the dashboard if VMware Cloud Director has never been connected to the Control Panel.

To view additional VMware Cloud Director cloud statistics, click the vCloud icon by the silver dial. Be aware, that you should be logged in as vCloud administrator to view the statistics. You can view the following statistics:

  • Memory - the amount of used/total memory (in GB)
  • CPU - the amount of used/total CPU (in GHz)
  • vDisks - the amount of vDisks and disk size (in GB), used by these vDisks
  • IOPS - the amount of input and output requests

For more information on the OnApp dashboard, refer to the Dashboard guide.

Additionally, you can view the last time VCD statistics was gathered from VMware Cloud Director at Control Panel > Sysadmin.

There are two levels of VMware Cloud Director statistics gathering:

  1. Level 1 - statuses of vApps and VSs. This statistic is gathered every 60 seconds.
  2. Level 2 - CPU statistics gathered every 180 seconds.