Get List of vApps

To view the list of vApps, use the following request:

GET /vapps.xml
GET /vapps.json

XML Request Example

curl -i -u user:userpass -X GET http://onapp.test/vapps.xml -H 'Accept: application/xml' -H 'Content-type: application/xml'

JSON Request Example

curl -i -u user:userpass -X GET http://onapp.test/vapps.json -H 'Accept: application/json' -H 'Content-type: application/json'

XML Output Example

<vapps type="array">
    <created_at type="datetime">2015-03-31T11:14:15+00:00</created_at>
    <id type="integer">1</id>
    <updated_at type="datetime">2015-03-31T11:14:47+00:00</updated_at>
    <user_id type="integer">11</user_id>
    <vapp_template_id nil="true"/>
    <vdc_id type="integer">4</vdc_id>
    <deployed type="boolean">false</deployed>
    <description>This is a description of the vApp</description>


created_at - time when the vApp was created, in [YYYY][MM][DD]T[hh][mm][ss]Z

id - ID of the vApp

identifier - identifier of the vApp

name - name of the vApp

status - the status of the vApp. A vApp can have the following statuses:

  • FAILED_CREATION - the vApp could not be created
  • UNRESOLVED - the vApp is damaged and cannot be controlled by vCloud
  • RESOLVED - the vApp has been created but it does not contain VSs
  • SUSPENDED - the vApp has been suspended
  • POWERED_ON - all the VSs in the vApp are on
  • WAITING_FOR_INPUT - the vApp is waiting for user input
  • UNKNOWN - the vApp is in a state that is identified but is not known to the system
  • UNRECOGNIZED - the vApp is in a state that cannot be identified by the system
  • POWERED_OFF - all the VSs in the vApp are on
  • INCONSISTENT_STATE - the vApp is in an inconsistent state. This status appears when the vApp was edited from the vSphere associated with the VCD in which the vApp resides, therefore, the vSphere and VCD databases are not yet fully synchronized.
  • MIXED - the VSs in the vApp have different power statuses: some are on and some are off

updated_at - time when the vApp was updated, in [YYYY][MM][DD]T[hh][mm][ss]Z

user_id - ID of the user associated with the vApp

vapp_template_id - ID of the template on which the vApp was built

vdc_id - ID of the datacenter on which the vApp was created

deployed - true, if the vApp was deployed and false if the vApp was composed

(lightbulb) description - the description of the vApp

Page History

v. 6.0

  • added the description parameter