Edit System Configuration

This document provides information on VCD-related system configuration settings. For information on general OnApp system settings, refer to the OnApp Cloud API Guide.

To edit VCD-related configuration settings, use the following requests:

PUT /settings.xml
PUT /settings.json

XML Request Example

curl -i -X PUT http://onapp.test/settings.xml?restart=1 -H 'Accept: application/xml' -H 'Content-type: application/xml' -u user:userpass -d
    <rabbitmq_port type="integer">5672</rabbitmq_port>
    <default_timeout type="integer">120</default_timeout>
    <delete_vapp_template_timeout type="integer">120</delete_vapp_template_timeout>
    <delete_vapp_timeout type="integer">120</delete_vapp_timeout>
    <delete_media_timeout type="integer">120</delete_media_timeout>
    <instantiate_vapp_template_timeout type="integer">900</instantiate_vapp_template_timeout>
    <power_on_timeout type="integer">600</power_on_timeout>
    <power_off_timeout type="integer">600</power_off_timeout>
    <suspend_timeout type="integer">600</suspend_timeout>
    <discard_suspend_timeout type="integer">600</discard_suspend_timeout>
    <reboot_timeout type="integer">600</reboot_timeout>
    <undeploy_timeout type="integer">720</undeploy_timeout>
    <process_descriptor_vapp_template_timeout type="integer">300</process_descriptor_vapp_template_timeout>
    <http_request_timeout type="integer">240</http_request_timeout>
    <recompose_vapp_timeout type="integer">200</recompose_vapp_timeout>
    <create_edge_gateway_timeout type="integer">600</create_edge_gateway_timeout>
    <compose_vapp_template_timeout type="integer">300</compose_vapp_template_timeout>
    <create_snapshot_timeout type="integer">3600</create_snapshot_timeout>
    <create_vdc_timeout type="integer">300</create_vdc_timeout>
    <max_cpu_quota type="integer">0</max_cpu_quota>
    <max_memory_quota type="integer">0</max_memory_quota>

JSON Request Example

curl -i -X PUT http://onapp.test/settings.json?restart=1 -H 'Accept: application/json' -H 'Content-type: application/json' -u user:userpass -d
"configuration": {
	"rabbitmq_host": "",
    "rabbitmq_port": 5672,
    "rabbitmq_vhost": "/",
    "rabbitmq_login": "login",
    "rabbitmq_password": "password",
	"default_timeout": 120,
    "delete_vapp_template_timeout": 120,
    "delete_vapp_timeout": 120,
    "delete_media_timeout": 120,
    "instantiate_vapp_template_timeout": 900,
    "power_on_timeout": 600,
    "power_off_timeout": 600,
    "suspend_timeout": 600,
    "discard_suspend_timeout": 600,
    "reboot_timeout": 600,
    "undeploy_timeout": 720,
    "process_descriptor_vapp_template_timeout": 300,
    "http_request_timeout": 240,
    "recompose_vapp_timeout": 200,
    "create_edge_gateway_timeout": 600,
    "compose_vapp_template_timeout": 300,
    "create_snapshot_timeout": 3600,
    "create_vdc_timeout": 300,
  	"max_cpu_quota type": 0,
    "max_memory_quota": 0


rabbitmq_host - the RabbitMQ server IP address

rabbitmq_port - the RabbitMQ port

rabbitmq_vhost - the name of the "virtual host" (or vhost) that specifies the namespace for entities (exchanges and queues) referred to by the protocol. Note that this is not virtual hosting in the HTTP sense.

rabbitmq_login - the login of a RabbitMQ instance

rabbitmq_password - the password of a RabbitMQ instance

default_timeout - the default timeout for running VCD-related operations that are not listed below

delete_vapp_template_timeout - the amount of time for deleting a vApp template

delete_vapp_timeout - the amount of time for deleting vApp

delete_media_timeout - the amount of time for deleting media files

instantiate_vapp_template_timeout - the amount of time for provisioning vApp

power_on_timeout - the amount of time for starting up a powered-off virtual server

power_off_timeout - the amount of time for shutting down a powered-on virtual server

suspend_timeout - the amount of time for suspending a virtual server

discard_suspend_timeout - the amount of time for unsuspending a virtual server

reboot_timeout - the amount of time for rebooting a virtual server

undeploy_timeout - the amount of time for undeploying a vApp. The undeployment is taking place for a vApp that includes no virtual servers but has assigned networks.

process_descriptor_vapp_template_timeout - the amount of time for uploading a vApp template

http_request_timeout - the amount of time for executing HTTP (API) requests

recompose_vapp_timeout - the amount of time for recomposing vApp

create_edge_gateway_timeout - the amount of time for creating an edge gateway

compose_vapp_template_timeout - the amount of time for composing a vApp template

create_snapshot_timeout - the amount of time for creating a VS snapshot

create_vdc_timeout - the amount of time for creating a resource pool

max_cpu_quota - the custom max CPU quota limit available. The default value is 1000GHz.

max_memory_quota - the custom max memory limit available. The default value is 1000GB.