Get List of vCloud Firewall Rules

To view the list of firewall rules, use the following request:

GET /firewall_services/:firewall_service_id/firewall_rules.xml
GET /firewall_services/:firewall_service_id/firewall_rules.json

XML Request Example 

curl -i -X GET http://onapp.test/firewall_services/4/firewall_rules.xml -u user:userpass

JSON Request Example 

 curl -i -X GET http://onapp.test/firewall_services/4/firewall_rules.json -u user:userpass

XML Output Example  

<vcloud_firewall_rules type="array">
    <created_at type="datetime">2015-07-20T12:30:18+00:00</created_at>
    <description>VMs' internet 80</description>
    <enable_logging type="boolean">false</enable_logging>
    <enabled type="boolean">true</enabled>
    <firewall_service_id type="integer">4</firewall_service_id>
    <id type="integer">16</id>
    <network_interface_id nil="true"/>
    <position type="integer">1</position>
    <updated_at type="datetime">2015-07-20T12:30:18+00:00</updated_at>


address - the traffic source IP address for which this rule is active
command - the command to ACCEPT or DROP the indicated IPs
created_at - the date when the record in DB was created
description - the description of the firewall rule
destination_ip - the traffic destination IP address for which this rule is active
enable_logging - 'true' if the system will log when the rule drops or accepts traffic
enabled - whether the firewall rule is enabled or not
firewall_service_id - the ID of the firewall service with which the rule is associated
id -  the ID of the firewall rule
identifier - identifier of the firewall rule
network_interface_id - the ID of a network interface for which this rule is active
port - the traffic destination port for which this rule is active
position - the rule priority
protocol - protocol type (TCP or UDP)
source_port - the traffic source port for which this rule is active
updated_at - the date when the record was updated in DB