External networks provide the interface to the Internet for virtual servers connected to external organization vDC networks. External networks are imported both as a network zone and as a network within that zone. Importing external networks as network zones enables administrators to configure billing for external network usage. Currently, you can only view external networks in OnApp. 

View External Networks Imported as Network Zones

To view external networks imported as network zones into OnApp:

  1. Go to your Control Panel > AdminSettings menu.
  2. Click the Network Zones icon. The screen that appears will show all network zones with the following details:
    • Label - the name of the zone
    • Zone Type - the type of the zone

Click a zone's label (name) to see the list of networks assigned to it.

At Control Panel > Settings > Network Zones there is the Actions button next to the imported external networks which enables you to edit or delete networks. However, these changes are not synchronized with VMware Cloud Director. Therefore, it is not recommended to edit or delete imported external networks in OnApp.

View External Networks Imported as Networks

To view the external networks imported as networks into OnApp:

  1. Go to your Control Panel > Admin > Settings menu.
  2. Click the Networks icon and select the External tab.
  3. The screen that appears shows the list of imported external networks:
    • Network label - the name of the network
    • Network identifier - the identifier of the network
    • VLAN - the VLAN number

When you click a network label, you can see the following information: 


    • Network label - the name of the network
    • Network identifier - the identifier of the network
    • VLAN - the VLAN number
    • Network zone - the network zone to which the network belongs

IP Nets 

    • IP Address - the list of IP addresses included in the IP Net together with the NSX-V edge gateway sub-allocated IPs
    • Assigned - the status that indicated whether IP addresses are assigned to VS
    • VS - the virtual servers to which IP addresses are assigned