For more information on the restrictions resources, refer to the Restrictions Sets section.

Restrictions sets can limit the following VMware Cloud Director resources:


Restriction Type


Org NetworksBy bucket resourcesThe vCloud user can manage org networks, which reside in the network zone associated with VCD bucket.
vAppsBy user groupThe vCloud user can manage only vApps which run in the vCloud organization (user group).
vApp TemplatesBy user groupThe vCloud user can manage only vApp templates in the vCloud organization (user group).
CatalogsBy user groupThe vCloud user can manage only vApp template catalogs in the vCloud organization (user group).
vDCsBy user groupThe vCloud user can manage virtual DataCenters which exist in the vCloud Organization (user group).
vDC Storage Profiles By user groupThe vCloud user can manage Storage profiles associated with virtual DataCenters in the vCloud Organization (user group).
vCloud CredentialsBy user groupThe vCloud users can manage vCloud credentials only of those users, who are assigned to their vCloud organization (user group).