VMware Cloud Director system administrators are not automatically imported into OnApp from VMware Cloud Director (as, in this case they will automatically get access to all the OnApp functions). Alternatively, OnApp administrators can set their own VMware Cloud Director credentials to be able to log into VMware Cloud Director and manage VMware Cloud Director resources with OnApp.

Also OnApp administrators can create system administrators in their OnApp cloud and assign administrator roles to them at their own risk. After that system administrators can log in to OnApp and then set their VCD credentials by themselves. Administrators can also set the VMware Cloud Director password for their users.

The following VMware Cloud Director credentials are displayed on the user profile page:

  • Login  - the user's VMware Cloud Director login 
  • Password - click the Change Password link to edit the user's VMware Cloud Director credentials

Set System Administrator Credentials

  1. Click the Create Credentials button.
  2. On the screen that appears, set the VMware Cloud Director login and password to be able to manage vCloud resources Director with OnApp.
  3. Click Save.

Set VMware Cloud Director User Password

  1. Click the Change Password button.
  2. On the screen that appears, set the VMware Cloud Director password.
  3. Click Save.

If you (or your system administrator) change your vCloud password on vCloud side, it is required to update the password on the OnApp side to sync. Once the credentials become out-of-sync, you will see a notification to update your vCloud credentials at the bottom of the screen. Click Manage vCloud Credentials to update the password.

API info

    • API key - click the Generate key button to generate a new API key.