The NSX Manager is used to deploy a universal controller cluster that provides the control plane for the NSX environment. At OnApp, you can import NSX manager with limited functionality available and set vCloud credentials to gain access to full functionality. Once imported, it allows you to view and edit imported vCloud edge gateways in OnApp interface. 

  • This functionality is available for users with the vCloud Organization Administrator role.
  • For vCloud, NSX Manager is enabled by default but you have to import and sync it with NSX edge first. 
  • Ensure that the edge gateway you will use for NSX is of advanced type, or convert the EG to advanced EG.
  • Ensure that Any action on NSX manager permission is on before starting using NSX integration. For more information about permissions refer to the List of All OnApp Permissions page.

View NSX Manager Details

To view the details of a particular NSX Manager:

  1. Go to your Control Panel > AdminSettings menu.
  2. Click the SDN Managers icon, then click the vCenter/vCloud tab.
  3. Click the label of an NSX manager to view its details:
    • Labelthe name of the NSX manager
    • Resourcethe hostname of the controller 
    • Type - the type of manager, which is NSX
    • Version - build and version number of NSX manager
    • IP Address - the IP address of the controller
    • Uptime - the time the NSX manager has been working and available
    • Status - powered on/off status of NSX manager

Import NSX Manager to OnApp

Although NSX is enabled by default in OnApp, two steps are required to activate and start using this functionality. First, you need to set NSX credentials in order to communicate with NSX. Second, you need to import vCloud edge gateways to OnApp.

To import NSX manager to OnApp:

  1. Go to your Control Panel > AdminSettings menu.
  2. Click the SDN Managers icon, then click the vCenter/vCloud tab.
  3. Click the Actions button next to the NSX manager to view its options.
  4. First, click Set credentials.

  5. In the dialogue box that pops up, enter login and password.
  6. Next, click the Import option.

    After the transaction is completed, all the NSX items will be imported to OnApp Control Panel. For instance, vCloud edge gateways will be available at Control Panel > Cloud Edge Gateways menu.  

  7. Click the Save button.

After NSX manager is successfully imported to OnApp interface, you can proceed to configuration of NSX firewalls and networks and start using edge gateways created at the vCloud side in OnApp interface. Note that it is a requirement to convert your Edge Gateway’s to Advanced Edge Gateways after importing your environment to OnApp