What's New

The OnApp Cloud 6.2 provides new features and improvements. You can find the list of all key enhancements at Release Notes.

Migration from Xen to KVM

OnApp introduces the possibility to migrate virtual servers from Xen to KVM compute resource. Since KVM virtualization type is becoming more and more popular, OnApp gives you an option to easily move to it. The most time-consuming operations are performed with the virtual server being online, so the required downtime period is as short as possible. 

System Service Add-ons

With the introduced functionality of system service add-ons, you can offer your customers additional services on top of your current IaaS Virtual Server offering. Now you have an ability either to add obligatory services to a virtual server, or assign a system service add-on to a template or OVA. 

NSX Integration

With NSX-v integration used for vCloud edge gateways or vCenter edges, you get flexible network configuration managed in the OnApp interface. Apart from that, NSX-v provides network isolation as well as the ability to build edge gateway services on the top. With the help of NSX, you can configure the following services for each edge or edge gateway: Firewall, Load balancer, NAT rules, and VPN.

SPLA Reporting

According to the new Microsoft requirement, service providers with Windows-based VSs will need to report their usage to Microsoft by sending an SPLA Report monthly. To make it easier for our customers, OnApp is implementing a possibility to generate an SPLA (Services Provider License Agreement) report for Windows-based VSs. 

Resync vCenter VS

Resync vCenter VS option allows you to synchronize the changes you applied to a vCenter virtual server on the vCenter side after you already imported the VS to OnApp. In just one button click you can update the changes on the OnApp side to match, and all the latest configurations will smoothly even out.

Instance Packages Support in Federation

Starting from OnApp 6.2 Edge 1, you have the possibility to create a virtual server based on instance package. It is a preconfigured CPU/RAM/Disk/Bandwidth package, which facilitates and accelerates the virtual server creation greatly. You now can select this option at the resources step in the VS creation wizard.