What's New

The OnApp Cloud 6.0 provides numerous features and improvements. You can find the list of all key enhancements at Release Notes


Buckets are introduced to merge user and company billing plans into one logical unit. Buckets consist of Access Control where you can give users access to cloud resources and Rate Card where you can set prices for the usage of these resources. The Access Control and Rate Card are arranged according to the types of resources available in your cloud, such as virtual, smart, baremetal, and others. The Federation billing plans are also adapted to the Buckets functionality.

Disable Billing

You can disable billing to hide all pricing and billing information from users in your Control Panel. When you disable billing, the virtual server and user billing statistics is not calculated. You can disable billing if you don't use Federation compute zones in your Control Panel.

Backup Plugin System

Backup Plugin System enables you to integrate OnApp with a third-party backup service. The plugin allows to back up and restore your virtual servers by means of a service that you use for backup management. OnApp provides the plugins for R1Soft and Veeam that you can install to your Control Panel. You can also create your own plugin to integrate OnApp with a backup service of your choice. 

Software Defined Networking

Software Defined Networking is designed for you to manage networks faster, using the VXLAN technology across OnApp cloud compute resources. SDN enables you to build level-two network infrastructure with OnApp on top of the existing level-three IP network.

vCenter 2.0

OnApp provides a set of updates for the vCenter integration: added Manual IP Nets that are created when an IP address of a vCenter virtual server that is being imported is not a part of an IP range in any of the vCenter networks. The updated virtual server wizard allows to select a cluster and data center to import networks and data stores from.

Accelerator 2.0

Accelerator is designed to enable acceleration for all types of networks to speed up the traffic flow for virtual servers. Accelerator enables to load your websites in several seconds regardless of the end users current location.

CPU Quota

You can set a CPU quota to limit the maximum virtual server CPU load on a KVM compute resource. You can set the CPU quota for all virtual servers on a compute resource and customize the value for particular virtual servers. Before you enable the CPU quota, the default value is set to unlimited for all virtual servers on a compute resource.

Hot Migration

Hot Migration allows you to perform an online migration of virtual servers and virtual server disks. You can apply the following migration scenarios: virtual server can be migrated to another compute resource within the same compute zone, virtual server with disks - to another compute resource within the same compute zone and to another data store from the destination compute zone and compute resource respectively, and only disks - between compute resources that share common data stores or data store zones.