What's New

The OnApp Cloud 6.1 release provides numerous features and improvements. You can find the list of all key enhancements at Release Notes.

New UI

New OnApp user interface design is better thanks to avoiding over-loaded menus and pages. This version of the user interface is more natural and helps to improve the user experience in general. All the components on the left sidebar are logically grouped into five separate tabs to facilitate navigation. 

Clone VS

Cloning a virtual server allows users to create a copy based on the same resources as the origin virtual server. Enabling users to clone virtual servers with a one-click option facilitates the process of managing workloads. 

Virtual Routers

Virtual routers, a new type of virtual servers, are another part of improved OnApp networking model. Virtual routers allow users to setup routing for their private networking without asking cloud owner. After converting virtual servers to virtual routers, users can manage their IP nets routing on their own.

Private Networks

OnApp networking model has been improved with the introduction of private networks. This functionality allows users to manage their private networks independently from the cloud owner. It saves time spent on end user networking configuration and provides an additional level of security for private networks as all traffic inside SDN is isolated.

Integrated Storage on Static Compute Resources

Previously running integrated storage on CloudBoot compute resources was the only option that OnApp users had. Now they can run integrated storage not only on CloudBoot but also on Static compute resources. Enabling this functionality is available for both new and existing static compute resources.

IP Reporting

IP reporting gives possibility to track the IP history, which is a legal requirement in some countries. With this feature, you can view when the IP addresses were assigned or unassigned to a particular user and so prevent the illegal activity such as spamming or hacking.


Trim is a command that enables an operating system to inform an SSD that some blocks of data, such as deleted files, are no longer used and can be wiped internally. The Trim functionality is essential for budget oriented customers who want to decrease SSD (Solid State Drive) wear level by reducing the amount of writes to blocks.

VS Fluidity

Now you can migrate virtual servers between hypervisors that don’t share the same network and so enable workloads portability between hypervisors within any OnApp cloud. Before this option was available, OnApp allowed users to migrate virtual servers only between hypervisors that shared the same network.