Upgrade Guide for Control Panel Server (5.5 to 6.1)

This guide presents the complete walk-through on how to upgrade you Control Panel server from OnApp Cloud 5.5 to 6.1. Please follow the complete procedure of the upgrade process. All packages must belong to the same major version to ensure the best performance of your cloud. If you do not complete an upgrade procedure, you may face issues with standard functions such as VS creation, VS migration, etc.

Before you upgrade your Control Panel server, we strongly recommend you to do the following:

Check the character_set_database and collation_database variables on your database server. If you have non-Latin values applied for character set and collation, edit the following parameters in the my.cnf file before the upgrade. 


Access the MySQL database server and run the following SQL statement:

ALTER DATABASE onapp CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;

After you save the changes, restart your SQL server.

Upgrade Control Panel Server

  • Installer output is redirected to ./onapp-cp-install.log
  • All installer critical errors are in /var/log/messages

To upgrade your Control Panel server under CentOS 6.x from OnApp 5.5 to 6.1:

  1. Download and install the OnApp Control Panel update package:

    # rpm -Uvh http://rpm.repo.onapp.com/repo/onapp-cp-update-6.1.noarch.rpm

    Before running the OnApp Control Panel update script, apply the following changes to the /onapp/onapp-cp.conf file to avoid the RC4 Cipher Suite (CVE-2015-2808) vulnerability.

    SSLPROTOCOL="all -SSLv2 -SSLv3 -TLSv1"
  2. Run the update script:

    # /onapp/onapp-cp-update/onapp-cp-update.sh

    The update script is interrupted if any inconsistencies are detected on your system. See Upgrade Notes for more details.

    If the update script has failed, you can:

    • Manually solve the reason of the failure.
    • Continue updating to a certain version with the Control Panel installer by running the following command:

      # /onapp/onapp-cp-install/onapp-cp-install.sh

    If the CP installer command is run successfully, please remove /onapp/onapp-cp-update/.failed.<major>.<minor>, where <major>.<minor> is the Control Panel current version. Then you can continue with the update script.

  3. Check that the cloud has been successfully updated through the OnApp versions 5.7-6.1:

    # ls -1 /onapp/onapp-cp-update/.installed.*

    The update to 5.6 is skipped on purpose since the code from 5.6 was ported to 5.7 that is a cumulative update.

  4. If the update has been completed successfully, run the following command:

    # service onapp start && service httpd start
  5. Ensure that all services are working:

    # service onapp status && service httpd status