Upgrade Cloud with Static Servers (from 6.5 Edges)

  • The support status of Xen changes to End of Support in OnApp 6.5. We will no longer develop features or provide full support for Xen compute resources in OnApp clouds. That is why we recommend you migrate your VSs from Xen to KVM
  • CentOS 6 reached End of Life and is no longer supported. You may upgrade to CentOS 7.
  • To test the upgrade, you may first simulate the upgrade process on the test environment. For the instructions, refer to the Configuring Control Panel Environment for Simulation Purposes page. 

This guide explains how to upgrade OnApp Cloud 6.5 Edge versions to 6.5 for a cloud with static servers. Follow the procedure listed below in the provided order to upgrade your cloud. All the packages (Control Panel and Static compute resources) must belong to the same major version to ensure the best performance of your cloud.

On this page:

Upgrade Control Panel Server

To upgrade the Control Panel server, follow the procedure at Upgrade Guide for Control Panel Server

Upgrade Static Backup Servers

To upgrade static compute resources, follow the next procedure:

  1. Download the OnApp YUM repository file:

    # rpm -Uvh http://rpm.repo.onapp.com/repo/onapp-repo-6.5.noarch.rpm
  2. Upgrade OnApp backup server packages:

    # yum update onapp-bk-install onapp-install
  3. Run backup server configuration utility:

    # /onapp/onapp-bk-install/onapp-bk-config.sh