What's New

The OnApp Cloud 6.3 Stable provides new features and improvements. You can find the list of all key enhancements at Release Notes.

Migration from Xen to KVM (Windows)

Previously it was possible to migrate only Linux-based VSs from Xen to KVM. In 6.3 Edge 1, OnApp introduces the possibility to migrate Windows-based virtual servers from Xen to KVM compute resource. The most time-consuming operations are performed with the virtual server being online, so the required downtime period is as short as possible. 

Edge Accelerator Operator Dashboard

Now you can learn more about your accelerator performance and track the amount of bandwidth used by accelerated websites in the Operator Dashboard menu. The Dashboard also allows you to view bandwidth statistics generated for the last 24 hours or more. 

Sub-allocated IP Pools

Now you can manage your vCloud Edge Gateways easier with the ability to view sub-allocated IP pools. Therefore, your configurations on vCloud side are now better rendered on OnApp side.

Passthrough Host CPU Configuration Model

Passthrough host CPU is one of the CPU model configurations, that allows to group compute resources with similar CPU performance characteristics into compute zones. Passthrough host CPU model configuration passes the host CPU model and features directly to the guest VS. This mode provides the maximum available capabilities of the host's CPU to VS's virtual CPU. VS hot migration is possible only to a host with identical hardware. 

Updated UI

In OnApp 6.3, we updated the user interface with the new look and feel for all UI components. Among others, now the following UI components match the new layout design: tables, pop-up windows, instance packages card view, steps in wizards, labels, action buttons, and group form components.

Virtual Network Interface support and custom network configuration for Integrated Storage

Added support for virtual network interfaces and the ability to view, create, and edit advanced network interfaces for Integrated Storage compute resources and smart servers. Also, if you have complex network configuration, you can now can configure networks manually to make them compatible with OnApp Integrated Storage. The manual configuration may be performed for network interfaces bonding or one network interface, depending on your environment.

Live log for migrations and transactions

Now users can inspect their transactions in real time. Also for the full migrate and hot full migrate it is possible to watch the migration process in real time.

OVA install method for OnApp Control Panel

OnApp now supplies an official method to install the OnApp Control Panel via OVA, which can speed up how long it takes to install your cloud if you virtualize your control panel on other virtualization platforms. Not only will it install CentOS & OnApp, but also configure networking, MySQL, RabbitMQ, and more.