Upgrade Cloud with Static Servers (from 6.2)

This guide explains how to upgrade OnApp Cloud 6.2 to 6.3 for a cloud with static servers. Follow the procedure listed below in the provided order to upgrade your cloud. All the packages (Control Panel and Static compute resources) must belong to the same major version to ensure the best performance of your cloud.

Upgrade Control Panel Server

To upgrade the Control Panel server, follow the procedure at Upgrade Guide for Control Panel Server

Upgrade Static Compute Resources

To upgrade static compute resources (Xen and KVM), follow the next procedure:

  1. Make sure your compute resource is visible and online on the Control Panel.
  2. Download the OnApp YUM repository file:

    # rpm -Uvh http://rpm.repo.onapp.com/repo/onapp-repo-6.3.noarch.rpm
  3. Upgrade OnApp KVM compute resource packages only:

    # yum update onapp-hv-install onapp-hv-tools-kvm
  4. Upgrade Storage API package:

    # yum update onapp-storageAPI

Upgrade Static Backup Servers

To upgrade static compute resources, follow the next procedure:

  1. Download the OnApp YUM repository file:

    # rpm -Uvh http://rpm.repo.onapp.com/repo/onapp-repo-6.3.noarch.rpm
  2. Upgrade OnApp Backup Server installer package:

    # yum update onapp-bk-install
  3. Update Storage API package (CentOS 6.x only)

    # yum update onapp-storageAPI
  4. Run Static Backup Server installer (CentOS 7.x only):

    # /onapp/onapp-bk-install/onapp-bk-install.sh
 The full list of Backup Server installer options.


/onapp/onapp-hv-install/onapp-hv-xen-install.sh [-c CONFIG_FILE] [-v BK_VERSION] [-p API_VERSION] [-a] [-y] [-t] [-b] [-d] [-h]


Custom installer configuration file. Otherwise, the pre-installed one is used.
Custom Backup Tools version
Custom StorageAPI version
Do NOT be interactive. Process with automatic installation.
Update OS packages (except for OnApp provided) with 'yum update'.

Initiate Load Balancer Virtual Appliance, OnApp CDN Appliance and Application Server Appliance templates download. The download is initiated if '-a' option is used.

-bInitiate Base templates download
-dInstall OnApp Storage related packages. Applicable for CentOS 7.x only.
-hPrint this info