Upgrade Cloud with CloudBoot and Static Servers (from 6.2)

This guide provides instructions on how to upgrade to OnApp 6.3 for a cloud that runs CloudBoot and Static servers. Follow the procedure below in the presented order to upgrade your cloud. Please follow the complete procedure of the upgrade process. All the packages (Control Panel, Static, and CloudBoot compute resources) must belong to the same major version to ensure the best performance of your cloud.

On this page:

Upgrade Control Panel Server

To upgrade the Control Panel server, follow the procedure at Upgrade Guide for Control Panel Server

Upgrade Static Compute Resources

To upgrade static compute resources, follow the procedure at Upgrade Static Compute Resources

Upgrade Static Compute Resources with Integrated Storage

To static compute resources with Integrated Storage, follow the procedure at Upgrade Cloud with Integrated Storage Static Compute Resources.

Upgrade CloudBoot Compute Resources

To upgrade CloudBoot compute resources, follow the procedure at Upgrade CloudBoot Compute Resources