Your Notifications

Your Notifications are displayed as a bell near your profile icon and contain the internal notifications addressed to you. These notifications are configured at Control Panel > AdminNotifications. The notification count includes only unread notifications. If permissions allow, you can configure the amount of unread notifications at Control Panel > Notifications > Configuration. Each of the notifications is displayed with the following details:

  • Topic - the event about which the notification is sent
  • Message - the message of the notification. The message of an unread notification is displayed in bold. Click the message to view its full text. The notification will include the text generated by the alert and also might include additional text added by the administrator.
  • Date - the time when the notification was delivered

Notifications can be set regarding the following events:

  • All compute resources status - all compute resources in a compute zone have changed their statuses to to Online/Offline/Inactive
  • Can't schedule transaction - a transaction could not be scheduled in the cloud 
  • Daemon notification - the status of the OnApp engine has changed to Active/Up/Inactive
  • Daily storage health report - the daily storage health report will be sent in the notification
  • Failed task - a task failed in the cloud
  • Failover process - failover process has been initiated
  • Generate hourly stats failed - hourly statistics failed to be generated
  • Hourly storage health report - the hourly storage health report will be sent in the notification
  • Compute resource missing CPU flags - a compute resource without CPU flags has been detected in the cloud
  • Compute resource status - one of the compute resources in the cloud has changed its status to Online/Offline/Inactive
  • Compute resource group responsive - an unresponsive compute zone has been detected in the cloud
  • Maintenance mode - the Control Panel has been switched to maintenance mode
  • Reclaim baremetal compute resource - a baremetal server has been deleted. It has been removed from the DB, but it may remain working. To fully remove the baremetal server it might be required to reboot the compute resource on which it was running.
  • System resources - a hardware resource of the CP server is exhausted
  • Wrong activated logical volumes - the system has detected VSs' disks that are either activated on the wrong compute resource or on two compute resources simultaneously 
  • Custom event - an administrator can add a custom event. Such events have custom names set by the admin.
  • Internal server error - an internal server error occurred in the system