Launch New EC2

Launching a new instance is a process similar to creation of a new virtual server. 

To launch a new instance:

  1. Go to your Control Panel EC2 instances menu.
  2. Click the “+” icon or click Launch EC2 Instance at the bottom of the list.
    This step initiates a wizard which will guide you through the EC2 instance launch.


Select the AMI template from your list or search the marketplace. The right panel lists the main AMI’s properties.

You may search using one or more key words or using the AMI ID. Please note, that search timeout is 30 seconds. If your request times out - try shortening the search time by making it more specific.

Instance Type

Select the instance type. It must be compatible with the AMI. If not - a corresponding error message will be displayed after the EC2 instance creation wizard completes.

Instance Details

On this step you need to fill in the following information:

    • Indicate the number of instances to be launched. You may launch several identical instances at the same time.
    • Specify network configuration. Choose network and subnet. 
    • Select the key name. 

Review and Launch

On this step you can see the information on the EC2 instance you are going to create. You can either initialize the EC2 instance creation process or click the Previous button to change the required details of the instance.

3. Click Launch EC2 Instance button.

Some of the templates from the marketplace are not free of charge and require a subscription at AWS. Unfortunately this information cannot be obtained via API in the process of AMI selection. So, in case a paid AMI is selected, an error message will be displayed, requesting you to accept the terms and conditions and subscribe to the selected AMI at the Amazon website.