Manage Virtual Server Administrative Options

To manage a virtual server administrative options:

  1. Go to your Control Panel > CloudVirtual Servers menu.
  2. Click the label of the required virtual server.
  3. Click the Actions button and point to Administration on the VS's screen to expand the VS menu.
  4. The Administration menu enables you to perform the following administrative action on VSs:
    • Reset Root Password - resets the root password for this VS (the password is displayed in VS Information).

      Particular characters are not allowed for Windows-based virtual servers:

      • percent sign [%]
      • double quotation marks [“]
      • brackets [<,>]
      • vertical bar [|]
      • caret [^]
      • ampersand [&]
      • parentheses [(,)]
    • Edit FQDN 

      To edit FQDN (fully qualified domain name):

      1. Click the Edit FQDN button.
      2. In the pop-up dialog box, edit the hostname and the domain name. 
      3. Move the Force reboot slider to the right to enable FQDN update in case the transaction fails with a running virtual server.

        • If the Force reboot is disabled, the FQDN will be changed on the fly if possible. If it is not possible, the transaction will fail and the FQDN won't be changed.
        • If the Force option is enabled, you will see two more options, Shutdown type, and Required startup.
      4. Select the shutdown type from the dropdown list (Gracefully shutdown or power off).

        • Gracefully shutdown - to run a graceful shutdown of VSs
        • Power Off - to run a forceful shutdown of VSs
      5. Tick the Required startup checkbox to start up the virtual server automatically after the FQDN is updated.  
      6. Click the Submit button.
    • Set SSH Keys

      • Make sure you have Add ssh keys for own virtual servers permission enabled to have access to this functionality.
      • This functionality is applicable to Linux-based VSs only.
      • The virtual server will be rebooted after setting SSH keys.
      • If a VS owner does not have any SSH keys, the system will only assign admin keys.
      • Note that if you have some custom-added keys, they will be lost after setting SSH keys.

      To set SSH keys for a virtual server: 

      1. Click the Set SSH keys button to assign SSH keys of the admin and a VS owner to the VS. 

      2. In the pop-up dialog box, click the Set SSH keys button to confirm the action.