OnApp allows uploading custom bootable ISOs for recovery purposes. These could be different images for Windows/Linux/FreeBSD or any additional software.

Currently, user can only view public ISOs.

To view the ISOs available to you:

  1. Go to Control Panel and click Templates.
  2. Select ISO list from the menu that expands. 
  3. The page that loads, will show the list of ISOs available to you separated into three tabs:
    • All ISOs - the list of all ISOs available on your system
    • System ISOs - the list of the ISOs that are publicly available to all users

For each ISO listed, you see the following details displayed:

  • log status - the status of the last log item of the ISO (complete/pending/failed). Click the status to view the log details for the ISO (available to the ISOs that were uploaded through an URL).

  • OS - the icon that indicates the operating system of the ISO
  • Label - the name of the ISO
  • Min memory size - the minimum RAM size required for the ISO
  • Operating systems - the operating system on the ISO
  • Virtualization - the virtualization type chosen for the ISO