OnApp logs all cloud management actions that take place on cloud resources, including virtual servers, disks, data stores, compute resources, templates, and networks.

To access and manage logs, click the Control Panel's Logs menu where you can view the log of all transactions in the cloud. The Activity Log table provides the following details:

  • Icon that indicates the status of an action
  • Ref number that you can click to view details of a specific transaction

  • Date when the action was performed
  • Action name
  • Target cloud resource with an identification number that you can click to view its details

  • You can view details on target cloud resources that are displayed in bold, indicating that they are available in the cloud. You cannot view details on resources that are unavailable, for example, resources that failed to be created.

  • Dependent action's ref number that you can click to view its details

At the Logs page, you can click:

  • Hide Successful Market Notifications to remove from the list actions that were performed successfully. Click this button again to show the full list. 
  • Complete, RunningFailed, or Cancelled to filter logs by their status
  • Clean Logs to clear the logs completely 
  • Cancel All Pending Tasks to cancel all tasks scheduled for completion
  • Cancel All Pending Backups to remove all pending backups

To search for a specific transaction, you can use the search box at the top.

You can also relegate "pending" transactions to the failed status. For this mouse over the pending status icon of a transaction and then click the cross sign  that pops up. 

Starting with OnApp version 4.0, users see transaction logs updated in real time. This is achieved by means of tail -f Unix command, which causes tail to not stop when the end of file is reached but rather to wait for additional data to be appended to the output.

To enhance readability, the following log items are pointed out with color and font size:

  • Remote Server
  • Fatal
  • Executing Rollback