OnApp 5.4 Patch 3 CloudBoot Update

The following packages have been released for CloudBoot:

  • onapp-ramdisk-centos6-kvm-5.4.0-31.noarch.rpm

  • onapp-ramdisk-centos6-xen-5.4.0-30.noarch.rpm

  • onapp-ramdisk-centos7-kvm-5.4.0-30.noarch.rpm

Use CloudBoot Compute Resources and CloudBoot Backup Server upgrade procedures to install the update. 'Simple reboot'  and 'Migrate and Reboot' options are available.

TypeRelease NotesAffects Version/s

Added XFS support (xfsprogs) to the CloudBoot images for XEN and KVM compute resource and backup server on CentOS6.