OnApp 4.2.1-8 Storage Update

TypeRelease Notes
FeatureAdded full support for Xen 4 CentOS 6 CloudBoot compute resources.

Ensured that repair process does not leave suspended VDisks in cases of failure.

FixAdded log epoch messages to the sys log (this was disabled earlier).
FixFixed the issue with  adding  a node to a datastore.
FixMinor improvements to readability, when using onappstore diskinfo command with the readable flag.
FixFixed the issue with epoch mechanism (it is temporarily disabled).
FixFixed the issue related to advance doneblkptr when skipping block in repair.

Fixed snapshot space counter inconsistency when snapshots were deleted, but counter was not decreased.

Upgrade Instructions (for Clouds running 4.1 OnApp Storage version and lower)

Use Simple Reboot and CloudBoot Backup Server upgrade procedures to install the update.

Upgrade Instructions (for Clouds running 4.2.0 OnApp Storage version and up)

Use CloudBoot Packages and CloudBoot Backup Server upgrade procedures to install the update.

To complete an upgrade, follow the steps below:

  1. Run the following command from the Control Panel server terminal to display the list of compute resources with their IP addresses. Make a note of the list of IPs:

    CP_host#> liveUpdate listHVs 

    This command will also show whether compute resources are eligible for live upgrade.

    If the command liveUpdate is not available then it may be located in the sbin directory instead (cd /usr/local/sbin).

  2.  Run the following command for every compute resource:

    CP_host#> liveUpdate updateToolstack <HV IP Addr> 

    Once all the toolstacks are updated run the following command for every compute resource: 

    CP_host#> liveUpdate refreshControllers <HV IP Addr>

    Wait several minutes for all degraded disks to come to synchronized state. The synchronization will take approximately three minutes for each compute resource.

    After each controller restart, check for any issues on the backup server (or on one Compute resource from each zone):

    1. Log on via SSH to the backup server (or Compute resource).
    2. Run getdegradednodes from the SSH console.
    3. Run getdegradedvdisks from the SSH console.

  3. Run the following command for each compute resource in turn:

    CP_host#> liveUpdate liveRestartBackends <HV IP Addr>
  4. Make sure that the package versions are upgraded by running the following command on each compute resource:

    HV_host#> cat /onappstore/package-version.txt | grep Source

Xen 4 CentOS 6 CloudBoot Compute Resources

  • A Control Panel Server with the latest CloudBoot Packages installed is required to create Xen 4 CentOS 6 CloudBoot compute resources. 
  • Hot-migration for virtual servers from Xen 3 (CentOS 5) and Xen 4 (CentOS 6) and vice versa is not supported. An attempt to hot-migrate VSs will result in an instantly failed transaction to prevent virtual server breakage.
  • OnApp does not support running virtual servers on mixed Xen 3 (CentOS 5) and Xen 4 (CentOS 6) CloudBoot compute resource zones simultaneously.
  • It is recommended to create a staging environment with several Cloudboot compute resources to check if your hardware is fully compatible with Centos 6.

OnApp delivers the Xen-4.4 based Xen stack, a Linux Kernel based on the 3.18 LTS mainline tree using CentOS 6 for CloudBoot compute resources.

Using the new CloudBoot Compute Resource Creation Wizard it is possible to create Xen 4 CloudBoot compute resource (CentOS 6).

OnApp customers with a full license can contact OnApp support on issues related with CloudBoot compute resources running Centos 6 Xen 4 and Integrated Storage.