OnApp 4.2.1-11 Storage Update

TypeRelease Notes
ImprovementCertain packages are now downloaded from rpm.repo.onapp.com, as the resource on which they were previously stored is not available.
FixRemoved the need to upgrade the megaraid_sas driver manually.
FixFixed a glibc security issue.

Fixed a compute resource security issue.

Upgrade Instructions (for Clouds running 4.1 OnApp Storage version and lower)

Use Simple Reboot  and CloudBoot Backup Server upgrade procedures to install the update.

Upgrade Instructions (for Clouds running 4.2.0 OnApp Storage version and up)

Use CloudBoot Packages and CloudBoot Backup Server upgrade procedures to install the update.

To complete an upgrade, follow the steps below:

  1. Run the following command from the Control Panel server terminal to display the list of compute resources with their IP addresses. Make a note of the list of IPs:

    CP_host#> liveUpdate listHVs 

    This command will also show whether compute resources are eligible for live upgrade.

    If the command liveUpdate is not available then it may be located in the sbin directory instead (cd /usr/local/sbin).

  2.  Run the following command for every compute resource:

    CP_host#> liveUpdate updateToolstack <HV IP Addr> 

    Once all the toolstacks are updated run the following command for every compute resource: 

    CP_host#> liveUpdate refreshControllers <HV IP Addr>

    Wait several minutes for all degraded disks to come to synchronized state. The synchronization will take approximately three minutes for each compute resource.

    After each controller restart, check for any issues on the backup server (or on one Compute resource from each zone):

    1. Log on via SSH to the backup server (or Compute resource).
    2. Run getdegradednodes from the SSH console.
    3. Run getdegradedvdisks from the SSH console.

  3. Run the following command for each compute resource in turn:

    CP_host#> liveUpdate liveRestartBackends <HV IP Addr>
  4. Make sure that the package versions are upgraded by running the following command on each compute resource:

    HV_host#> cat /onappstore/package-version.txt | grep Source