OnApp 4.1.0-9 Storage Update

Use CloudBoot Compute Resources and CloudBoot Backup Server upgrade procedures (only reboot option is applicable) to install the update.

Issue TypeRelease Notes
ImprovementChanged to 64-bit code for storage controllers.
ImprovementUpdated CentOS 6 Xen default kernel.
ImprovementUpdated CentOS 6 Xen to use Xen 4.4.
ImprovementPorted blockback multiqueue to CentOS 6 Xen.
ImprovementMoved the whole codebase to 64-bit.
FixFixed several compute resource security issues.
FixMinor changes to improve stability of CentOS 6 Xen.
FixEnsured SELinux is disabled by default.
FixChanges to nbd code following the shift to 64-bit.
FixEnsured nbd changes are backwards compatible with existing versions.
FixFixed the naming of deleted snapshots.
FixUpdated location of dhcp.conf for CloudBoot compute resources and ensured that the default file is created.
FixUpdated ixgbe drivers for CloudBoot compute resources.
FixAdded more SSH keys for CloudBoot compute resources.
FixFixed the problem with generating UUIDs starting with numbers.
FixFixed the issue with changing member selection algorithm for integrated storage data stores.
FixEnsured that there is only a single front-end on disk.
FixAdded code to remove repeated node lists in GET degraded nodes.
FixAdded code to deal with corner cases for vdisk resizing.
FixAdded code to remove the related folder when deleting a vdisk.
FixFixed the issue with timing out inactive front-end nodes that do not have any back-ends.
FixFixed transaction rollback behavior on groupmon restart.
FixFixed membership bug fixes including for the 4R2S case.
FixEnforced correct behaviors for read local.
FixAllowed 1R datastore configs.
FixAllowed 4096 nbd devices for CentOS 5 Xen.
FixChanges to API to solve potential bugs.