OnApp Release Summary

This page shows the highlights of the major OnApp releases.

Current Release

For information about the latest release, please go to the OnApp Release Notes.

OnApp 6.0 - October 2018

  • Accelerator 2.0

    • Implemented Accelerator 2.0 functionality to enable acceleration for all types of networks:

    • Added the possibility to enable acceleration for networks with/without the existing accelerator.

    • Added the possibility to disable acceleration for networks at the Accelerator Dashboard page.

    • Added the possibility to view acceleration status of the networks at the Accelerator Dashboard page.

  • LVM Locking for Data Stores

    Implemented LVM locking for data stores to prevent LVM disks from corruption on CentOS 7 KVM and Xen compute resources.

  • vCloud Director Improvements

    • Added the possibility to view the provider resource pools with details on available resources from the Control Panel UI.
    • Implemented the possibility to transfer resources associated with a vCD user to your account before the user is deleted.
    • Implemented hot resize for virtual servers to allow users add more CPU and RAM to a vCD virtual server from OnApp CP.
  • Failover

    Added the possibility to enable/disable failover for all compute resources within the compute zone.

OnApp 5.10 - August 2018

  • Migration from VMware solutions to KVM virtualization
    Implemented the functionality to migrate virtual servers from vCloud Director and vCenter to KVM. 
  • Support of Virtual Servers from OVA with multiple disks and network interfaces
    Implemented the functionality to create virtual servers with multiple disks and network interfaces:
    • Added possibility to create virtual servers with multiple disks and NICs based on OVA template.
    • Implemented data stores selection instead of data store zones in the VS creation wizard.
  • Billing statistics
    You can download a CSV file with billing statistics from the Virtual Server Billing Statistics and User Billing Statistics pages.
  • Improvements for Backup Plugin System
    Added the possibility to browse and restore files and directories available within a VS recovery point.
  • SDN Improvements
    You can attach and detach SDN networks from SDN nodes, reattach SDN nodes and cleanup SDN orphaned tunnels left after detaching network from a node.

OnApp 5.9 - July 2018

  • Backup Plugin System 
    • Developed a new backup plugin for Veeam Backup & Replication that you can install to your Control Panel. 
    • Implemented the possibility to back up vCloud Director virtual servers by means of a backup plugin for Veeam Backup & Replication. 
    • Added the possibility for users to create a recovery point for a virtual server.
  • Compute Resources
    • Implemented the CPU Quota functionality to prevent abuse CPU usage affecting virtual servers on KVM compute resources.
    • Added the possibility to select a failover recipe for a compute resource that will be run before a failover process.
    • Added the possibility to set and edit an operating system type for compute resources.
    • Removed the possibility to change a compute resource type to achieve consistency in a compute resource lifecycle.
  • Virtual Servers
    • Introduced a new mechanism for calculating a max memory for virtual servers that reside in KVM compute zones with the ballooning and max memory options enabled.
    • Added possibility to set a custom CPU quota for a virtual server to overwrite a default value set for a KVM compute resource.
    • Introduced the possibility of editing a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for Xen and KVM based virtual servers.
  • Buckets
    • Added the possibility to disable billing to hide all pricing and billing information from your users in Control Panel. 
    • Added the possibility to apply the same limits and prices for all zone resources of the same type while adding or editing a zone resource in the bucket.
  • Statistics
    • Added the possibility to download a CSV file with cloud statistics from the Usage Statistics page.
    • Added the functionality to download a CSV file with user group billing statistics from the User Group Report page.

OnApp 5.8 - May 2018

  • Implemented SDN Controller and VXLAN Management functionality to enable building network infrastructure with OnApp and remote data centers.

    • Implemented SDN Manager functionality to manage the SDN infrastructure using API calls for the ODL controller.
    • Implemented SDN Nodes functionality to be able to add and destroy nodes from SDN Manager.
    • Implemented SDN networks functionality to manage networks using VXLAN technology across OnApp cloud compute resources.
    • Implemented a configurable list of accepted connection options to be displayed at SDN manager and SDN Nodes pages.
  • Implemented Backup Plugin System that enables to integrate OnApp with a third-party service for backup management.

  • Created a plugin for R1Soft Backup Manager that you can install to your Control Panel.

  • Added possibility to install custom backup plugins to OnApp CP.

  • Implemented backup resources and backup resource zones to manage the third-party backup process on the OnApp side.

  • Added functionality to create auto backup presets for backup resources.

  • Implemented functionality for a backup plugin to use OnApp billing system.

  • Implemented hot storage migration functionality for virtual servers and virtual server disks.

    • Implemented hot storage disk migration functionality to migrate between compute resources that share common data stores or data store zones.

    • Implemented hot VS migration functionality to migrate online VSs to another compute resources with mixed storage.

  • Implemented migration from Google Maps to Leaflet Maps during Virtual Server creation process.
  • Added possibility to manage an advanced XML configuration for virtual servers.
  • Implemented Kdump feature to create and collect kernel crash dumps on the CloudBoot compute resources.

OnApp 5.7 - February 2018

  • Introduced phase 2 for Notification Center:
    • Implemented ability to add custom event types, add them to subscriptions and trigger such event types.

    • Added non-deletable system notification templates for the reset password, account lock, and transaction approval events and made those templates customizable.

    • Added a list of available placeholders for notification templates which can be associated with events.

    • Added ability to add multiple recipients lists, gateways and events to a single subscription.

    • Added ability to configure whether HTTP or HTTPs should be used in system notification templates.

    • Added possibility to customize the email to which requests will be sent from the online help form.

  • Removed restrictions related to Buckets that have been present in 5.6 Edge release:
    • Added Baremetal server type resources to buckets.

    • Added Smart server type resources to buckets.

    • Adapted Federation billing plans to the buckets functionality.

    • Added the Instance Packages resources to the bucket's Access Control and Rate Card for the Virtual server type.

    • Added billing for CDN resources.

    • Added the DRaaS resources to the bucket's Rate Card section and implemented billing calculation for virtual servers with enabled DRaaS.

  • Improved the extended CPU configuration of a compute zone so that users could assign additional flags common for each compute resource in the compute zone.
  • Improved OVA Upload: implemented possibility upload an OVA and then convert an OVA into KVM or vCenter virtualization format.
  • Added the Hardware Info page that contains hardware-related information on all compute resources and backup servers running in the cloud.
  • Implemented new CDN Functionality, WAF protection and wildcard invalidation rules.

OnApp 5.6 - November 2017

  • Implemented the Buckets functionality to merge user and company billing plans into one logical unit:

    • Added Access Controls to manage resources allocation

    • Added Rate Cards to manage free limits and pricing

    • Removed master buckets and master templates for compute/data store/network zones

    • Moved prices from the Service Add-ons Store page to the Buckets section

    • Moved prices from the Templates Store page to the Buckets section

  • Improved a number of pages to comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA and AAA (highest) levels of conformance.

  • Added new SAML attributes to import users into OnApp with a wider set of properties, including the bucket, localization, system theme, auto-suspending options and others.

  • Added an Isolated licensing model designed for use in an isolated environment that allows no external access from the public Internet.

  • Implemented the Manual IP Net functionality for IP addresses imported from vCenter.

OnApp 5.5 - September 2017

  • Added ability to add private vCenter compute zones to Federation and to create and manage vCenter VSs via the Federation.
  • Added possibility to add secondary disks for VSs using the XFS file system.
  • Implemented ability for certain users to approve or decline transactions performed by other users in the cloud.
  • Implemented all power state actions for vApps.
  • Improved OVAs functionality: added slider, which enables hot migration for OVA virtual servers; added Windows support for OVA; added support of additional file formats for virtual hard disk drives.
  • Improved Service Add-ons functionality: added ability to assign service add-on during VS creation; added 'On Destroy VS' and 'On Rebuild VS' events; added Raise Event action; added slider which enables VS provisioning for service add-on; added ability to run recipe action on Control Panel; added ability to add icon for service add-on group.
  • Improved OnApp and vCenter integration functionality: updated statistics collection mechanism; created a mechanism which synchronizes changes in vCenter with OnApp.
  • Implemented service insertion framework functionality, which allows you to bring other portals into OnApp.
  • Added ability to specify SSH keys when accessing shadow VS from compute resources on source cloud.
  • Added ability to use OpenSSL utility to generate random passwords.

OnApp 5.4 - May 2017

  • OnApp 5.4 introduces network IP nets. A network can include several IP nets which are IP ranges with a default gateway. This will allow for future IPv6 improvements and software-defined network (SDN) capability.
  • Implemented the maintenance mode feature for CloudBoot compute resources. The maintenance mode is used to temporarily take the compute resource out of service, fix or upgrade it. 
  • Implemented an IOPS limiting feature to protect from individual VMs saturating a Data Store ensuring consistent performance for all VS. You can set IOPS limiting for data stores and disks.
  • Added ability to migrate virtual servers cold between compute resources with local storage or across compute zones.
  • Added ability to back up obscure virtual servers, that is virtual servers built from ISO and OVA, as well as Container Servers.
  • Added CDN Visitors and Admin Reports. CDN reporting functionality allows you to study and review the in-depth analysis on your own CDN resources by viewing different reports.
  • Added ability to create application servers and edge servers for users with vCloud Director integration.
  • Added ability to apply filtering for IP addresses by network ID, IP net ID, and IP range ID via API.
  • Added ability for any user (without Aflexi id) to see 'admin' page on the CDN reporting page if the permission 'see Admin page' is enabled.
  • Added ability to manage advanced edge gateway services.

OnApp 5.3 - January 2017

  • OnApp 5.3 reinforces the role of the types for compute, data store, network and backup server zones. Now all of the compute, data store, network and backup server zones have one of the following types: Virtual, Baremetal, Smart or VPC. All individual resources (compute resources, data stores, backup servers and networks) inherit the type of the zone with which they are associated. All vCloud Director related resources have the VPC type.
  • Implemented Service Add-ons functionality, which allows you to offer to your customers additional services on top of your current IaaS Virtual Server offering. Service Add-on functionality provides the ability to add services to a virtual server.
  • Added CDN Overview Report, Cache Statistics Report, Status Codes Report and Bandwidth Statistics Report. CDN reporting functionality allows you to study and review the in-depth analysis on your own CDN resources by viewing different reports.
  • Added ability to set up your virtual server configuration so that it can function as a gateway for the network interface.
  • Introduced auto healing - an auto-scheduling option to repair degraded vdisks. This functionality can be used only in case there are no serious issues with Integrated Storage.
  • Added the resource difference feature. If the size of certain resources is changed, the logs will contain the information about both the current and the previous size of the resource.
  • Added the Service Catalog page. The service catalog page gives you quick access to the the creation wizard of most common OnApp entities.
  • Added ability to create rDNS zones. Reverse DNS resolution (rDNS) is the determination of a domain name associated with an IP address via querying DNS.
  • Improved vApp recompose process.
  • Added possibility to upload files to media library.
  • Added CloudBoot KVM CentOS 7 entry for CloudBoot compute resource wizard.

OnApp 5.2 - December 2016

  • Implemented possibility to import OVA files as templates. This allows you to deploy VSs created at other virtualization platforms in OnApp. OVA virtual servers are based on specific OVA templates which are created after you upload OVA file to the cloud.

  • Introduced Cloud motion functionality, which allows buyers and users to move virtual servers between locations in Federation if they're using integrated storage. This functionality is currently in beta.

  • Added new advanced reports for CDN Reporting: Top Files and Top Referrers. More reports are coming in the next versions.
  • Added the Control Panel's Notifications Setup menu, which lets you configure the notifications for your CP. This functionality replaces configuring notifications at Control Panel > Settings > Configuration > Email section.
  • Added support for CentOS 7.x x86_64 as a Control Panel server, static KVM compute resource, and backup server.
  • OnApp dashboard is redesigned and vCloud Director statistics are added. The account information is moved to Settings > Licenses menu.
  • Introduced possibility to run recipes on vCloud Director VSs.
  • Added an ability to choose the license for Windows 10 for the Control Panel server.

  • Updated design and calculation of scores for Federated zones.

  • The drop-downs for vCloud Director resources are now sorted alphabetically.

OnApp 5.1 - October 2016

  • Introduced a new appliance - Container Server, which is a regular VS based on default CoreOS template

  • Added possibility to attach a backup server to a compute zone or compute resource
  • Implemented ability to view compute resource hardware information

  • Added an option to manage pre-installed services, available on your application server

  • Introduced ability to create and manage email accounts for domains of your application server

  • Improved usage trends statistics

  • Added migration from separate IPs to ranges for vCloud networks

  • Improved network port speed limiting

  • Added support for Integrated Storage NVMe devices for caching

  • Introduced utility to list block devices on CentOS 5.x Static Xen and KVM CloudBoot compute resources

OnApp 5.0 - August 2016

  • Introduced new tier-based model of federation selling and buying

  • Added billing for Pay-As-You-Go resource pools for —Āompany billing plans

  • Implemented Database Management for Application Servers

  • Added new usage trends statistics to the Stats menu, which show the quick overview of your cloud infrastructure

  • Introduced Purge feature for accelerated Virtual Servers

  • Added dashboard charts with the statistics for smart server and baremetal server

  • Added ability to change currency code using the rake task

  • For convenience Federation menu is now located on the left side of the Control Panel dashboard

  • Possibility to alter pricing is reserved only to sellers of private zones 

  • CDN related menu is back for VSP customers

  • Federation buyers now can filter zones by their tier, geographic location, performance and special features

  • Changed behaviour of empty rate_limit input during VS creation

OnApp 4.3 - May 2016

  • Added full support for Xen 4 CentOS 6 CloudBoot compute resources

  • Added possibility to create and edit vCD resource pools using OnApp Control Panel

  • Implemented adding vApps to catalogs using OnApp Control Panel

  • Added possibility to create NICs for VSs when provisioning a vApp transaction

  • Added possibility to install VMware Tools

  • Implemented possibility to create and edit organization networks using OnApp Control Panel

  • Added new hypervisor_type parameter to the response on the API request to get the VS details and the list of VSs

  • Added API requests for CDN HTTP Caching Rules
  • Added permissions for vApp and Org networks
  • Improved the behaviour of OnApp Engine

OnApp 4.2 - February 2016

  • Implemented two-factor authentication based on Yubikey

  • Introduced Maintenance Mode for compute resources
  • Added possibility to create a virtual server from ISO

  • Implemented possibility to set extra CPU flags for compute zones

  • Added new CloudBoot Add Compute Resource Wizard and Manage Devices page
  • Introduced a new type of virtual server - Accelerator 

  • Added possibility to enable maintenance for the Control Panel UI

  • Implemented centralized error collector

  • Added possibility to manage SSL certificates in Control Panel
  • Introduced possibility to enable Disaster Recovery as a Service for a VS
  • Added locations for federated zones and notifications for failed actions
  • vCloud Director integration features and improvements

OnApp 4.1 - September 2015

  • Implemented application server functionality

  • Introduced instance types functionality
  • Implemented a system of seller to buyer communications
  • Added Java 8 console support
  • Implemented CDN raw log delivery functionality
  • Added guest customization for vCloud virtual servers and compose vApp functionality
  • VS creation wizard was optimized and became more responsive
  • User Profile page was improved
  • Implemented CDN raw log delivery functionality
  • Changed IP allocation mechanism

OnApp 4.0 - June 2015

  • Integrated VMware vCloud Director into the OnApp platform

  • Added possibility to add and delete disks on a federated virtual server

  • Introduced the ability to upload ISOs into OnApp and boot virtual and smart servers from ISO

  • Added possibility to rebuild a federated virtual server with a new template

  • The design of the UI made flat, all forms were rearranged on every page

  • Introduced the shared SSL certificates for HTTP Push resources

  • Added new VS creation wizard

  • Introduced UI for high availability control panel

OnApp 3.5 -  March 2015

  • Ability to create and manage Amazon EC2 instances due to Amazon Web Services integration
  • Added possibility to clone a role
  • Introduced high availability control panel
  • Implemented restriction sets to enable multiple resellers
  • Ability to specify the exact time for autobackup schedules
  • Improved the process of deletion of a virtual server

  • Improved the display of sales plan of a federated zone

  • Added ability to specify backup server IP when creating a DB dump

OnApp 3.4 - December 2014

  • Bandwidth statistics breakdown per location using API
  • Possibility to purge and prefetch HTTP Push resources
  • Federation features:
    • Firewall rules management
    • Implemented resource synchronization between Seller and Buyer
    • Suspend a published zone
    • Display of wholesale pricing for Buyer

OnApp 3.3 - August 2014

  • Added CPU unit based billing

  • Implemented single sign on using SAML authentication

  • Integrated initial version of Template Manager into OnApp

  • Added my template groups

  • Introduced backup server balancing

  • Added transaction server

  • Added SMART drive health checks to integrated storage healthchecks

  • Added users with config problems page to the users screen

  • Implemented Powercycle command for hypervisors

  • Implement ability to use MariaDB instead of MySQL

  • Added possibility to create reseller role with a predefined set of permissions

  • Implemented possibility to link OnApp account with Google, Facebook, etc. accounts using OAuth

  • Added possibility to configure iFrame within the OnApp Control Panel

  • Added SolidFire disk resize

  • Added possibility to set CPU sockets and CPU threads when creating a VS on KVM hypervisors in VS creation wizard

OnApp 3.2 - January 2014

  • Implemented incremental backups for Linux-based servers

  • Created a script to install/update templates

  • Improved location groups
  • Improvements to rebooting VSs in recovery mode
  • Added ability for uploading and using custom tools in recovery images

  • Added ability to log in using recovery mode with VS's initial root password

  • Added possibility to migrate customer recipes during changing VS owner

OnApp 3.1 - November 2013

  • Introduced the concept of Appliances

  • Introduced Assets

  • Introduced new cloud components:

    • Recipes
    • Blueprints

    • New billing behavior

    • Location groups

    • HTML 5 Console

    • Baremetal Servers

    • Smart Servers

OnApp 3.0 - May 2013

  • Introduced VMware support

  • Distributed block storage feature for hypervisor disks

  • Implemented ext4 disk support

  • Ability to block ICMP traffic

  • Implemented new SNMP statistics receiver to replace the HTTP-based OnApp statistics receiver

  • Added Vyatta Firewalls for VMware functionality

  • Added openSSH functionality for Windows VSs

  • Implemented load balancer compatibility with Windows templates

  • Jumbo frame support