OnApp 4.3 Release Notes

The following section lists all the features, improvements, and fixed included in OnApp 4.3 release for all components:

TypeSummaryAffects Version/s
FeatureAdded full support for Xen 4 CentOS 6 CloudBoot compute resources. For information on other Storage related changes refer to OnApp 4.2.1-8 Storage Update. 
FeatureAdded possibility to create and edit vCD resource pools using OnApp Control Panel. 
FeatureImplemented adding vApps to catalogs using OnApp Control Panel. 
FeatureAdded the connection status that shows if the credentials entered for the vCenter on Compute Resource details page are correct and valid. 
FeatureAdded possibility to create NICs for VSs when provisioning a vApp transaction, as well as added an option to select any network for VSs NIC in the step 2 of the server creation wizard. 
FeatureAdded possibility to install VMware Tools. 
FeatureImplemented possibility to create and edit organization networks using OnApp Control Panel. 
FeatureAdded new hypervisor_type parameter to the response on the API request to get the VS details and the list of VSs. 
ImprovementAdded permissions for vApp and Org networks. 
ImprovementAdded API requests for CDN HTTP Caching Rules. 
ImprovementReplaced add_to_linux_fstab and add_to_freebsd_fstab options with single mounted parameter for creation and editing disks. 
ImprovementImproved template selection when rebuilding VSs so that the server is rebuilt on the template from the same location. 
ImprovementImproved vCloud organisations importer. 
ImprovementImproved search within log items. 
ImprovementHidden Add new blueprint from Build menu if no vCenter compute resources exist. 
ImprovementRenamed Instance types to Instance Packages both in UI and API. For API older API requests are still valid. 
ImprovementAdded support for the external networks to VCloud Synchronizer. 
ImprovementRemoved old method of determination of disk_target_device for XEN. 
ImprovementImproved the labels and validation for Create firewall rule menu. 
ImprovementAdded support for Multiple Provider VDCs in vCloud Orchestration Models. 
ImprovementFixed the problem when vCloud templates were not showing Storage policy information. 
ImprovementRemoved the Update action from the List of Catalogs page. 
ImprovementAdded an API call that returns the list of provider resource pools. 

The set of permission-related fixes:

  • Fixed the issue with permissions when a user could see compute resource's internal IP and VS when "See all compute resources" was set to NO.
  • Fixed the issue when user did not have permissions to update own user white list and could not find the user to work with white lists.
  • Fixed the issue when user could not view their own billing plan from the Billing Plans menu.
  • Fixed the problem when the billing plan tab at users page was shown regardless of permissions.
  • Fixed restriction sets for compute zones.
  • The vCloud Credentials section at user profile page is now hidden if there is no vCloud connected to CP.
  • Fixed restriction sets Template store parameter.
ImprovementThe range of improvements related to OnApp Daemon and transaction runner. 
ImprovementImproved the behaviour of OnApp Engine. 
Introduced alternative API requests for some API calls. The old ones will become obsolete in the next major version.
  • The add_to_linux_fstab and add_to_freebsd_fstab API parameters can now be substituted by a single mounted parameter.
  • Instance Packages: instance types have been renamed as instance packages. Now you can use two alternative methods for instance packages requests.
  • Introduced two alternative methods to Segregate VS .
  • Introduced two alternative methods to  Desegregate VS.
FixFixed the issue when degraded snapshot on XEN4 compute resource could not be deleted from the Control Panel.4.2
FixFixed the issue when "Debian 7.8 x64 Compute Performance Test" template was not present on the Market database.4.2
FixFixed the error which occurred for a backup's transaction log item.4.2
FixFixed the issue with growing queues of statistics-related tasks in RabbitMQ.4.2
FixFixed the issue when transactions were not published into RabbitMQ.4.2
FixFixed the problem with resizing RAM and CPU if buyer's compute response didn't response. 
FixFixed the problem when it was possible to exceed the limits specified for Autoscaling in Billing plans.3.1
FixRemoved the option to edit vCloud data stores on the Data Store Overview page in the Settings menu.4.2
FixRemoved Backups field on the Accelerator properties page as inappropriate.4.2
FixFixed the issue when an ISO which failed to be downloaded could be added to the template store.4.2
FixFixed the issue when newly allocated IP address was not visible inside the VS built on Gentoo 2015.03 x64.4.2
FixFixed tooltip on ISOs page which showed the Min disk size parameter in MB though it should have been in GB.4.2
FixFixed the 500 error that appeared on templates list when template had empty virtualization field.4.2
FixFixed the issue when the Report a problem button was shown even if the user didn't have permission for that.4.1, 4.2
FixFixed the problem when the billing limits are set in GB, but additional_used_size was sent in MB.4.0, 4.1, 4.2
FixThe default value for the port speed for Application servers is now set to 10 Mbps, as this is the minimum recommended value.4.1
FixThe Billing details section is now hidden for user profile page if the user doesn't have permissions to view billing statistics.4.1
FixFixed the issue when it was possible to activate the deleted user.4.1
FixFixed the issue with validation of Mount point when creating a disk.4.2
FixFixed the bug with deleting catalogs when the response and behavior in API differed from UI though that should be identical.4.2
FixFixed an issue when a VS was marked as booted from ISO/recovery mode even if transaction had failed.4.1
FixSorted out which resources should be displayed as priced per hour, and which per unit on the Plans page.4.0, 4.1, 4.2
FixFixed the problem when autobackups were not created if default backup server didn't have enough free space.4.1
FixFixed the issue when vApp Templates weren't filtered according to selected resource pool when creating vApp.4.2
FixFixed the issue when the Control Panel tried to check the compute resource though it received the response that compute resource was disabled.4.2
FixFixed API requests to get VS log items.4.2
FixFixed the problem when 500 error appeared on VS page after rebuilding.4.2

Improved the VS segregation behaviour:

  • The segregate VS menu now shows only those VSs which are owned by the same user as the VS owner
  • Allowed to segregate VSs from current compute zone only
  • Banned segregation of VSs running on one compute resource
  • Fixed the problem when it was impossible to segregate a VS without having a Migrate VS permission.
3.5, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2
FixFixed rake tasks for switching between incremental and normal backups.4.2
FixFixed the problem when hot migration on KVM compute resources failed if multiple migration were running for the same compute resource.4.1
FixRemoved useless HTML URLs from routes.4.2
FixFixed huge peak in usage hourly statistics after deleting or renaming Redis database.3.5, 4.1, 4.2
FixFixed the issue when limits for backups in billing plans did not work with autobackups.4.0, 4.1
FixFixed the API request to Get the list of statuses for virtual servers to show all VSs.3.5
FixFixed the issue with the template manager when it was possible to rebuild VS from templates missing in the templates store.3.3.0-05
FixFixed the issue when transactions could be never processed if they had unsuccessful processing attempt.4.2
FixFixed the problem with unscheduled transactions.4.2
FixFixed the issue when transaction failed during occasional Redis connection failure.4.1, 4.2
FixFixed the issue when worker's registry occasionally didn't get expired.4.2
FixFixed the issue when transactions were being enqueued multiple times during processing.4.2
FixFixed the bug when the Total number allowed for backups was set to 0 in Settings > Configuration and that blocked further background tasks ' processing.4.2
FixFixed the problem when transactions stopped processing after losing connection with RabbitMQ server.4.2
FixFixed the problem when manual cancellation of transaction causes OnApp to stop processing transactions.4.2
FixFixed the issue when OnApp generated more workers than allowed.4.2
FixImproved auto-importing of vCenter credentials.4.2
FixFixed the white lists for deployments with High Availability enabled.4.2
FixFixed the issue with deleting an Edge Gateway if it wasn't created on vCloud.4.2
FixIncorrect user vCloud credentials are now handled in transactions.4.2
FixSome minor fixes for the OrgNetwork page for vCD.4.2
FixFixed the issues with statistics gathering when the Redis keys didn't get expired.4.2, 4.3
FixFixed the issue when an error occurred during billing plan copying.4.2
FixFixed the problem when a buyer unsubscribed from compute zone but the records on templates from that zone were left in the database yet.4.1
APIFixed API requests to get VS log items4.2
APIFixed the API request to Get the list of statuses for virtual servers to show all VSs.4.2