OnApp 4.2 Release Notes

The following sections list all the features, improvements, and fixed included in OnApp 4.2 release for all components:

OnApp Cloud Changes

TypeSummaryAffects Version/s

Implemented two-factor authentication based on Yubikey

To configure this feature the cloud admin has to enable it for their cloud and then individual users can set the Yubikey for their accounts.


Introduced Maintenance Mode for compute resources

The maintenance  mode is used to temporarily take the compute resource out of service, fix or upgrade it.  When the maintenance mode is enabled, the VSs are migrated to another compute resource and you can easily maintain your hardware.


Introduced possibility to create a virtual server from ISO

ISO virtual servers are created from the ISOs uploaded to the Control Panel and saved as specific ISO templates.


Implemented possibility to set extra CPU flags for compute zones

Enabling extended CPU flags will increase performance and functionality of processors.  This functionality is implemented on a per compute zone basis.


Introduced a new type of virtual server - Accelerator which serves as a router for traffic between CDN core and CDN-enabled Virtual Servers to spread the VS content faster.

  • implemented possibility to enable Acceleration per VS
  • added accelerator resource to user billing plans.
  • added appropriate permissions


Introduced High Availability cluster's management in OnApp UI in multi-master mode, as well as other improvements.

(Contact your account manager to enable the licensing.)

  • Added possibility to clusterize whole Control Panel, including Database server
  • Optimized High Availability initialization
  • Added configuration and management of cluster via OnApp Control Panel
  • Added possibility for load-balanced UI
  • Implemented ability to create database cluster
  • Introduced RabbitMQ cluster
  • Control panel adds support for multiple daemons
  • Added Pacemaker to manage the clusters
  • Automated High Availability initialization


Introduced possibility to enable maintenance for the Control Panel UI.

Control panel maintenance is a tool which enables administrators to block the CP. Administrators having permissions on managing Sysadmin Tools will have access to the Control Panel as usual. However, the CP will be blocked for all other users.


Implemented centralized error collector

It provides errors collecting mechanism for OnApp Control panel and Engine. Introduced possibility to send crash reports to an internal Error Aggregator (EA) application.


Federation improvements and features


Added possibility to manage SSL certificates in Control Panel

OnApp implements SSL certificates management, so that customers can import their SSL certificates to the cloud via OnApp Control Panel.


vCloud director integration features and improvements

  • Introduced possibility to create/edit/delete organizations from OnApp
  • Implemented ability to create/delete catalogs in OnApp
  • Introduced Media Library for Catalogs
  • Added ISO mounting for vCD VSs
  • Added possibility to create/delete/edit vCD users in OnApp
  • Added possibility to view/create/delete vApp Templates
  • Added possibility to view/create/delete/deploy vCloud orchestration models.
  • Added view and delete options for resource pools using OnApp Control Panel
  • Added possibility to deploy a resource pool from orchestration model.
  • Implemented ability to view/edit/delete vCloud Organization networks.
  • Implemented recipes for Public vCloud VSs
  • Added multiple vCD support for different users in OnApp Control Panel
  • Added disk bus type selection options
  • Added link to the vApp at the VSs overview page
  • Introduced new scheme for importing vCloud networks into OnApp
  • Introduced new scheme for importing vCloud storage policies into OnApp
  • Added separate vCloud side menu section
  • Implemented dashboard for end users displaying statistics reporting
  • Added cron task that runs daily to sync vCloud and OnApp
  • Added the initiator of transaction field to the log
  • Implemented base vApp creation
  • Snapshots moved under Tools menu
  • Implemented creation/deletion of vCloud networks
  • Added possibility to manage published catalogs from OnApp
  • Introduced import for gateway interfaces
  • Added permissions and restrictions for resource pools.
  • Improved Cloud Dashboard view for vCloud users.
  • Introduced handling org network update during synchronization.
  • Removed disk size overhead for vCloud data store
  • Introduced handling network pools and storage profiles when creating orchestration model.
  • Added firewalls for vCloud
  • Added vCloud network usage metering
  • Removed Network Quota from the Resource Pool details page
  • Implemented vCloud edge gateways functionality.
  • Added possibility to set SSH keys for VSs


Introduced billing for vCloud resources

  • added Company plans 
  • added permissions for company plan resources
  • added billing information to the user groups if a user group is a vCloud company

FeatureIntroduced billing statistics for vCloud resources.

Added new Payments menu

This lists all the payments in the cloud for all users and user groups (vCD companies), and allows you to add new payments.


Introduced possibility to enable Disaster Recovery as a Service for a VS

FeatureAdded the following functionalities to Application servers
  • implemented PHP switching
  • added Application server resource to billing plans
  • introduced ability to configure application server timeout for API requests in InfoHub.yml configuration file.
  • added logger for operations on Application Servers. The errors are written to log/application_servers/<environment>_error.log
  • added ability to enable/disable automatic upgrades for the application server applications.


Introduced some Instance Type improvements: 

  • unlimited bandwidth is set for instance types. 
  • added price per overused bandwidth to billing plans
  • added possibility to filter Instance Types by the specified template.
  • added logger for resource allocation
  • implemented Instance Type Only options for compute resource, data store and network zones.


Added possibility to install the following components from command-line:

FeatureIntroduced possibility to enable additional protection to user deletion process. If switched on, the customer is prompted to enter password to confirm the deletion.
FeatureAdded possibility for Admin to send the password reminder to a user.
FeatureImplemented Incremental Backups on SolidFire

Implemented Zabbix server that replaces Monitis for autoscaling actions.

FeatureThe Name ID format field for SAML authentication is now customizable.
FeatureAdded log for resource allocation for Instance type VSs.
FeatureAdded possibility not to start OnApp services immediately after CP install/upgrade.
FeatureControl Panel installer adds support to MySQL, MariaDB and Percona.
ImprovementFixed behaviour when the logs have been deleted from VS on ResetRootPassword procedure.2.3.3, 3.0, 3.0.2, 3.0.3, 3.0.4
ImprovementFor fresh CP installtions introduced new approach to database storage based on each file per table principle, as well created a new config for MySQL or MariaDB servers based on available RAM.3.0
ImprovementAdded a new Billing section to the left navigation pane
ImprovementAdded link to Virtual Server on Log Item page of failed backup
ImprovementAdded design to load balancer configuration page.
ImprovementImproved the behavior for pending transactions. Now when clicking "Reload Daemon" button all pending transactions are forcefully requeued.
ImprovementCreated separate package for OnApp installer.
ImprovementImproved hot migration algorithm for Virtual Server on KVM Virtio
ImprovementIntroduced RabbitMQ utilization for transaction queueing.
ImprovementImproved thin provisioning on SolidFire data stores.
ImprovementImprovements to onapp-engine: now it maintains configured amount of onappd istances despite of failures.
ImprovementImproved virtual server auto detection procedure.
ImprovementRenamed onapp-engine worker process according to tasks performed.
ImprovementAdded possibility to hide log info section to sidebar.
ImprovementAdded Compute Resource column to the Virtual Servers and Application Servers pages.
ImprovementImproved the design for the Status of services at sysadmin_tools/infrastructure/services page.
ImprovementRemoved label column from permissions. User localization instead.
ImprovementWhen setting VIP status for VSs, JS is now used.
ImprovementAdded validation for changing the owner of the Instance Types VSs.
ImprovementFilter buttons are made colour filled when pressed.
ImprovementIntroduced new API calls for all user billing resources and user plans related requests. Old requests are still valid, but will become obsolete in the next major version.
ImprovementAdded support for two routes, both are valid in 4.2: billing_plans and billing/user_plans
ImprovementAdded API for company plans.
ImprovementAdded API for compute resource CPU flags.
ImprovementAdded API for PHP switching.
ImprovementFixed IP addresses index page layout
ImprovementUpdated the CDN advanced reporting.
ImprovementAdded support for the number of IPv4 protocols for firewall rules.
ImprovementAdded possibility to have multiple location pins on the map on server creation wizard.
ImprovementRemoved baremetal compute zones from Integrated Storage sub menu on the left navigation pane.
ImprovementAdded the info on the location group with which the VS is associated to the VS overview page
ImprovementAdded logs for compute resources (Compute resource details screen).
ImprovementImproved design for Sysadmin Tools page.
ImprovementImplemented more robust way to check SNMP service on compute resource.
ImprovementAdded support of PUT together with POST API request to reboot compute resource. Pay attention that POST will become deprecated in the next major version.
ImprovementThe Sysadmin Tools page adds the ability to check the CDN API and CDN Sync Runner statuses. Added a warning that appears on top of all pages in Control Panel if there's a problem with CDN synchronization.
ImprovementFixed the problem when an error appeared while converting an incremental backup into a template if its target was deleted.
ImprovementImproved HTTP Caching Rules management: added configuration of Passthrough HTTP host header to origin.
ImprovementAdded --link-dest option when running rsync for incremental backups that boosts backup performance.
ImprovementAdded filter for templates which allows to narrow the search by particular OS, distribution, and version.
ImprovementImproved the process of enabling/disabling the autoscaling for VSs.
ImprovementOptimized decision making process for considering compute resource as offline.
ImprovementImproved VSs detection before initiating failover.
ImprovementModified Autoscaling component at Control Panel to use Zabbix instead of Monitis
ImprovementImproved zombie disks detection.
ImprovementAdded information on the vApp which contains current VS on virtual server details and the list of virtual severs pages.
ImprovementAdded new -t option to OnApp installer that allows to add base templates during fresh installation. By default the base templates are not included into isntall.
ImprovementMigrated existing OnApp database from MySQL to Percona Server/Cluster.
ImprovementInserted iptables rule to lock down storage API on compute resource.
ImprovementAdded support for CentOS 6.x on Xen 4.4.x packages for compute resource provided by centos.org.

UI Improvements:

  • Redesigned Compute resources overview page
  • Redesigned Sysadmin Tools screen
  • Improved layouts for search
  • Updated faceboxes
  • Added filtering by date to all Search boxes

Introduced alternative API requests for some API calls. The old ones will become obsolete in the next major version.
  • All Billing Plans requests: now you can use two alternative methods for billing plan API requests. The older method will be removed in the nearest major release.

  • Reboot Compute Resource section: now you can use two alternative methods to reboot a compute resource. The older method will be removed in the nearest major release.

  • Get List of All Templates and Get Template Details sections: virtualization parameter will become an array of strings and virtualization_array parameter will be removed in the nearest major release.

APIIntroduced new API calls for new functionality and update some already existing API requests. For detailed list, refer to API change log.
FixFixed incorrect alignment of error messages during CDN resource configuration.3.3.1
FixFixed RestoreBackup transaction which failed for FreeBSD under SolidFire.3.2.1
FixFixed the functionality of "Default when hidden" option.3.1.1, 3.2.1
FixFixed the issue when hard drive was assigned as cache device by default even that it was not supported on XEN3.4.2
FixImproved the detection of user's email from SAML response.4.1
FixFixed the issue when the relation between the recipe and the template is broken after upgrade from 3.5 to 4.0 and then, 4.1
FixFixed the problem when passwords could be accidentally deleted from Settings > Configuration screen.4.1
FixFixed the bug when vCloud OrgNetworks showed incorrect Status after import.4.1
FixFixed the validation for creating backups: the backups won't be created if the limit in billing plan is set to 0, or the limit has been reached.3.4, 3.5, 4.0, 4.1
FixFixed the "Virtual server has not been created: Unknown KMS server" problem that appeared during creation of Windows VSs with KMS license.4.1
FixAdded validation for minimum disk size when creating a VS: now you cannot create a VS with the 0GB disk size.4.0, 4.1
FixFixed rebuild_windows_network.bat script to work with IPv63.5, 4.0, 4.1
FixFixed the issue when "Availability Check" field wasn't shown on Sysadmin Tools page.4.1
FixProhibited for cloud admin to change user group for the vCloud users.4.1
FixFixed the problem with unsuspending a VS that had been booted from ISO or in recovery mode before it was suspended.4.1
FixFixed the problem when rebooting a VS failed on compute zones with release resource type other than "Memory Guarantee".4.1
FixFixed logging in with SAML - when SAML force enabled the login/password fields are not prompted now.4.1
FixFixed design for SAML configuration screen.4.1
FixFixed the issue with assigning used IP addresses to virtual server.4.1
FixFixed wrong phy device in "tc" command for interface with vlan4.1
FixFixed the problem with provisioning baremetal servers on Windows templates version 4.x with Cygwin as SSH server.4.1
FixFixed the issue when public IP Addresses were wrongly considered as private.4.0, 4.1
FixFixed syncronization of vCloud networks into OnApp.4.1
FixFixed the issue with rebuilding VSs to Windows template.4.1
FixAdded missing options to rsync to fix the restoring/provisioning of VSs from incremental backus/templates.3.5, 4.0, 4.1
FixFixed snapshot discovering on baremetal serveres because of incorrect parsing of output3.5, 4.0, 4.1
FixFixed removing LVM snapshots: now the unsuccessful attempt to remove an LVM snapshot is re-run 5 times.3.5, 4.0, 4.1
FixFixed provisioning of FreeBSD on KVM with SolidFire disks.4.1
FixFixed the issue with validation of the password generated for an Application Server.4.1
FixAdded IPV6-ICMP support to firewall rules.3.5-30, 4.1
FixAdded update of /etc/resolv.conf after rebuilding network of Linux and FreeBSD VSs.3.3.1, 3.4, 3.5, 4.0, 4.1
FixFixed syncronization between vCloud and OnApp when deleting firewall rules on edge server.4.1
FixFixed changing ports for firewall rules on edge gateways.4.1
FixIgnored snapshot vdisks during content balance tasks.3.5, 4.0, 4.1
FixFixed the problem when Internal server error appeared when stopping load balancer.4.1
FixFixed the issue when auto-backup that failed prevented it from running next time.4.0
FixFixed editing External networks for Edge Gateway.4.1
FixFixed Any power action on the server permissions.4.1
FixFixed the error appeared when user tried to delete several network interfaces at the same time.4.1
FixFixed the problem when unavailable networks displayed in drop-down menu during creating NAT rule.4.1
FixFixed the problem when CPU cores max limit set in a billing plan was ignored if the "Use CPU units?" option enabled.4.1
FixFixed creation of vApp from template with two disks.4.1
FixFixed taking backup or provisioning (while enabled incremental backups) fails on CloudBoot compute resources or CloudBoot backup server if destination for taking backup is a symbolic link.3.4
FixFixed that the transaction now isn't executed while there are running transactions on virtual server or on any of its disks.4.0, 4.1
FixFixed the problem when VS using autoscaling is considered as resized even though it hasn't resized.4.1
FixFixed the problem when it was possible to manage VSs via API despite the locked status.4.0, 4.1
FixAdded timestamps for all messages in the log.4.0
FixFixed provisioning baremetal servers with the Ubuntu 13.10 template.4.0, 4.1
FixWhen a new application is being installed, the Application server is now locked.4.1
FixFixed validation for 'Admin Auto Logon Count' value on Edit Guest Customization page.4.1
FixBug fixes on dependencies for Edit guest customization screen.4.1
FixNow user iFrame is deleted when the user is deleted.4.0
FixFixed the issue when OnApp Control Panel showed incorrect status 'primary' for VS network interfaces.4.1
FixAdded missing Back to Admin area button when logging in as another vCD user.4.1
FixFixed the problem when after taking backup of SolidFire disk the volume at SAN was not deleted. 3.5
FixFixed validation for CPU cores number and RAM while creating a new vApp.4.1
FixFixed the issue when Additional Solidfire disk backup failed because of wrong actions during the FormatDisk process.3.0.8
FixProhibited possibility to enable Monitis at the Sysadmin Tools menu if High Availability is configured.4.0
FixFixed Virtual Server's network connection which was broken after the hot migration if network was connected to compute resource's NICs with different names.3.0.4
FixFixed error messages on backups.3.2.1
FixFixed validation for IP Address when creating Edge/Storage/Application Servers using API.4.1
FixFixed authentication problem with logging in to SolidFire when the backups are being made.3.1.2
FixFixed the problem when the system could not find High Availability Clusters group.4.1
FixFixed the problem with creating a federated VS related with hypervisor selection4.1
FixRemoved the possibility to select federated network zone in the process of creation local cloud network zone4.1
FixRemoved the ability to use Federated resources for load balancer creation4.1
FixFixed the problem with restoring from a backup4.1
FixFixed the problem with rebuilding Windows VS into Linux VS4.1
FixFixed the resize error received by the Buyer4.1
FixFixed the permissions for default user role for logs on ISO uploading.4.0
FixReduced the unnecessary transactions during the creation of a federated VS4.0
FixAdded alert when a timezone or resources are changed for Windows-based VSs.4.1
FixRemoved button "Allocate New IP Address Assignment" for federated VS from Seller's CP4.1
FixFixed SolidFfire backup process timing issue.3.1.0, 3.2.0
FixFixed SolidFire stats collector that threw exceptions under certain circumstances.3.5
FixFixed enabling the auto-backups scheduler after long delay: now the start time is automatically updated.3.4, 3.5
FixFixed incorrect SolidFire datastore limit.3.5
FixFixed rebuilding network on KVM C6 compute resources.4.0
FixFixed the issue when СloudBoot and Smart compute resources did not create configuration and image files on deployment.4.1
FixFixed autobackup permissions for VS overview page.3.5
FixFixed Any power action on own application/edge/storage/virtual servers permissions.4.1
FixFixed the problem when segregated VS could be migrated to its strict virtual server's compute resource via UI and API, though it should not.3.1.1, 3.1.2, 3.2.0
FixFixed the problem when users with only the "Read any virtual server" permission could reboot a VS, though they should not.3.2.2, 3.3.0-01, 4.1
FixFixed transaction rollback failing for Windows VS on XEN3.5, 4.0
FixImpossible to create a VS on KVM compute resource if the compute zone contains compute resources with different amount of CPU units.4.1
FixFixed incorrect additional disk formatting for VS on KVM compute resource and data store SolidFire.3.3.2
FixFixed displaying of price of EdgeGroup for CDN resource at Edit CDN resource and Creation Wizard pages.4.2
FixFixed the problem when more than one primary disk for VS could be created via API.3.3.1, 3.3.2
FixFixed the problem when the link to compute resource on VS Overview page if user didn't have permissions to see the list of compute resources and see compute resource details.3.2.2, 3.3.0-02
FixDetach action is now blocked for data store, network, and compute zones if this zone is using resources.3.3.1
FixFixed the issue with Get VMRC Link for vApp.4.1
FixFixed permissions for storage servers and for edge servers.4.1
FixFixed "See user virtual server prices" and "See user hourly prices" permissions.4.0
FixFixed synchronization problem when changing VS label in OnApp CP was not syncronized with vCD side.4.1
FixFixed the problem with the HotMigrate transaction that failed on Windows VSs runnign on XEN4 compute resource.3.4
FixFixed assigning IP addresses for application servers.4.1
FixFixed the problem with VS snapshots for vCD.4.1
FixFixed the problem when multiple Storage API requests were slowing down VS creation wizard.4.1
FixFixed the Refresh Location Groups button working incorrectly.3.3.1, 3.3.2, 3.4, 3.5
FixFixed the problem when the full name for user created in vCD was not imported to OnApp.4.1
FixFixed the issue when IPs were not shown after refreshing page by Ajax at the list of Virtual Servers page.4.0
FixBuilt-in Administrator Account in Windows 10 is now enabled by default.4.1
FixFixed the error message for converting backups if template limit exceeded.4.1
FixFixed the problem when error message No implicit conversion of Symbol into Integer appeared during taking backup.4.1
FixFixed failover_processes.history becomes broken.4.0, 4.1
FixFixed syncronization for editing Edge Gateway for High Availability and Use default route for DNS relay.4.1
FixFixed the problem when "Cancel all pending backups" button wasn't working.4.1
FixFixed the API for the create a VS request.4.0
FixFixed the problem when it was possible to exceed Port Speed Max Limit for Network Zone Limits using API request during VS creation.4.1
FixFixed an error that sometimes occurred when configuring an Application server.4.1
FixFixed the issue when daemon got reloaded during performing tasks, counters on Alerts page showed wrong values.3.5, 4.0, 4.1
FixFixed the issue when it was possible to set initial_root_password for the Application server in API.4.1
FixFixed the API request returning the list of limits for a particular user.4.1
FixFixed an issue when under rare circumstances wrong backup server was selected for an incremental backup.3.5, 4.1
FixFixed transactions for composing a vApp in OnApp.4.1
FixFixed the problem when it was impossible to remove ApplicationServer without IP Address.4.1
FixFixed the problem when the applications became inaccessible if an IP address removed from an application server.4.1
FixFixed the problem when rebuilding VSs from Windows to Linux failed on XEN compute resource.4.1
FixFixed SAML nameid-format string generation.4.1
FixFixed adding and editing notes for VMware Snapshot.3.1.0
FixAdded support of different vCloud Director and vCloud Air API versions.4.1
FixDisabled default ip6tables rules for KVM compute resource.

OnApp Integrated Storage and CloudBoot Changes

  • New CloudBoot Add Compute Resource Wizard which simplifies the process for adding compute resources, smart servers, etc
  • New CloudBoot Manage Devices page. After editing devices you may need to reboot compute resource or restart storage controllers.
  • Added Support for CDN Accelerator
Improvements and Fixes
  • New Emulex OneConnect NIC drivers
  • Postpone snmpd and snmptrapd start till after custom config
  • Ensure xen memory ballooning is off
  • Support for CentOS 6 Xen4 using the newest 3.18.21 kernel is coming shortly
(needs license activation and registration on DRaaS dashboard - speak to your account manager)
  • Support for remote wide area replication of storage block data in the IS stack
  • Management of remote tunnels for wide area block replication
Integrated Storage
  • Epoch support at the vDisk level across replicas stores difference reference points to speed up content repair
  • New caching features. Allows use of fast storage drive, such as SSDs/NVMe devices as local cache target for the customer VS providing faster localised IO access. Configurable writethrough or writeback cache support provided.
Improvements and Fixes
  • Numerous bug fixes to Storage API
  • Improved membership selection algorithm
  • New batched hashing algorithm for disk repairs (improved repair for vDisks that don’t yet use epochs)