OnApp 4.2.0-127 Update

Release NotesAffects Version/s
Improved High Availability cluster's management in OnApp UI in multi-master mode. 
Implemented automatic switching of a remote rabbitmq server to debug mode(for service onapp-mq-trace). 
Added possibility to schedule "ConfigureZabbixServer" transaction. 
Added possibility to change the verbosity level for messaging debug tool. 
Removed the "federation:set_resource_id" task from installer and updater. 
Introduced handling errors from vCloud during import of Gateway Services. 
Implemented multiple vCenter cluster support for correct VSs' statistics collection. 
Fixed the issue when rake task "db:seed:production" failed during the Control Panel update.4.2
Fixed the issue with deployment of vCloud Orchestration Models.4.2
Fixed minor issues in UI related to adding steps to recipes.4.2
Fixed the issue when templates were not available during VS creation.4.2
Removed vcpu_speed related fields from compute zone resources in vCloud company billing plans.4.2
Fixed the issue when rake tasks for switching between incremental and normal backups did not work.4.2
Fixed the issue when rabbitmq-* packages were not upgraded during the Control Panel update from 4.1.x to 4.2.0 OnApp version.4.2
Fixed the issue with incorrect VmBillingStat calculation in case of truncated vm_billing_stats table.4.1, 4.2
Fixed the error which occurred while sending request to API.4.2
Fixed the issue when enabling IS cache caused backups failure until the VS was rebooted.4.2
Fixed the issue with VS editing via the Control Panel.4.2
Fixed the issue when L1 Statistics collection was failing to run.4.2
Fixed the issue with collection of billing & hourly statistics.4.2
Fixed the issue with wrong text placement at the Recipe page.4.1, 4.2
Fixed the error which occurred at Templates list page when template had empty virtualization field.4.2
Fixed the error when billing statistics on 'CDN resource' page was displaying incorrect values.4.2
Fixed the issue when Media file from public Catalog could not be inserted to VS.4.2
Fixed the issue when Pay-As-You-Go resource pools were always shown as unlimited.4.2
Fixed the issue when "Debian 7.8 x64 Compute Performance Test" template was not present on the Market database.4.2
Fixed the issue with adding/editing NIC for vCD.4.2
Fixed the issue with handling duplicated CPU flags.4.2
Fixed the issue with "HypervisorStats::Vcloud::Client" errors in a wrong log.4.2
Fixed the error which occurred for a backup's transaction log item.4.2
Fixed the issue when RabbitMQ client's heartbeats broke AMQP TCP connection every minute.4.2
Fixed the system error for a number of actions on vCD vApps/VSs.4.1, 4.2
Fixed the issue when OnApp CP install script was not able to complete if HA was enabled.4.2

Patch Installation

The instructions below are relevant if you already run OnApp 4.2.0 version. If you are upgrading from OnApp 4.1.x. version, run the full upgrade procedure. For more information refer to the Get Started guide.

To apply the patch into Control Panel (running 4.2.0 version):

  1. Upgrade OnApp Control Panel installer package:

    # yum update onapp-cp-install
  2. Run the Control Panel installer:

    # /onapp/onapp-cp-install/onapp-cp-install.sh

Patch Installation for Clouds with High Availability

If you are a High Availability customer, it is recommended that you contact support for help with the procedure described below. Be aware, that if the configuration below is performed incorrectly it may cause damage to your cloud.

To apply the patch for clouds with High Availability enabled:
  1. Switch the cloud to maintenance mode at Control Panel > Sysadmin Tools > Control Panel Maintenance
  2. Stop syncing on all nodes by issuing the following command on any node:

    crm resource stop lsyncd
  3. Switch all nodes to maintenance by sequentially issuing the following command on each node:

    crm node maintenance
  4. Upgrade OnApp Control Panel installer package:

    yum update onapp-cp-install
  5. Update your server OS components (if required):

    bash# /onapp/onapp-cp-install/onapp-cp-install.sh -y
  6. Run the Control Panel installer:


    If you are using vCloud, on the last node that you are updating run the Control Panel installer as shown below.

    onapp-cp-install.sh rake='vcloud:resync'
  7. Update the High Availability package:

    yum update onapp-cp-ha

  8. Switch all nodes back online one by one by running the following command:

    crm node ready