OnApp 4.1.0-98 Update

Release NotesAffects Version/s
Modified UI for the new license package VSP.4.1
Fixed inability to assign used IP address to virtual server.4.1
Changed the notification sellers receive after publishing a zone.4.0, 4.1

Improved SAML providers functionality:

  • removed the login/password authentication for users if SAML is enabled in Settings > Configuration for the cloud
  • added possibility to configure Nameid format parameter when adding a SAML Id provider
  • fixed the logging in behaviour when SAML provider is absent or deleted
Fixed the issue with VS reboot failure when Compute Zone release resource type is not set to "Memory Guarantee".4.1
Fixed inability to show the Settings page correctly.4.1

Patch Installation

To apply this patch, run the Control Panel installer:

bash#> /onapp/onapp-cp-install/onapp-cp-install.sh