OnApp 4.1.0-90 Update

Release NotesAffects Version/s
Fixed the absence of usage statistics for VSs built using instance types at the /usage_statistics page.4.1
Fixed broken disk autoscaling.4.1
Fixed the failure to stop suspended VSs.4.1
Fixed a typo at the Create Compute Zone page.4.1
Fixed the issue with multiple storage API requests that were slowing down the VS creation wizard.4.1
Fixed the issue with the new provisioning schema for baremetal Windows servers.4.1
Fixed daemon's inability to launch transactions on buyer clouds sometimes.4.0, 4.1
Added the Change Owner option to the UI for federated VSs .4.0
Fixed the failure to allocate additional IP addresses for federated VSs.4.1

Patch Installation

To apply this patch, run the Control Panel installer:

bash#> /onapp/onapp-cp-install/onapp-cp-install.sh