OnApp 4.0.0-54 Update

Release NotesAffects Version/s
Fixed the problem with deploying VMware virtual servers.4.0
Fixed the issue with vApp networks import.3.5, 4.0
Fixed the synchronizer error which occurs during the network creation.4.0
Fixed the errors occuring during creation and update of VDC.4.0
Fixed the bug with VDC storage profile creation.4.0
Fixed the problem when GenerateHourlyStatsFailed because of incorrect key in Redis.4.0
Fixed the issues with Semaphore gem, which might block all transactions in the cloud. The problem appeared when onappd process was killed during reading task policies.3.5, 4.0
Fixed the problem when Disk Content Distribution content balancing healthcheck was incorrect for datastores with 1 stripe.4.0

Patch Installation

To apply this patch, follow the step by step instructions:

  1. Clean cache:

    bash#> yum clean all
  2. Upgrade OnApp Control Panel package:

    bash#> yum update onapp-cp