6.5 Stable Release Notes

02 June 2021

We are happy to introduce OnApp 6.5 (6.5.0-27). This document lists features, improvements, and fixes implemented for all available OnApp components within the 6.5 Edge 1/2/3/4/5/6 and 6.5.  

Before You Upgrade

You can update to OnApp 6.5 Stable from OnApp 6.4 or 6.5 Edges. For details, refer to the Upgrade Guide

To test the upgrade, you may first simulate the upgrade process in the test environment. For the instructions, refer to the Configuring Control Panel Environment for Simulation Purposes page. 


Here you can find the key features that we deliver as a part of OnApp 6.5. You can also check other features and improvements and see the list of issues that were fixed in OnApp 6.5.

Bucket & User Wizard

The new onboarding wizard helps admin without deep product knowledge configure initial users and buckets. With this new wizard you can compare your buckets, configure a new bucket, and create users and assign them to a bucket. The wizard is available at Control Panel > Admin > Buckets & Users menu.

Infrastructure Wizard

With the new infrastructure wizard, you can configure initial compute, storage, and networking resources on the cloud in an easier way. Now you need just to fill out a few simple forms and provide access credentials for connection to your servers. To access the wizard go to your Control Panel > Admin > Infrastructure Wizard menu.

Password Encryption

We introduced a more consistent approach for password encryption. Accordingly, we updated the name and structure of the OnApp database dump file.

API Key Management

Now you can restrict the users from using plain password authentication for API access by system configuration. You can also create multiple API keys for different scenarios, up to 100 API keys per user, to increase security.

VMware NSX-T Data Center

We started to support NSX-T, the next-generation software-defined networking solution from VMware. While NSX-V is limited only to vSphere, NSX-T does not require vCenter Server deployment. Besides, NSX-V is reaching its end of life so that we recommend our VMware customers switch to NSX-T. 

With NSX-T edge gatewaysa routed organization VDC network can be connected to external networks. Now, you can also configure firewall and NAT (Network Address Translation) rules for NSX-T edge gateways. 

  • The firewall rule filters all incoming and outgoing traffic and data. It provides defence against external threats and protects from stealing sensitive data.
  • NAT translates from private to public IP addresses. Using the NAT rules you can replace the source or destination IP addresses with desired IP addresses.

Updated UI

We updated the user interface with the new look and feel for Virtual Server Details, Help, and Alert pages.

Features & Improvements

TypeKeyRelease Notes
OnApp Cloud


CORE-16493Improved UI at the Virtual Server Details page.




Updated the Help and Alert pages to match the new UI layout design.


CORE-17964Removed Seller URL table from CP UI.


REFLEX-73The total number of all users including system owner and cloud locations managers is now available in the sidebar under Users menu.


REFLEX-74Updated the info box at the Service Catalog page.


REFLEX-75Renamed See own company payments permission to See own company/group payments for the better understanding of the permission is doing. 


REFLEX-116Added new permissionSee log output of all transactions, to manage the visibility of Output section at the Logs Item Details page.


TA-127Now you can restrict the use of plain password and login for API access.


TA-141Introduced more consistent approach for password encryption.


TA-149Enhanced the security of API keys.


TA-179The VS data store that doesn’t have a free disk or its free space is less than the smallest disk size is now excluded from full, hot full, and xen2kvm migrations.  


TA-194Updated the pinned certificates for api.yubico.com.


TA-220Now if the failover is disabled at the cloud level, the users cannot configure it at other pages.


SUPPORT-3409Increased the default maxim RAM limit for a storage controller to 8 GB.


VMWARE-321Made it possible for unauthorized users to open a VS console via API using remote_key parameter.


WIZ-69If you have backup resources using a backup plugin attached to your virtual server, now when the virtual server owner is changed, the backup resources can be removed.


WIZ-698Creation of shared LVM data stores is possible only if it is allowed by a license.


WIZ-699Now when you create or edit a compute resource, the default option in compute resource type is KVM instead of Xen.

vCenter and vCloud


PB-15Added possibility to view, create, and delete NAT rules, including DNAT, SANT, NO DNAT, and NO SNAT rules, for NSX-T edge gateways.


REFLEX-188Now vCloud Resource pool Billing statistics JSON provides RAM and CPU costs separately.


VMWARE-90You can now use NSX-T edge gateways to provide routing services and connectivity to networks that are external to the NSX deployment.


VMWARE-97Now you can manage the NSX-T edge gateways' allocation to customers and charge them for the consumption via Bucket.


VMWARE-104Now you can create NSX-T firewall rules, a set of customizable rules, to protect the system against network threats.


VMWARE-311Access the NSX-T edge gateway services in VMware Cloud Director is not available via OnApp Control Panel.


VMWARE-155Added support for the Microsoft Windows Server 2019 to the users of vSphere 7.


VMWARE-187Started to support VMware Cloud Director 10.2.1.


VMWARE-212Now you can group application port profiles by 10, 25, or all items using the pagination control in the Select Application Port Profile dialog box.


VMWARE-235Now you can filter Application Profiles while selecting them in the Select Application Port Profile dialog box by text.




Improved UI of the Select Application Port Profile dialog box at the NSX-T Firewall Rules page.


VMWARE-376Now you can add new groups of source and destination IP addresses for NSX-T edge gateway firewall rules.


VMWARE-409Now you can remove obsolete NSX-T edge gateway firewall rules with the resync_clean rake task.



Added new filed to DB 'vdcs' table (network_provider_type) to separate NSX-V and NSX-T Resource Pools.



INSTALLER-518Enhanced the protection of SNMP requests on CloudBoot compute resources and Backup Servers.


INSTALLER-530Updated the name and structure of the OnApp database dump file.


INSTALLER-533 Enhanced the storage API service protection with iptables on static compute resources and backup servers.



Build RPM packages for CentOS 7.x and 8.x to provide Ruby 2.6.6 and OnApp required Gems.


INSTALLER-560The path for OVAs has been created on Static Backup Server. 


Enhanced the MySQL database managing utility.



CLOUDBOOT-651CentOS7 KVM ramdisk's network interfaces were named according to udev rules.


CLOUDBOOT-657Updated onapp-ramdisk-tools with:
  • /usr/pythoncontroller/python3
  • /usr/pythoncontroller/lib
  • _util.py
  • confstorage.py
  • diskutil.py


CLOUDBOOT-712Now the memory of the integrated storage controller is checked with /usr/pythoncontroller/check_ram_before_upgrade.py script before each onapp-ramdisk package is upgraded to prevent the IS discs from malfunctioning.



Updated all ramdisks with onappstore-6.5-8338-master.x86_64.rpm.



Updated the following components for CentOS7 KVM ramdisk:

  • A kernel version to 3.10.0-1160.15.2.el7.x86_64
  • XFS file-system driver sources version to 3.10.0-327.36.3.el7.x86_64 compiled with a kernel version 3.10.0-1160.15.2.el7.x86_64 compiled with the following patches:
    • xfs-make-xfs_bmbt_to_iomap-available-outside-of-xfs_.patch
    • iomap-Switch-from-blkno-to-disk-offset.patch
    • dax-give-DAX-clearing-code-correct-bdev.patch
  • UFS file-system sources to the kernel 3.10.0-1160.15.2.el7.x86_64 compiled with R/W support patch



Updated the following components for CentOS7 KVM RAMDisk:

  • kernel version to 3.10.0-1160.21.1.el7.x86_64
  • XFS filesystem driver sources to version 3.10.0-327.36.3.el7.x86_64 based on a kernel version 3.10.0-1160.21.1.el7.x86_64 compelled with xfs-make-xfs_bmbt_to_iomap-available-outside-of-xfs_.patch, iomap-Switch-from-blkno-to-disk-offset.patch, dax-give-DAX-clearing-code-correct-bdev.patch
  • UFS filesystem sources based on a kernel version 3.10.0-1160.21.1.el7.x86_64 compelled with R/W support patch


CLOUDBOOT-737Updated all RAMDisks with onappstore-6.5-8457-master.x86_64.rpm



Updated the following components for CentOS7 default RAMDisk

  • CentOS Linux version to 7.9.2009
  • A kernel version to 3.10.0-1160.21.1.el7.x86_64


CLOUDBOOT-739Included /usr/pythoncontroller/check_ram_before_upgrade.py provided by onappstore-6.5-8459-master.x86_64.rpm into onapp-ramdisk-tools RPM package.

Integrated Storage



Added new command, onappstore nodecpuinfo, into the CLI command-line interface, which gets storage node VS CPU and memory usage.


STORAGE-2317Optimized the NBD kernel module for CentOs7 kernel.


SUPPORT-3376Made it possible to save persistent logs to one of the node drives on the current Storage Controller.



CORE-17932Introduced a new pricing tier for the traditional virtual server provider offerings. 


CORE-17977Now you can set maximum RAM/CPU/Disk values for federated VSs per tier.


TA-231Made it impossible to change failover on a subscribed zone.




Release Notes

Affected Versions

CLOUDBOOT-734The RebootComputeResource transaction did not work for CentOS7 KVM Static and CloudBoot compute resources.6.5 Edge 1 - 6.5 Edge 4

CORE-17807An incorrect hint appeared at the Add New Compute Zone page while trying to create a new compute zone.6.4

INSTALLER-535A massive VSs migration failed due to libvirtd.lock was blocked by monit.6.1 Patch 1 - 6.4 Edge 1

INSTALLER-551It was impossible to install Zabbix Server into the same box with OnApp Control Panel due to its incompatibility with MariaDB Server.6.3 Patch 1 - 6.5 Edge 2

INSTALLER-553The Control Panel installer did not upgrade rubygem-onapp_market RPM.6.4 - 6.5 Edge 2


In some cases, when TAR utility was not available, the OnApp Control Panel's database was not created.6.1 Patch 1 - 6.5 Edge 5

REFLEX-38Unlock any user permission was missed in the CP so that the Unlock account button did not show.6.3

REFLEX-50You could face an issue with the incorrect CPU shares calculation.6.2 - 6.2 Patch 1

At the Rate Cards, Virtual Server Details, Add New Virtual Server, Assign Service Add-On pages, only service add-on prices per hour were displayed instead of service add-on, CPU, RAM, and disk size prices per hour.6.3 - 6.4

REFLEX-75Inaccurate data was shown at the User Payments page.6.4

Prices for service add-ons were displayed in incorrect currency for a virtual server owner at the Virtual Server Details page.6.0 Patch 10

STORAGE-2273A fully loaded Storage Controller was allowing to overcommit memory which could cause OOM issues.6.1 Patch 1 - 6.3

STORAGE-2313It was impossible to get the SMART information from HDD after the software update.6.3 Edge 2 - 6.3

STORAGE-2323If you did not have enough memory for the storage upgrade, after the upgrade to the OnApp 6.3, you might face difficulties with the integrated storage discs repairs.6.3 Edge 2 - 6.3


It was impossible to resize disk of VS created on the compute zone published to the federation using UI.6.4


The API request to Add VS did not work correctly.6.3 Edge 1 - 6.5 Edge 3

TA-155Few buttons did not show correctly at the Add New CDN Resource page.6.2 - 6.4

TA-156It was impossible to add a node to the Load Balancer cluster type via API.6.3

TA-157There was an error at the breadcrumb when you visited the Billing Statistics page of a CDN resource.6.2

TA-158It is impossible to edit nodes to load balancing ports via API.6.3

TA-159If you removed the initial node which was created during the process of load balancer creation, it was impossible to add any new node to the load balancer.6.1

TA-160The High Availability page was not shown correctly during the processing of the InitializeHA transaction.6.3

TA-161It was possible to pick the Full migration option for OVA/ISO VS even though this option is not available.6.2

TA-162The password was not set when you tried to save the credentials to a CDN resource while editing it or creating a new one via Advanced Settings.6.3 - 6.4

TA-163When you had submitted more than 1000 URLs for the Purge or Prefetch pages, you saw a notification that the request was successfully scheduled, although Aflexi API returned the 422 Unprocessable Entity Error.6.2

TA-182The price for VSs network interfaces did not according to a new zone price after FullMigrate and HotFullMigrate transactions.6.3 Edge 1

TA-223If you created VS unticking the Build Virtual Server and Boot Virtual Server checkboxes in the last step in the VS creation wizard, you were unable to create a second VS with the error Virtual Server has not been created: IP address can't be assigned because you have reached your IP address limit6.4

TA-255The DNS section might be missing from the side menu.6.4 - 6.5 Edge 4

TA-256DNS was not working on the cloud if the license did not include the CDN section enabled.6.5 Edge 3 - 6.5 Edge 4

TA-265It was impossible to update records for the DNS zone.6.5 Edge 2- 6.5 Edge 4

UIUX-80There was an incorrect header of the Resources Difference section at the Resource Diffs page.6.0 - 6.5 Edge 2

VMWARE-156After you selected Windows Server 2019 from the Operating System Distro dropdown at the Update Credentials for vCenter Template page, the value automatically changed to other6.0 - 6.4

VMWARE-181It was impossible to import Windows virtual server created on the vCenter with a hostname longer than 15 symbols into OnApp CP.6.3 - 6.4 Edge 1

VMWARE-199When you tried to deploy a new resource pool from the orchestration model, the last transaction CreateOrgVDCNetwork failed.6.3 - 6.4

VMWARE-230The vCloud default_timeout value in on_app.yml was not applied during the MigrateToDataStore transaction.6.3 - 6.4

It was impossible to add more than one NIC from the same network.6.0 - 6.1

VMWARE-344If you scheduled deployment of any Windows VS on vCenter with nVMe disks, the ConfigureOperatingSystem transaction might fail with the Fatal: Execution Expired error.6.4

VMWARE-425It was impossible to build Windows VS on a compute zone that had the Run sysprep option turned off.6.4

WIZ-236The sidebar menu was shown incorrectly on iPads.6.2

WIZ-655The SolidFire volume from which the backup has been copied was not removed once the copying was completed.6.2 - 6.2 Patch 1

WIZ-697After you disabled CloudBoot, Smart and Baremetal options were available to be chosen for Server Type while creating new compute zone.6.0 - 6.5 Edge 3

WIZ-697It was impossible to select resolver for CloudBoot Network if CloudBoot was disabled.6.0 - 6.5 Edge 3