6.5 Edge 4 Release Notes

25 March 2021

We are happy to introduce OnApp 6.5 Edge 4 (6.5.edge4-17). This document lists features, improvements, and fixes implemented for all available OnApp components within the 6.5 Edge 4.

Before You Upgrade
  • OnApp 6.5 Edge 4 is an edge release that is not designed to be installed on production environments. 
  • You can update to OnApp 6.5 Edge 4 from OnApp 6.4 and OnApp 6.5 Edge 1/2/3.

On this page:

The following table lists all the features, improvements, and fixes included in OnApp 6.5 Edge 4 for all available components. 

Features & Improvements

TypeKeyRelease Notes
OnApp Cloud


TA-149Enhanced the security of API keys.


REFLEX-73The total number of all users including system owner and cloud locations managers is available in the sidebar under Users menu.


REFLEX-116Added new permission, See log output of all transactions, to manage the visibility of Output section at the Logs Item Details page.


WIZ-698Creation of shared LVM data stores is possible only if it is allowed by a license.


WIZ-699Now when you create or edit compute resource, the default option in compute resource type is KVM instead of Xen.


VMWARE-321Made it possible for unauthorized users to open a VS console via API using remote_key parameter.


CORE-17964Removed Seller URL table from CP UI.

vCenter and vCloud


VMWARE-90Now you can use NSX-T edge gateways to provide routing services and connectivity to networks that are external to the NSX deployment.


VMWARE-97Now you can manage the NSX-T edge gateways'  allocation to customers and charge them for the consumption via Bucket.


VMWARE-104Now you can create NSX-T firewall rules, a set of customizable rules, to protect the system against network threats.




Release Notes

Affected Versions

WIZ-697After you disabled CloudBoot, Smart and Baremetal options were available to be chosen for Server Type while creating new compute zone.6.0 - 6.5 Edge 3

WIZ-697It was impossible to select resolver for CloudBoot Network if CloudBoot was disabled.6.0 - 6.5 Edge 3

SUPPORT-3387The API request to Add VS did not work correctly.6.3 Edge 1 - 6.5 Edge 3