6.4 Edge 1 Release Notes

12 November 2020

Before You Upgrade

  • OnApp 6.4 Edge 1 (6.4.edge1-52) is an edge release that is not designed to be installed on production environments. For vCenter it should only be used for new vCenter compute resources and not to upgrade to this edge if the CP has attached vCenter compute resources.
  • You can update to OnApp 6.4 Edge 1 from OnApp 6.3.

The following table lists all the features, improvements, and fixes included into OnApp 6.4 Edge 1 for all available components. 

Features & Improvements

TypeKeyRelease Notes
OnApp Cloud


CORE-16462Now you can enable the TOTP Authentication option for your users to enhance account security by using time-based two-factor authentication for logging in.


CORE-17513Added the ability to clone a default role to a new user.


CORE-10822Improved the charts for instant and hourly CPU utilization.


CORE-12469Updated the design for the 505 Error landing page.


CORE-12470Updated the design for the 404 Error landing page.


CORE-13654Now you can set the value for RabbitMQ continuation timeouts.


CORE-15356Improved the appearance of Features at the Compute Resources page.


CORE-16636Now you can use one of the default OnApp roles as a template to create a new custom role.







Updated the icons on the tree structure and the Buckets menu and the status icons and other service icons on the tables and table content.


CORE-17324Now you can start the virtual server with the compute resource having more than 240 vCPUs.


CORE-17606Improved OnApp daemon to accelerate auto-backup jobs processing.

vCenter and vCloud


CORE-15703Now you can import your vSphere Standard Switches (VSS) from vCenter to OnApp, and use OnApp for vCenter with basic licensing.


CORE-16648Now you can use the vCenter resource pools to delegate control over the resources of a host (or a cluster).


CORE-17158Now you can add and bill for each cluster from the vCenter side as a compute resource on the OnApp side separately. 


CORE-17022Improved the process of vCenter integration.


CORE-17345Started to support the newer vCloud API version.




Release Notes

Affected Versions

CORE-14229The sidebar menu items were not aligned properly.6.1 Edge 1 - 6.3

CORE-15710After you clicked the Apply button at the Usage Statistics page, the page layout became distorted for a few seconds.6.2 - 6.3

CORE-17170The ImportvCloudToControlPanel transaction was shown as successful but contained an error.6.2 Patch 4 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-17291It was not possible to copy the CNAME URL from the DNS Settings section at the CDN Resource Details page. 6.2 - 6.3

CORE-17348Sliders in the Add new NSXEdge Resource pop-up window were not aligned properly.6.3

CORE-17389The IP Addresses icon at the Virtual Server Details page was not aligned properly. 6.3

CORE-17390If you tried to add events at the Edit Service Add-ons page, the + button did not respond to clicking. 6.3

CORE-17548It wasn't possible to create a federated VS in the Riverside and Dallas (US) locations.6.2 - 6.3

CORE-17575The connection with RabbitMQ was breaking periodically with the notification RabbitMQ is unavailable.6.0 - 6.3

CORE-17576The navigation buttons at the Add New CDN Resource page were misplaced.6.2 - 6.3

CORE-17578GET SDN nodes API request returned incomplete output. 6.0 - 6.3

WIZ-23The Infrastructure mode slider in the vCenter Beta VS Creation wizard was misplaced, and the redundant Encrypt Password slider was displayed at the Properties step with the Infrastructure mode enabled.6.3 Edge 2
WIZ-24It was impossible to pick if a new vCenter virtual server should be built on the custom resources or instance packages at the Properties page.6.3 Edge 2