6.3 Edge 2 Release Notes

9 July 2020

Before You Upgrade

  • OnApp 6.3 Edge 2 (6.3.edge2-49) is an edge release that is not designed to be installed on production environments. 
  • You can update to OnApp 6.3 Edge 2 from OnApp 6.2 or from 6.3 Edge 1.

To upgrade to 6.3 Edge 2, the MySQL version must be >= 5.6.4. For database migration instructions, refer to Migrate Control Panel Database to MariaDB 10.4.

The following table lists all the features, improvements, and fixes included into OnApp 6.3 Edge 2 for all available components. 

Features & Improvements

TypeKeyRelease Notes
OnApp Cloud


CORE-16854Updated the OnApp licensing certificates to be compatible with OpenSSL 1.1


CORE-16912Updated the scooby version to 0.0.5 for Control Panel servers.


CORE-16774Now the template price is automatically updated after VS migration from Xen to KVM.


CORE-17142Now you can use symbols for the URL signing key used to securely access your CDN resources.


CORE-14710Allowed to use IPv6 while filling the info about CDN resource.


CORE-14994Now you can assign service add-ons or recipes to your virtual server using Service Addons or Recipes sub-tabs, which became available in the Add-ons step.


CORE-17163Improved logging for hot on Xen and KVM compute resources and hot full migration on KVM compute resources.


CORE-16899Now you can perform graceful shutdown for a VS built from a load balancer.


CORE-5499Now you don't need to have the Update own virtual server and Read own virtual servers permissions enabled to edit firewall rules.


CORE-14539Added a No IP address found label to the IP Report page in case there are no IP addresses in the IP Report. 


CORE-16474Added a measurement unit (minutes) to the Failover timeout field at the Compute Zone Details page.



Improved the process of applying Windows licensing type of a parent template group to child groups as well.


CORE-16691Now the Backups tab at the User Profile page will not be displayed for users with the Backups permission group disabled.


CORE-16986Now the Log in as feature may also be used if the Global Whitelist is not configured.


CORE-17045Added a rake task to convert the Control Panel DB tables fields of TIME, TIMESTAMP or DATETIME type during upgrade as required after database update to MariaDB v.10.4.







Updated the following UI components to match the new layout design: labels, action buttons, and group form components, such as input labels, radio buttons, sliders, tabs, and others.

vCenter and vCloud


CORE-16394Implemented the Infrastructure mode for vCenter to enhance security and reduce time of vCenter VS deployment.



Now you can view sub-allocated IP pools for your Edge Gateway at the Edge Gateway Details page.


CORE-11622Now only enabled data stores are available for selection at the Resources step of the vCenter VS Creation wizard.


CORE-9398Added the search field to the Resource Pools page.


CORE-16380Now you can enable the Reboot Virtual Server option while adding a disk to a Linux-based OVA and vCenter VS.


CORE-16390Added validation of the hostname length (15 characters maximum) for Windows VS's on vCenter, Xen, and KVM compute resources.


CORE-16886Improved the password reset procedure on Windows-based VSs running on vCenter or static compute resources.


CORE-16243Improved logging for vCenter by adding logs for configuration transactions that run on Windows- and Linux-based vCenter VSs.


CORE-16867Added the ability to log what is going on during the transaction running for vCenter VS.


CORE-16791Changed the mode levels of the vcloud_rest logs: the INFO level is used for production, while DEBUG is used for staging and development.



INSTALLER-500Provided ability to migrate database migration utility to MariaDB 10.4.


INSTALLER-502Updated the python version to 3.8.1 for compute resources and controllers based on CentOS 7 Xen, CentOS 7 KVM, and CentOS 6 KVM.


INSTALLER-505Enabled fractional seconds for Rails/ActiveRecord by adding the fractional_seconds parameter to database.yml.


INSTALLER-508Added support of GRUB2 Boot Loader Specification feature on CentOS 6 and CentOS 7 KVM compute resources.



CLOUDBOOT-630Updated the python version to 3.8.1 for Integrated Storage and storageAPI on CentOS 7 Xen, CentOS 7 KVM, and CentOS 6 KVM.



Updated the following components for CentOS 7 KVM ramdisk:

  • CentOS version to 7.8.2003
  • kernel version to 3.10.0-1127.10.1.el7.x86_64 to address the CVE-2020-10711 issue
  • An XFS filesystem driver sources version to 3.10.0-327.36.3.el7.x86_64 based on a kernel version 3.10.0-1127.10.1.el7.x86_64 compiled with the following patches:
    • xfs-make-xfs_bmbt_to_iomap-available-outside-of-xfs_.patch
    • iomap-Switch-from-blkno-to-disk-offset.patch
    • dax-give-DAX-clearing-code-correct-bdev.patch
  • UFS filesystem driver sources version based on a kernel version 3.10.0-1127.10.1.el7.x86_64 compelled with R/W support patch
  • A libvirt version to 4.5.0-33.el7_8.1 to address the rhbz#1816035 issue


CLOUDBOOT-637Updated OnApp Storage with the onappstore-6.3-8085-master.x86_64.rpm ramdisk images based on CentOS 6 for CloudBoot 6.3 Edge 2.


CLOUDBOOT-638Updated the kernel version for CentOS 6 KVM ramdisk to 2.6.32-754.30.2.el6.x86_64 to address the CVE-2017-12192, CVE-2020-10711, and the CVE-2020-0543 issue.


CLOUDBOOT-639Updated OnApp Storage with the onappstore-6.3-8087-master.x86_64.rpm ramdisk images based on Xen for CloudBoot 6.3 Edge 2.



Updated the following components for CentOS 7 Xen ramdisk:

  • A kernel version to 4.9.221-37.el7.x86_64 to address the XSA-316/CVE-2020-11743 issue
  • A UFS filesystem driver sources version based on a kernel version 4.9.221-37.el7.x86_64 compelled with the super-ufs_fs_write.patch patch
  • A xen version to to address the XSA-320/CVE-2020-0543 issue
A wireguard kernel module version to 1.0.20200426.1 based on a kernel version 4.9.221-37.el7.x86_64


CLOUDBOOT-646Added support of GRUB2 Boot Loader Specification feature on CentOS 6 and CentOS 7 KVM compute resources.

Integrated Storage


STORAGE-2084Improved the API and command line output for the Enforce redundancy request by providing more details and indicating cause of the issue.  


STORAGE-2197Updated the python version to 3.8.1 for compute resources and controllers based on CentOS 7 Xen, CentOS 7 KVM, and CentOS 6 KVM.


TypeKeyRelease NotesAffected Versions


You could not create a VS without the See all templates permission enabled. 

3.0 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-11434The CopyOVA option for not displayed at the VS Properties page for a vCenter OVA VS.5.7 - 6.3 Edge 1


The redundant Port Speed column was displayed at the Network Interfaces page for vCloud VSs. 

6.0 - 6.3 Edge 1


The Purge all button at the Purge page was named incorrectly as it purged content only for a specified site.

5.5- 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-13323The irrelevant API URL field label was displayed in the Add New Compute Resource form instead of the IP Address/Hostname label. 6.0 Patch 2 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-13325The irrelevant IP Address field label was displayed at the vCloud compute resource Details page instead of the API URL label. 6.0 Patch 2 - 6.3 Edge 1


The irrelevant vCenter data stores were displayed at the Data Stores for Compute Resource page for Xen/KVM compute resources.

5.5 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-13478If you tried to import a vCenter VS to OnApp but did not specify the VS name and clicked Submit, import failed though no error message appeared. 6.1 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-13526If you tried to add a VS disk to a vCenter VS using invalid service credentials, in spite of the error shown in the OnApp interface, the disk was successfully added in vSphere.6.0 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-13980Sometimes, if you  deleted five or more vCenter VSs, the transactions displayed as failed even though the VSs were deleted. 6.0 Patch 4 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-14168When you cliked the Cancel button at the Import vCenter Virtual Server page, the page refreshed instead of returning to the previous page.6.0 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-14192If you tried to create a vCenter VS, specifying only a network cluster at the Resources step of the VS Creation wizard, the transaction failed.6.0 Patch 6 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-14408If you set password longer than 14 symbols during creation of a vCenter Windows-based VS, the VS creation failed. 6.0 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-14427The virtual servers created in vCenter contained unlimited port speed regardless of the speed value set by the user.6.0 Patch 6 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-14520If your password was expired, after entering the password, you have seen Password expired page without the ability to get back on the Login Screen.6.0 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-14588The label of a server with more than 23 symbols name has been truncated with three dots, although there was enough space to display it completely.6.0 Patch 6 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-14612When you started building two Windows-based vCenter VSs and removed some other vCenter VSs from your Control Panel, one of the building transactions failed.6.1 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-14614Rarely, when you tried to create a Windows-based vCenter VS, the transaction failed.6.0 Patch 7 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-14865If you tried to clone a virtual server, you might see a message in the pop-up filed that you have filled correct VS password and password confirmation, even if VS root/admin password and password confirmation were incorrect.6.1 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-14866You might see an inaccurate message in the Add IP Address pop-up window trying to add an IP address to a vCenter VS.6.0 Patch 7 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-14867When you tried to add IP to Windows VS and filled in the initial root password with a valid password, you might see an inaccurate message in Add IP Address pop-up window.6.1 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-14930If creation of an OVA vCenter VS failed, there was no option to rebuild this VS in the Tools menu at the VS Details page.6.0 Patch 7 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-15290Sometimes, vCenter VS creation could fail if it was based on the OVA template with the NVRAM file. 6.0 Patch 8 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-15292If you set the end date sooner than the start day at the Acceleration Reportig page, the error message was misleading. 6.0 Patch 8 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-15320The option Rebuild Virtual Server was available for vCenter VSs in Tools menu at the VS Properties page even if the initial root password and service credentials were not set.6.0 Patch 8 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-15428When you tried to indicate the certificates you have and their expiration date at add a zone to Federation step, the tooltips on Prev and Next buttons in datetime pickers did not hide after a click and a mouseout event.6.1 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-15488If you had two or more vCenter compute resources, data stores from one compute resource were displayed for another compute resource at the Data Stores for Compute Resource page.6.1 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-15526The 500 Internal Server Error appeared if you did not select any template at the Templates step of the VS Creation wizard and clicked Next. 6.0 Patch 8 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-15598If you enabled Allow VMware compute resource password encryption at the configurations tab, and then resynced a vCenter VS, the transaction failed.6.0 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-15606If there were >800 VSs on vCenter side and you tried to import a VS to OnApp, the Import Virtual Server page loaded about 3 minutes. 6.0 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-15617The password validation didn't work properly in the Set Password pop-up window as you tried to set root password for a vCenter VS.6.0 Patch 8 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-15865If you tried to create a template with no lable at the Template Store page, the template was not created though no error message appeared. 6.0 Patch 8 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-15918When you zoomed in or out any page with tables using the Google Chrome browser, the table borders disappeared.6.2 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-15924The Disable customization after run slider at the Confirmation step of the vApp deploy wizard did not initiate the Disable Guest Customization transaction after vApp deployment.6.1 Patch 1 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-15997As you hovered over the ? sign at the Role Details page in Firefox browser, the tooltip didn't appear. 6.1 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16028The VS hot migrate, VS hot full migrate, and VS failover recipe events were displayed for vCenter and vCloud VSs at the Recipes page though irrelevant. 6.1 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16225If you hovered over a recipe at the Recipes step of the VS Creation wizard, the Uncaught TypeError appeared in web console.6.2 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16229If you manually typed an IPv6 into the filtering field, you did not get a particular IP from the pool without scrolling and searching it in the pool down menu.6.0 Patch 8 - 6.3 Edge 1


If OnApp admin created White List for a user, the admin could not log in as this user if one's IP was not on the user's White List. 

4.3 - 6.2

CORE-16260It was possible to start a recipe execution on a vCenter VS from the Assigned Recipes page without service credentials set. 6.0 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16261An option to enable autoscaling for a VS was available at the Autoscaling page before the VS was built even though the transaction failed. 6.0 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16284If you set Now as a start date for the period filter and then changed the start date at the Usage Trends page, the VS Details page with distorted layout appeared below the graphs.6.2 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16346If you hot migrated a Windows-based VS, the migration price was not calculated as the corresponding transaction failed. 6.2 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16375Sometimes, if you tried to remove a disk from a powered-off Linux-based vCenter VS, the transaction failed. 6.0 Patch 9 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16421If a user had the entire Buckets permission set disabled, it was impossible to reset user password and edit user details.6.2 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16472Disable Auto Suspending option was not available when you tried to enable it for an already existing account at the User Profile page.6.0 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16528After you imported a VS from vCenter and set service credentials for the VS at the VS Details page, there was no confirmation message about successfully set service credentials. 6.0 Patch 9 - 6.3 Edge 1


If you set bigger than available data store size at the Add New Disk or Edit Disk page, the maximum upload size value in the error pop-up window is wrong.

6.0 Patch 9 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16595If you unassigned a data store from a vCenter compute resource and a data store zone, and then performed the vcenter:clean rake task, the data store was still assigned to the data store zone. 6.0 Patch 9 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16596If you unassigned a network from a vCenter compute resource and a network zone, and then performed the vcenter:clean rake task, the network was still assigned to the network zone. 6.0 Patch 9 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16609If you tried to log in to your account using YubiKey and the credentials were invalid, the login failed but there was no error notification about invalid YubiKey credentials.6.2 Patch 1 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16645The tooltip that appeared as you hovered over the Tools button at the VS Details page did not disappear after the page autorefresh. 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16646If you set two for cores and vcpu values for a VS, and then unlocked editing XML config for a VS at the Edit XML Config page and clicked the Save button, the Irrelevant numbers of CPU sockets error appeared.6.0 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16672If you set the default rate for network interface in the info_hub.local.yml file, the changes weren't applied at the Resource step in the VS Creation wizard.6.0 Patch 8 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16682As you tried to add a new user, the Roles field was overlapped at the Roles& Groups step of the User Creation form.6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16724If there was a backup server with no free space in your Control Panel, and you tried to convert an OVA template to KVM or vCenter at the All OVSs page, the error message that appeared was misleading.6.2 Patch 1 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16733It was impossible to hot migrate a VS created from the Linux template between two compute resources.6.2 Patch 2 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16739If you had 2019 Windows license and selected 2016 or later Guest OS version for a Windows-based vCenter VS on the vCenter side, it was not possible to use 2019 Windows license on OnApp side at the Software Licenses page.6.0 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16753In case of 400 or 500 code errors in the interface, the Server error text appeared instead of the corresponding error code page.6.2 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16757If you inserted incorrect credentials for your vCenter Windows-based VS and tried to reset administrator password via SSH, the VS was locked and transaction stucked.6.2 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16760After you unassigned IP addresses to a Windows-based vCenter VS and then performed network rebuild, the IP addreses were still assigned to the VS.6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16767The OnAppTmp folder was not removed for vCenter Windows-based VSs after such transactions as ResetRootPassword, BuildDisk, or ResizeDisk.6.0 Patch 9 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16770It was impossible to create a disk with Require format option enabled for Windows-based VSs built from vCenter template.6.0 Patch 9 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16784When you selected vCenter or vCloud type in the compute resource creation wizard, the irrelevant error message appeared about changing Integrated Storage settings.6.2 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16787If a user with See all templates permission disabled has only child group templates added to one’s bucket without the parent template group, these templates are not displayed at the Templates step of VS Creation wizard.6.2 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16790If you disabled the Show Compute resources on Virtual Server creation permission, the Primary data store dropbox at the Resources step of the VS Creation wizard still contained data stores added to a restricted compute zone.6.0 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16792When a transaction failed on VS which was not built or it was built and locked, and you scheduled the next transaction on this VS, the Failed instead of Pending status was displayed at the VS Details page.6.2 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16794The All and Degraded buttons at the Data Store Details page were not aligned properly. 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16795In Chrome browser, if you selected Translate to option, Google translate dis not work and OnApp pages were displayed without text.6.2 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16797When you tried to set the same OVA label to the virtualization in the Convert to Virtualization pop-up window, the redundant error notification appeared in the background. 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16798After hot full migration, invalid backups were displayed as available at the Backups page but restoring files from those backups failed.6.2 Patch 2 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16802When you tried to delete a disk at vCenter VS Disks page with Force Reboot option enabled and Power off shutdown type selected, the VS did not power off on the vCenter side.6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16807If your user had the Remove/update/view own IP nets permissions enabled, it was possible to remove, update, and view all IP nets in the cloud, but not only those that belonged to the user.6.2 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16808If your user had the Remove/update/view own IP ranges permissions enabled, it was possible to remove, update, and view all IP ranges in the cloud, but not only those that belonged to the user.6.2 - 6.3 Edge 1


You could not view own IP nets and IP ranges at the Networks page with the See all own networks permission enabled.

6.2 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16827If the Show Compute resources on Virtual Server creation permission was disabled for a user, all networks were available for selection at the Resources step of the VS Creation wizard.6.0 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16828The Add new own Network, Delete own Network, and Update own Networks permissions could be enabled though irrelevant, and the See own networks permission did not allow a user to view any networks, including one’s own.6.2 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16829The redundant scrollbar appeared in the Convert to Virtualization pop-up window as you tried to convert an OVA template to virtualization on Windows OS.6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16830As you clicked the CPUs button at the Virtual Servers page to sort the VSs by CPU cores number, the VSs were not sorted.6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16839You could not start a VS built from a vApp with CPU unlimited and PAYG resource pool type. 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16840An option to decrease size of vCloud and vCenter disks was available at the Edit Disk page, even though irrelevant and the transaction failed.6.0 - 6.3 Edge 1


If you tried to delete a VS backup at the Backups for Virtual Server page, the transaction failed with a system error. 

6.0 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16846The 500 Internal Server Error appeared at the Edit Recipe page after you changed the sequence of recipes steps and clicked Save. 6.2 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16847It was impossible to cold migrate a Windows-based VS if it had extended CPU flags enabled.6.0 - 6.2 Patch 2

CORE-16850The Size column label at the Data Store Details page was not aligned properly. 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16863The 500 Internal Server Error appeared as you double clicked the IP Ranges tab at the CDN Resources page.6.2 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16866The scrollbar in the Create Locale pop-up window was distorted. 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16868As you tried to trigger a custom event at the Event Types page, the Cancel and Trigger buttons in the Trigger Message pop-up window were not aligned properly. 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16869You could not access a virtual router via console without the Any action on virtual routers permission enabled.6.2 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16870You could not manage recipe and service add-ons of a virtual router without the Any action on virtual routers permission enabled.6.2 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16871You could not boot a virtual router from ISO without the Any action on virtual routers permission enabled. 6.2 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16872You could not assign an IP net to a virtual router if the Max Port Speed for the corresponding network zone was less than the global max speed specified in bucket. 6.2 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16874If you uploaded an ISO via URL method, it was not displayed at the Templates step of the smart server creation form.6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16889You could not migrate a load balancer without the Any action on load balancer permission enabled. 6.0 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16893There was no possibility to select the Windows License Type in the Build Virtual Server pop-up window as you tried to rebuild a Windows-based vCenter VS.6.2 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16909It was possible to allocate more than available Primary and Swap disks size at the Resources step of the VS Creation wizard for a Linux-based VS, but the VS creation failed. 6.2 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16917When you disconnected or connected a network from/to edge gateway on vCloud side, the changes were not applied on OnApp side.6.2 - 6.3 Edge 1


You could not start or stop a vApp using the Power buttons at the vApps page with the Any action on vApp permission disabled. 

6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16951As you opened the Assigned Recipes page, its shrunk version was displayed for a few seconds instead of the regular page view. 6.0 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16959The Available recipes and Recipes events tables were not aligned properly at the Assigned Recipes page. 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16989If the libvirt command failed during Xen to KVM migration, rollback didn't revert the database changes. 6.2 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16906When your first transaction from the chain has failed to start, the transaction logs might have “canceled” status and then, change to “pending” status.6.2- 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16979If you enabled automated backup at the Confirmation step of VS Creation wizard, the auto-backup ran and failed before the VS was built.6.0 Patch 10 - 6.3 Edge 1


If before Xen to KVM migration you did not set the limits for disk size at least 1 GB higher per each disk except swap both in source and destination data store zones, the migration failed.

6.2 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-16991Log percentage and output was missing for Xen to KVM or disk migration transactions.6.2 Patch 2- 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-17000If you tried to install a load balancer on a VS on a KVM compute resource and with a Zabbix server set up, the transaction failed. 6.3 Edge 1 

CORE-17040If you selected a Pro or Dev tier that was not available while adding a compute zone to Federation, the Next button was inactive and there was no notification about the inavailability of the selected tier.6.3 Edge 1

CORE-17042If you set any value for create_snapshot_timeout parameter in the on_app.yml file, and then performed any vCloud-related actions limited by time (compose vApp, start vApp, etc.), the timeout value was not applied. 6.2 - 6.3 Edge 1


If you changed NIC or IP mode for a VS or vApp on vCloud side, the old NICs were not removed on OnApp side.

6.2 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-17049You could not select the last CloudBoot compute resource on the list at the Add New CloudBoot Compute Resource page. 6.3 Edge 1


If you tried to import two or more templates with the same label from different data centers or vCenter compute resources to OnApp, only one template was imported. 

6.2 Patch 3 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-17069If you tried to restore a a VS from a Veeam recovery point at the Recovery Points page, the transaction failed. 5.10 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-17125If you tride to migrate a VS from Xen to KVM with full or disabled data store, the transaction failed with a system error. 6.2 Patch 4 - 6.3 Edge 1

CORE-17138If you have more than one vCenter, you might see the networks from one vCenter shown as available for another vCenter.6.2 Patch 4 - 6.3 Edge 1


Sometimes, the rmmod tool for the Integrated Storage controller was not working properly and could not remove a module from the Linux kernel.

4.1 - 6.3 Edge 1

STORAGE-2009The force option to delete a data store with nodes containing VDisks was not available.3.5 - 6.3 Edge 1

STORAGE-2142If the cache drive crashed, you could not start or migrate a VS.6.0 Patch 7 - 6.3 Edge 1

STORAGE-2234If you tried to stop or reboot a VS when dm-cache turned into write back mode, the transaction failed. 6.3 Edge 1

CLOUDBOOT-607Updated a Xen version to for CentOS 7 Xen ramdisk to address the XSA-316/CVE-2020-11743 issue.6.0 - 6.3 Edge 1

CLOUDBOOT-636Updated a Xen version to for CentOS 7 Xen ramdisk to address the XSA-320/CVE-2020-0543 issue.6.0 - 6.3 Edge 1