6.2 Edge 2 Release Notes

21 November 2019

Before You Upgrade

  • OnApp 6.2 Edge 2 (6.2.0-112) is an edge release that is not designed to be installed on production environments. 
  • You can update to OnApp 6.2 Edge 2 from OnApp 6.1 or from 6.2 Edge 1.

The following table lists all the features, improvements, and fixes included into OnApp 6.2 Edge 2 for all available components. 

Features & Improvements

TypeKeyRelease Notes
OnApp Cloud



Now you can manage advanced configuration for OVA VSs based on Network Appliance operating system.


CORE-15642Now system service add-on assigned to a VS associated with a vApp is not lost after this vApp is converted to a template.


CORE-15692Now you can create a VS from an OVA template with no backup server if you set NULL value for the backup server ID in the template’s database after it is uploaded.


CORE-15737Accelerators are renamed into Edge Accelerators to achieve better consistency of OnApp terms.


CORE-15718Removed the irrelevant KVM CentOS6 compute resources from "Xen to Kvm Migrate" migration wizard.


CORE-14797Updated accordions to match the new UI layout design.


CORE-15168Updated note boxes to match the new UI layout design.


CORE-15169Updated toggles to match the new UI layout design.


CORE-15483Updated custom themes settings to match the new UI layout design.
vCloud & vCenter


CORE-15275With NSX integration you can now configure Advanced Edge services within the OnApp interface.


TypeKeyRelease NotesAffected Versions

CORE-13035After buyers subscribed to a federated zone, they could not set prices for the templates received from Federation as the sample bucket for template group was not created.6.0-6.1

CORE-13345When you tried to run rake vcloud:resync task, the transaction failed.6.1 Edge 1-6.2 Edge 1

CORE-14890After you imported a vCenter VS to OnApp and set a root password, the text in the Set Password pop-up window became Set password for virtual machine instead of Set current password for virtual machine6.0.0-196-6.2 Edge 1

CORE-14916If you selected Windows 2012 template and CloudBoot compute resource with the old type of provisioning during the baremetal server creation, the transaction failed with the system error.6.1

CORE-15219After you configured the dates at the CDN Cache Statistics Report page, the calendar did not disappear when you tried to configure other parameters. 6.0.0-196-6.2 Edge 1

CORE-15261If you tried to create a smart server on CentOS7 CloudBoot compute resource, the transaction failed. 6.1.0-240-6.2 Edge 1

CORE-15303If Aflexi server stopped responding for any reason or CDN SyncRunner did not work properly, the CdnSynchronizationSupervisor: CDN service is temporarily unavailable alert was not displayed.6.2 Edge 1

CORE-15485When you tried to create a federated VS, the transaction failed. 6.2 Edge 1

CORE-15517When you tried to launch the Content Balance Check for a VS, the transaction failed with a system error.6.2 Edge 1

CORE-15559Compute resources with less than 4 GB of RAM required for accelerator creation were displayed in the Compute Resource dropbox at the Resources step of the Accelerator creation wizard. 6.0.0-238-6.2 Edge 1

CORE-15542After you hovered over the sidebar menu or changed the size of the browser window at the Resources step of the VS creation wizard, the CPU Sockets section disappeared. 6.2 Edge 1

CORE-15568The 500 Internal Server Error appeared as you clicked the Save button at the Add New Role page when you tried to add a new role with all the necessary permissions enabled. 6.1

CORE-15573After upgrade to OnApp 6.1, you could not use the newly created CloudBoot compute resources and edit the existing ones.6.1

CORE-15626The 500 Internal Server Error appeared if you tried to create a vApp or edge gateway based on shut down vCloud VS. 6.0.0-159-6.2 Edge 1

CORE-15627If a vCenter Windows-based VS had 3 disks assigned, you deleted one of the disks and then tried to assign a new one, the transaction failed with a system error.6.0.0-196-6.2 Edge 1

CORE-15634After you created a Linux-based VS from a template imported from vCenter, and then tried to add an IP address to this VS at the Assign IP Address page, the transaction failed.6.0.0-196-6.2 Edge 1

CORE-15650Limits for compute zones in buckets were displayed in gigabits (Gb) instead of gigabytes (GB) in the Edit Default Compute Zone resource pop-up window.6.2 Edge 1

CORE-15661It was possible to create several network interfaces with the same label for one VS.6.0.0-138-6.2 Edge 1

CORE-15672When you imported vCloud organization to OnApp, it was not possible to associate it with a user group that already had associated organizations, and thus use multiple vCD mode.6.1-6.2 Edge 1

CORE-15742If you set ext4 parameter to false in the VS template's database, it was not possible to set file system for a VS disk during its editing or creation.6.1

CORE-15747When you created a VS based on a vCenter template with 2 NICs assigned, the built VS had 1 NIC and 1 redundant disk instead of just 2 NICs. 6.2 Edge 1

CORE-15752When you selected the Linux OS option in the search dropbox at the Template Details page and clicked the search icon, the 500 Internal Server Error appeared.6.2 Edge 1

CORE-15796If you removed a VS record on the R1Soft side, and then removed the corresponding VS on OnApp side, the transaction failed with a fatal error.6.1

CORE-15829If you created a VS based on the IP address assigned to a user, it was not possible to connect to the VS via SSH.  6.2 Edge 1

CORE-15833The Default Firewall Rules section was absent for the federated VSs at the Firewall Rules page. 6.2 Edge 1

CORE-15834The 500 Internal Server error appeared at the Firewall Rules page as you clicked the Save button after editing a firewall rule for a federated VS.6.1

CORE-15846The 500 Internal Server Error appeared when you tried to save the changes after editing auto-backup preset in the Edit Auto Backup Preset pop-up window. 6.1.0-240-6.2 Edge 1

CORE-15866Virtualization type of a template was displayed as an array instead of text on the Template step of the Create federated VS wizard. 6.0.-6.2 Edge 1

CORE-15878After you edited CloudBoot backup compute resource, the Integrated Storage configurations on the corresponding backup server were reset. 6.1


When you zoomed the Virtual Servers page at 100%, a redundant scrollbar appeared at the right of the breadcrumbs area.

6.2 Edge 1

CORE-15954The 500 Internal Server Error appeared at the Disks page when you tried to edit a secondary disk.6.2 Edge 1


When you tried to clean dangling device mappers at the Integrated Storage Health Check page for a backup server, the transaction failed.


INSTALLER-471You could not start HTTPD service after you updated your Control Panel from OnApp 6.0 to 6.1 with High Availability enabled.6.0.0-238-6.1.0-240