6.2 Edge 1 Release Notes

23 October 2019

Before You Upgrade

  • OnApp 6.2 Edge 1 (6.2.0-84) is an edge release that is not designed to be installed on production environments. 
  • You can update to OnApp 6.2 Edge 1 from OnApp 6.1.
  • In 6.2 Edge 1, the Chief Admin role is renamed to Super Admin. Such a role is necessary for a cloud owner to a restrict user to create roles, assign users to roles and log in to CP as users with permissions exceeding her or his own permissions. The Super Admin role is not installed by default on all clouds and needs additional configuration. For details, refer to Create and Manage Super Admin Role in OnApp.

The following table lists all the features, improvements, and fixes included into OnApp 6.2 Edge 1 for all available components. 

Features & Improvements

TypeKeyRelease Notes
OnApp Cloud


CORE-14189Now you can migrate your Linux-based VSs from Xen to KVM compute resources.


CORE-14457Introduced the new type of system service add-ons, which are obligatory for end users and impossible to remove.


CORE-14901Implemented billing to include both free and paid resources for non-removable service add-ons.


CORE-14954With SPLA report you can avoid Microsoft compliance gaps in licenses usage tied to services you provide on Windows-based VSs.


CORE-9631Now you can create a federated VS from an instance package.


CORE-14338Now you can select as many compute zones as you need to set the same limits for all resources in the newly created bucket.



Now you can unassign multiple IP addresses from a user in one click instead of selecting them one by one.


CORE-13073Now you can edit port speed for a network interface of a federated VS not only via API but also via the OnApp interface.


CORE-15144During migration from Xen to KVM, you can immediately view the updated price per hour for a VS changed due to the increase of the primary disks' size.



You can enable a new setting to use Super Admin permissions and restrict a user to create roles, assign other users to roles and log in to CP as users with permissions exceeding her or his own permissions.


CORE-15191Now you can not only edit the CORS header status at the Edit CDN Resource page but also see the current CORS header status at the Advanced CDN Resource Details page.



Updated a minimum value that you can set for Dom0 memory to 3648 MB on CloudBoot compute resources based on Xen and CentOS 7.


CORE-12028Now you can see not only the Template name but also the compute zone type it belongs to in the Properties dropbox at the Template Store page as you add a template to a template group.




Now you can configure the auto-backups re-run period in the info_hub.yaml configuration file, which is now by default set to 3 hours instead of 1 day.



Now the Available Recipes and Recipes Events columns at the Recipes page are fixed as you scroll them and drag-n-drop items between them. 


CORE-9514Improved the process of deleting backups of federated VSs: a notification about the completion of a transaction is not sent from Seller to Buyer until the previous notification is sent.


CORE-14492Added support of Zabbix server deployment for CentOS7.


CORE-14493Reduced the response time for the available templates load on the Templates step in the VS creation wizard. 
CORE-14713Updated the virsh capabilities data to enforce using all necessary Windows 2016/10 CPU features by default.


CORE-14282Now not only admins but also end users can see the resource usage graphs on their Dashboards.


CORE-14796Updated the tabs to match the new UI layout design.


CORE-14799Updated the calendar to match the new UI layout design.
CORE-14893Implemented an improved version of the federation price calculator with increased maximum values and ratios for the VS resources.


CORE-15083Now price and limits for RAM are calculated per GB per hour instead of MB per hour.


CORE-14977Now, after you reboot a VS with manually mounted disk assigned and TRIM enabled, the path to the disk is updated automatically, so TRIM doesn’t require additional editing.


CORE-15130With the improved Usage Statistics page speed, you can generate billing statistics fast regardless of the number of resources on the page.


CORE-15193Added the search field to the Networks and Network Zones pages.



Added the search field to the Data Stores and Data Store Zones pages.


CORE-15238Now you can check the price per last hour including discount in the Billing Details section at the User Profile page. 


CORE-15286Updated the default layout design to achieve consistency with the new UI.


CORE-15298With the new loading indicator, you are now notified that content is loading on the Templates step in the VS creation wizard.


CORE-15496Now you can set up and reconfigure a Zabbix server via API.


CORE-15501Now you are notified of incorrect data input in the New IP Net form when adding IP nets to the network and can fix it right away.


CORE-15504Improved handling of transactions execution delays.



CORE-15011Introduced the new type of system service add-ons for vCloud, which are obligatory for end users and impossible to remove.


CORE-15239Now you can check the resources' discounted price per hour and per month in the top right corner of the Billing Details section at the User Group Details page.


CORE-15270Now you get an alert notification in case vCloud statistics gathering transaction fails.


CORE-15192Improved the vCloud statistics by providing more details in log output, and added a notification in case of statistics collecting failure. 



CORE-15263With a new vCenter user role, you receive additional permissions to create a vCenter VS as a user. 


CORE-15128Now you can move created but not yet imported VSs between the Resource Pools on the vCenter side and they are recognized on the OnApp side by the auto-import rules.


CORE-14337Now vCenter templates are also imported as you add a vCenter compute resource to OnApp.


CORE-14923Now, if you import a vCenter VS to OnApp, and then make any changes to the VS on the vCenter side, you can resync the VS to update the changes on the OnApp side to match.



CLOUDBOOT-481Added the Expect utility for all CloudBoot compute resources.


CLOUDBOOT-492Added Socat command for all compute resources to enable bidirectional data relay between the data channels.


CLOUDBOOT-496Added WireGuard kernel module and utility for CentOS7 Xen, KVM and CentOS6 Xen compute resources.



Updated OnApp Storage with the onappstore-6.2-7769-master.x86_64.rpm ramdisk images for CloudBoot 6.2 Edge 1.



INSTALLER-451Added the Expect utility for all Static compute resources.


INSTALLER-457Updated Control Panel script to allow smooth transition to OnApp 6.2 Edge 1 version.


INSTALLER-458Updated the script to enable Zabbix installation for CentOS7 compute resources.


INSTALLER-461Implemented the -y command-line option for KVM compute resources installer to prevent unwanted packages from installing.


TypeKeyRelease NotesAffected Versions

CORE-4560If you created a template from a VS's backup file, which did not start with the OS name, the OS icon for a template wasn't displayed correctly.4.0-6.1


You couldn't create a template group from My Template Groups menu if there was a template group with the same label already. 


CORE-10300After you enabled CPU topology and then switched from KVM to Xen compute zone at the Resources step of the VS creation wizard, you could still configure CPU sockets and threads that are not applicable to Xen.6.1

CORE-11236For the federated buyers’ VSs, the allocated IPsv6 addresses were not displayed in the UI at the IP Addresses page.


CORE-11741It was possible to see and create Admin notes for a vCloud VS in OnApp Cloud with not only vCloud Admin role but also any other vCloud one. 5.6-6.1

CORE-12425The White List tab was not displayed at the User Profile page if the Read all white user IPs permission was disabled.5.5-6.1

CORE-12859It was possible to delete a VS disk with the Destroy any disk permission disabled, if the Manage OnApp Storage permission was enabled. 5.10-6.1

CORE-12942You could create a backup resource zone selecting a federated location group that might lead to issues with unsubscribing from a federated zone.6.0-6.1

CORE-12975The Edit FQDN button was available even though not supported for the federated VSs in the Tools menu at the VS Details page.6.0-6.1

CORE-13131You could not convert an OVA file to VS template at the All OVAs page, if the filename included spaces. 5.0-6.1

CORE-13170If Control Panel retrieved incorrect or empty data about networks from the server, the Next button became inactive at the Resources step in the VS creation wizard.6.0-6.1

CORE-13449A CentOS icon was displayed instead a CoreOS one at the final step in the Create Container Server wizard.6.1 Edge 1-6.1

CORE-13469As you clicked any of the compute resource types on the first step in CloudBoot wizard, the selected line didn’t become highlighted.6.0-6.1

CORE-13548Migration of the virtual servers failed if you used too many characters for the network interface name of the target compute resource. Now the number of characters is determined and limited to

CORE-13554The 500 Internal Server Error appeared at the Add New Disk page if you tried to add a VS disk to a federated VS.6.1 Edge 1-6.1

CORE-13655If the number of the compute zone failover iterations exceeded 10, you couldn`t view them all in one page using the All Items option.6.1 Edge 1-6.1

CORE-13704Server error appeared at the Federate Compute zones page if you tried to hide an infobox in the Scores and Benchmarks pop-up window. 6.0.0-98-6.1

CORE-13728When you tried to create a normal VS backup with the Update own disk permission disabled, it was not created, and a Disk not found notification appeared.5.5-6.1 

CORE-13752After you deleted access control you could still see it in the bucket but when you tried to edit it, the transaction failed.6.1 Edge 1-6.1

CORE-14111It was possible to rebuild an OVA VS via API,  though it is prohibited in the User Interface. 6.0-6.1

CORE-14131When you tried to start up a federated Windows-based VS, the transaction failed.6.0.0-152-6.1

CORE-14153After you logged is under the User role and tried to create a VS, the CPU Cores and CPU priority sliders were not responding at the Resources step in the VS creation wizard. 6.1 Edge 1-6.1

CORE-14210The dark theme was not applied to the dropboxes in the Search section.  6.1 Edge 1-6.1

CORE-14219If you created a vCenter VS based on OVA template with multiple disks assigned, only primary disk was displayed at the Resources step in the VS creation wizard.6.0-6.1

CORE-14236The dark theme was applied incorrectly at the Create Instance Package page. 6.1 Edge 1-6.1

CORE-14237The dark theme was applied incorrectly at the Snapshots and Create New Snapshot pages.6.1 Edge 1-6.1


You could exceed the maximum supported value of a disk size during adding a new disk to a Windows VS. 


CORE-14332The value of the actual free compute resource memory was displayed incorrectly in the Memorty Chart at the Dashboard.5.5-6.1

CORE-14345The Manage Device option for IS static compute resources was missing in the Tools section at the Compute Resource Details page if CloudBoot was disabled for the cloud. 6.1 Edge 1-6.1

CORE-14398The Windows Licensing Type section on the Templates step of the VS creation wizard disappeared after you hovered over the sidebar menu. 6.1 Edge 1-6.1

CORE-14404After you deleted some cloud locations from your license, they were still displayed in the OnApp interface.6.1 Edge 1 - 6.1

CORE-14420You could not take incremental backups for more than one drive of a Linux-based VS.4.0-6.1

CORE-14472If you tried to decrease the CPU cores number for a KVM CentOS7 VS with the allow resize without reboot option enabled, the VS was still rebooted after the resize. 6.0.0-159-6.1

CORE-14475After you clicked the Run recipe on VS(s) option in the Actions button dropbox at the Recipes page,  the appeared Run on selected button was not aligned properly. 6.1 Edge 1-6.1

CORE-14482When you tried to delete an SDN Manager with nodes attached, the error message in the notification box was incorrect.6.1 Edge 2-6.1

CORE-14517When you tried to generate the VS hourly statistics through API call, the Outstanding amount was set to incorrect value at the User Details page.6.1

CORE-14572When you tried to migrate a VS with >=2 NICs from vCenter to KVM, the networks were not grouped properly at the Networks step of the Migration wizard.6.0.0-159-6.1

CORE-14577It was possible to assign only one disk to a VS created from a vCenter template.6.1 Edge 2-6.1

CORE-14586The default Swap disk size was not agreed with the value in the template and was set to zero at the last step of the VS creation wizard. 6.1 Edge 2-6.1

CORE-14603After you selected Apply to All Buckets option during the bucket editing, the currencies in all buckets were changed to the one used in the freshly edited bucket.6.0.0-196-6.1

CORE-14657After you changed an owner for a VS with backup schedules, the schedules were not reassigned to the new VS's owner, and the latter was not able to manage them. 6.0-6.1

CORE-14659After you changed the rabbitmq pid file’s path or restarted the RabbitMQ service for the VSs running on CentOS7, RabbitMQ status was displayed as N/A.6.1 Edge 1-6.1

CORE-14687After you deleted the last uploaded OVA file and restarted MySQL and OnApp services for a vCenter VS via SSH, and then tried to migrate it to KVM, sometimes the migration stopped at the Building state and was not scheduled. 6.0.0-196-6.1

CORE-14691The Baremetal server creation wizard included the irrelevant Storage step.6.1 Edge 1-6.1

CORE-14700After you logged out of the system, you could still see the OnApp dashboard and navigate between the sidebar menu tabs. 6.0.0-196-6.1

CORE-14721If you suspended a vApp with a VS assigned, the Console button at the VS Overview Details page was still displayed. 6.0.0-196-6.1

CORE-14722When you zoomed out the map to view edge servers at the CDN resources page, the edge server pins shifted and were displayed incorrectly.5.5-6.1

CORE-14779After you deleted the CDN bandwidth limit in the Limits for CDN Bandwidth section at the Access Control page, the Usage Limit value at the CDN Resources page wasn't updated. 6.1 Edge 2-6.1

CORE-14803After you disabled the Show Network Zones on Virtual Server creation permission and tried to select IP address for a network interface in the new VS creation wizard, the 404 error appeared.6.1 Edge 2-6.1

CORE-14807The 500 Internal Server Error appeared at the Disks page when you tried to edit a degraded VS disk assigned to IS CloudBoot or static compute resource. 6.1

CORE-14811If you copied and then renamed an Orchestration model, the old name was still displayed as you were adding the Orchestration model to a bucket at the Access Control tab of the required bucket. 6.0-6.1

CORE-14822When you tried to import vCD organizations in multiple vCloud director mode to OnApp, the 500 Internal Server Error appeared.6.1 Edge 2-6.1

CORE-14827When you tried to add a new location group for a Federated Zone, the location group was created but you received the notifications about the incorrect configuration.6.0.0-196-6.1

CORE-14834The 500 Internal Server Error appeared in the log output when you tried to check the SDN Manager's connection status via API. 6.0-6.1 

CORE-14837The boot VS transaction failed after editing the XML configuration file at the Edit XML Config page, and the <target dev="vda" bus=""/> bus attribute was empty for the primary disk of a Windows-based VS6.1 Edge 2-6.1

CORE-14843The Submit button on the Add IP Address pop-up window did not respond when you tried to assign an IP address to a NIC of a vCenter CentOS-based VS.6.0.0-196-6.1

CORE-14844If you pasted >201 symbols in the Initial root password encryption key field in the Add IP Address pop-up window, the page became unresponsive. 6.0.0-196-6.1

CORE-14845When you migrated a VS from vCenter to KVM with enabled disks to one data store, default datastore ID was passed instead of the selected one.6.0.0-196-6.1

CORE-14849If you disabled DR for a VS or reestablished replication, the StopReplication transaction failed with a fatal error. 6.1 Edge 1-6.1

CORE-14850Shadow VSs were connecting via SSH through the default 22 port, which sometimes could lead to security issues with firewall. 6.1 Edge 2-6.1

CORE-14854After you assigned an SDN network to a user, the Assign to user option became irrelevant but was still displayed in the Actions dropbox at the Networks page.6.1

CORE-14872After you updated your cloud to OnApp  6.1 Edge 1 or 6.1 Edge 2 and generated statistics for the cloud, the output was duplicated in graphs on the Dashboard.6.1 Edge 2-6.1

CORE-14877The Undefined method 'key?' for false:FalseClass error notification appeared if you indicated an incorrect ODL password and clicked the Check connection button at the Edit SDN Manager page. 6.1

CORE-14878If you took a normal backup of a federated VS at the Backups page on the Buyer's side, the backup was not displayed at the Virtual Server's Backups page. 6.0-6.1 

CORE-14880The color of the notification text background at the Notification Details page changed as you hovered over it. 6.1 Edge 2-6.1

CORE-14887It was typed Accesses instead of Addresses in the Edit Routed Network Pricing pop-up window at the vCD Pricing Rate Card page. 6.1 Edge 2-6.1


Due to incorrect ssh parameters settings, you could contstantly see the corresponding warning messages in the /onapp/interface/log/onapp.err file. 


CORE-14896When you tried to create Windows-based VS with KMS licensing type enabled, the VS was successfully created but not activated and Windows activation popups were contantly displayed on the screen. 6.0-6.1

CORE-14902When you tried to create an OVA-based VS on CentOS 7 KVM compute resources, the transaction failed with the system error.6.0.0-196-6.1


You couldn't assign an IP address to an Accelerator, Container server, Storage server, or Edge server at the Assign IP Address page as the corresponding popup did not load.


CORE-14945When you tried to allocate an IP address to a federated VS at the Assign IP Address page, it was allocated to a local VS instead of a federated one. 6.1

CORE-14963Irrelevant "initial_root_password" parameter was available in the output of Get VS Details API request for an application server.6.1 Edge 2-6.1

CORE-14970When you tried to schedule autobackups for a Windows VS at the VS Overview page, the popup window provided the hyperlink to proceed to the configuration, but the link was not highlighted. 6.1 Edge 2-6.1

CORE-14988You could not restore a recovery point for a Windows-based VS, if it required SSH access and had a recovery mode enabled.6.0.0-196-6.1

CORE-14990When you tried to add a new IP address to the VS at Virtual Servers menu, IPv6 filter was not working.6.0-6.1 

CORE-15020If you tried to create a load balancer of an autoscaling type with the Free RAM option enabled in Autoscale Out/In Parameters sections, the transaction failed.6.1 Edge 2-6.1

CORE-15035If you tried to restore a VS from recovery point, and the VS wasn't in the recovery mode, the transaction failed.6.1.0-240-6.1

CORE-15042When you tried to run a VBS or PowerShell script type recipe assigned to a VS, the transaction failed. 6.1 Edge 2-6.1

CORE-15062When you used an API request to enable/disable notifications, the API call failed with an error. 6.1 Edge 2-6.1

CORE-15066If you selected the option to display more than 10 items per page at the Integrated Storage Disks page, it wasn't applied. 6.1 Edge 2-6.1

CORE-15068If you added empty fields for custom recipe variables at the Recipes step of the VS creation wizard, the error notification appeared at the Confirmation step and the VS wasn't created. 6.1.0-240-6.1

CORE-15071After you deleted a user with assigned vApp via vCD, the vApp was not reassigned to you and the 500 Internal Error appeared at the vApp Details page in OnApp Cloud.6.0.0-80-6.1

CORE-15077When you tried to decrease a vDisk's size of an Integrated Storage data store, the actual size of the disk and the one indicated in the logs were different.6.0.0-196

CORE-15086If you logged in to your Control Panel via Firefox browser, the SSH keys at the SSH-Keys for Virtual Servers page were not displayed properly. 6.1

CORE-15087If you saved your Control Panel password to the browser auto-fill form data, and then tried to create a VS from ISO via the VS creation wizard, the doesn't match confirmation error appeared on the Properties step. 6.0.0-196-6.1

CORE-15088Some elements at the EC2 Instance Details page were inconsistent with the general page layout. 6.1

CORE-15089After you hid the sidebar menu with a custom logo set, the custom logo changed back to the OnApp default one. 6.1 Edge 2-6.1

CORE-15090After you performed a manual backup of an IS CloudBood VS, the arrow icon at the Backups page next to the backup in question was not aligned properly. 6.1

CORE-15091The Start Smart Server slider label on the Rebuild Smart Server pop-up window was cropped. 6.0.0-196-6.1


The layout of the Backups and Price column labels at the User Profile page was distorted. 6.1 Edge 2-6.1

CORE-15096You could not see the Activity Log section on the Dashboard with the Show cloud dashboard permission disabled. 6.1 Edge 1-6.1

CORE-15098If you tried to set the network interface port speed limit to Unlimited for an Application server in the Application Server creation wizard, it was set to 10 Mbps instead. 6.1

CORE-15100After you navigated to >=130 page at the Locale page, the pagination at the Missing Translations tab disappeared. 6.1 Edge 2-6.1

CORE-15107After you enabled/disabled disk autobackups, the message in the confirmation notification was not decoded properly.6.0.0-62-6.1

CORE-15111When you tried to hot full migrate a CentOS7-based VS on KVM compute resource, the transaction failed with a system error. 6.1 Edge 2-6.1

CORE-15112When you tried to full migrate a VS from CloudBoot to static compute resource, the transaction failed with a fatal error. 6.1

CORE-15115If you sorted VSs by labels at the Virtual Servers page, the order changed back to the default identifier-sorted one as you navigated to another page. 6.0.0-196-6.1

CORE-15117A load balancer created on a Xen compute resource and the heartbeat service did not start up after the load balancer's creation. 6.0.0-196-6.1

CORE-15120A load balancer stopped working after a node reboot at the Load Balancer Details page. 6.0.0-196-6.1

CORE-15121If a label for a service add-ons included the word "label", the field for the service add-on label was left blank at the Assign Service Add-ons page. 6.1 Edge 1-6.1

CORE-15122When you added a service add-on with no recipes to a vCloud VS, the transaction failed.6.1 Edge 1-6.1

CORE-15123When you migrated a VS with an encrypted password from vCenter to KVM, the VS's password was updated to a random value.6.0.0-159-6.1

CORE-15124It was possible to add more than one NIC to the same network at the New Network Interface page. 6.0-6.1

CORE-15125It was not possible to create a vCenter VS with those data stores or networks assigned that were moved from their initial zones. 6.1

CORE-15126CPU Usage was displayed in GHz instead of GBs in vCloud Storage graph in the Statistics section on the Dashboard. 6.1

CORE-15129There was an option to detach a vCenter compute resource from a compute zone, even though it is implemented by default. 6.0.0-196-6.1

CORE-15131After you added recipe actions to the service add-on and tried to run recipe on a destination vCloud VS, the transaction failed with a fatal error.6.1 Edge 2-6.1

CORE-15132When you set a root password for a VS imported from vCenter, the data you indicated in the Password confirmation field in the Set Password pop-up window was ignored. 6.0.0-196-6.1

CORE-15133When you tried to set root password for a newly-imported vCenter VS, the label Leave Blank For Auto-generate was displayed in the password field.6.0.0-196-6.1

CORE-15135After you used the same SAML authentication to log in to several Control Panel accounts simultaneously, the 500 Internal Server Error appeared as you tried to log out from one of the accounts.6.0.0-196-6.1

CORE-15136The CloudBoot backup server NICs assigned to SAN at the Edit Hardware Devices page in OnApp 6.0 got unassigned after the upgrade to OnApp

CORE-15137If you tried to run a Performance Benchmark test for an IS datastore at the Data Store Details page, the transaction failed with a fatal error.6.1

CORE-15138The label of epoch mechanism slider included the word beta at the Edit Data Store page after moving epochs from beta mode. 6.1 Edge 1-6.1

CORE-15139When you tried to create partition on disks for a VS running on CentOS 6 compute resource, the VS performance was slowed down.6.0-6.1

CORE-15146If you tried to delete an Org network and create a new one connected to the same Edge Gateway simultaneously, both transactions failed. 6.0.0-196-6.1

CORE-15148If you scheduled deletion of >=2 routed Org Networks, only the first transaction was successful, and the second one failed with a fatal error. 6.0.0-80-6.1


When you migrated a VS to another compute resource and exceeded its resources capacity, the transaction failed.

6.1 Edge 2 - 6.1

CORE-15158The 500 Internal Server Error appeared at the second step of the VS creation wizard if you didn't choose any template at the first step. 6.0-6.1

CORE-15161When you tried to create an Org Network with routed network type for a vCloud VS, the transaction failed with a fatal error. 6.0.0-62-6.1


After you uploaded custom logo and favicon during editing a new theme in Look and Feel Settings menu, the corresponding fields shifted in the OnApp interface. 


CORE-15202The nameservers' labels  were formatted incorrectly in the infobox at the DNS setup page.6.1

CORE-15206Headers and footers were displayed incorrectly in the interface after you applied a theme with customized header and footer.6.1 Edge 2-6.1

CORE-15220The 500 Internal Server Error appeared on the IP addresses tab at the Networking page on the Seller side if you tried to detach an IP address from a federated VS.6.0.0-238-6.1

CORE-15221You could not assign an IP address to a VS at the Assign IP Address page without the All actions on virtual server's IP addresses permission enabled. 6.1

CORE-15234Clicking the Suspend button at the CDN Resource Details page caused the relevant information in the infobox to disappear.6.1

CORE-15236You could not import a vCenter VS with >168GB of RAM to OnApp at the Import Virtual Server page. 6.1

CORE-15237If you tried to increase the size of a primary disk of vCenter Windows-based or OVAs-based VSs by 1GB or more, the transaction failed with a fatal error. 6.0.0-196-6.1

CORE-15260After you rebooted an Integrated Storage Static compute resource, the UpdateComputeResourceCpuConfiguration transaction failed. 6.1.0-240

CORE-15283The 500 Internal Server Error appeared after you deleted an accelerated VS from the Virtual Servers menu, if the inviCDN ID was missing on the Aflexi side or CDN service was not available. 6.1

CORE-15289When you tried to rebuild network for the VS built from the Windows template that did not support VirtIO virtualization, the transaction failed. 6.1 Edge 2-6.1

CORE-15313The word "was" was duplicated in the notification box that appeared after you enabled WAF rules for an HTTP CDN Resource at the Web Application Firewall page. 6.1

CORE-15314If you cancelled a zombie transaction at the Logs page, it was displayed as failed instead of cancelled. 6.1

CORE-15340It was possible to delete a User Group associated with a vCD organization. 6.1

CORE-15341If you created a vCloud organization with automatic creation of a User Group associated with it, it was still possible to delete this User Group. 6.1 Edge 2-6.1

CORE-15342After you imported to OnApp a vCenter VS with 2 clusters connected to one DvSwitch, the networks and datastores of the imported VS were duplicated at the Network Zone Details and Data Store Zones Details pages respectively. 6.0.0-238-6.1

CORE-15343Sometimes, after import of two vCenter VSs to OnApp, deleting the last one and shutting down another caused increased CPU load and the transaction stuck.6.1

CORE-15345You could not increase RAM and CPUs for the vCenter VS even when you had enough resources in your Resource Pool due to incorrect calculation of free RAM for the VS.6.1

CORE-15346When you tried to access a CDN resource disconnected from API server at the CDN Resources page, the 500 Internal Server error appeared instead of an error notification.6.1

CORE-15350When you created a bucket and tried to add both access control and rate card sections to it at the same time, the transaction failed 6.1

CORE-15370After you imported some vCenter VSs to OnApp, some data related to the vCenter data store capacity was missing or not updated at the OnApp side.6.0.0-196-6.1

CORE-15371After you imported all of your vCenter VSs to OnApp, the RAM usage value displayed at the Compute Resource Details page was incorrect. 6.0.0-238-6.1

CORE-15393When you tried to take a backup of a Windows-based VS running on a Cloudboot compute resource, the transaction failed with a fatal error. 6.0.0-238-6.1.0-240

CORE-15394If you tried to create an OVA-based vCenter VS in VS creation wizard, the transaction failed. 6.0.0-238-6.1

CORE-15433When you tried to add a compute zone with a newly-generated certificate to federation at the Compute Zones page, the transaction failed. 6.0.0-238-6.1

CORE-15436It was not possible to disable logo and favicon for a theme at the Edit Theme page. 6.0.0-238-6.1

CORE-15453The 500 Internal Server Error appeared when you tried to suspend a federated compute zone at the Compute Zones page. 6.2 Edge 1-6.1

CORE-15459When you cancelled the failover process transaction at the Compute Zone Failover page, the 500 Internal Server Error appeared.6.1 Edge 1-6.1


It was not possible to rebuid and then boot the VS with the TRIM option enabled.


CORE-15475When you created a VS with the remote console password containing the "<", ">", or "&" symbols, you couldn't access the VNC console.6.1


During editing CDN bandwidth limit in the bucket you received misleading warning message about the possibiity to set it to 0.


CORE-15495When you tried to assign an IP address to a vCenter VS, you were redirected to the Dashboard page and an error message appeared.6.1

CORE-15541You could select the irrelevant for R1Soft backup plugin Advanced option in the Actions dropbox at the Backup Resource page. 6.1.0-240

CORE-15565The text in an infobox at the Look and Feel Settings page contained grammar mistakes. 6.1.0-240

CORE-15578If you tried to hot full migrate a Windows-based VS to another compute resource, and there was no bridge created on the destination compute resource, the transaction failed with a fatal error. 6.1 Edge 2-6.1

CORE-15591If you tried to restore a backup for an OVA Windows-based VS, the transaction failed with a system error. 6.1.0-240

STORAGE-2167When you tried to take a VDisk snapshot on static or CloudBoot compute resources with Integrated Storage enabled, snaptime field of snapshot got value from size of disk in sectors instead of actual creation time.4.1-6.1