OnApp 6.1 Patch 1 (6.1.0-240)

23 September 2019

This is an update for the Control Panel server and Static compute resources. This document provides information on improvements and fixes implemented as a part of the 6.1.0-240 update, as well as the upgrade instructions for:

The upgrade instructions for CloudBoot are available at OnApp 6.1 Patch 1 CloudBoot Update


The following improvements were implemented in the scope of the 6.1.0-240 update. 

KeyRelease Notes
CORE-14646Now you can schedule simultaneous autobackups for several non-incremental disks of a single VS.
CORE-14745Now you can move created but not yet imported VSs between the Resource Pools on the vCenter side and they are recognized on the OnApp side by the auto-import rules.
CORE-14788Improved the process of deleting backups of federated VSs: a notification about the completion of a transaction is not sent from Seller to Buyer until the previous notification is sent.
CORE-15012With the improved Usage Statistics page speed, you can generate billing statistics fast regardless of the number of resources on the page.
CORE-15060Reduced the response time for the available templates load on the Templates step in the VS creation wizard.  
CORE-15064Updated a minimum value that you can set for Dom0 memory to 3648 MB on CloudBoot compute resources based on Xen and CentOS 7. 
CORE-15223Now you can not only edit the CORS header status at the Edit CDN Resource page but also see the current CORS header status at the Advanced CDN Resource Details page.
CORE-15258Now, if you import a vCenter VS to OnApp, and then make any changes to the VS on the vCenter side, you can Resync the VS to update the changes on the OnApp side to match.
CORE-15364Now you get an alert notification in case vCloud statistics gathering transaction fails. 
CORE-15365Improved the vCloud statistics by providing more details in log output, and added a notification in case of statistics collecting failure.  


The following issues were fixed in the scope of the 6.1.0-240 update. 

KeyRelease NotesAffected Versions
CORE-13517It was possible to add more than one NIC to the same network at the New Network Interface page. 6.0-6.1
CORE-14214If a label for a service add-ons included the word "label", the field for the service add-on label was left blank at the Assign Service Add-ons page. 6.1 Edge 1 - 6.1
CORE-14573When you migrated a VS with an encrypted password from vCenter to KVM, the VS's password was updated to a random value.6.0.0-159-6.1
CORE-14574When you migrated a VS to another compute resource and exceeded its resources capacity, the transaction failed.6.1 Edge 2 - 6.1
CORE-14601There was an option to detach a vCenter compute resource from a compute zone, even though it is implemented by default. 6.0.0-196-6.1
CORE-14624If you saved your Control Panel password to the browser auto-fill form data, and then tried to create a VS from ISO via the VS creation wizard, the doesn't match confirmation error appeared on the Properties step. 6.0.0-196-6.1
CORE-14626When you tried to create partition on disks for a VS running on CentOS 6 compute resource, the VS performance was slowed down.6.0-6.1
CORE-14661After you imported all of your vCenter VSs to OnApp, the RAM usage value displayed at the Compute Resource Details page was incorrect. 6.0.0-196-6.1
CORE-14684When you migrated a VS from vCenter to KVM with enabled disks to one data store, default datastore ID was passed instead of the selected one.6.0.0-196-6.1
CORE-14705The 500 Internal Server Error appeared in log as you tried to get the dashboard statistics via an API request.


CORE-14712After you imported some vCenter VSs to OnApp, some data related to the vCenter data store capacity was missing or not updated at the OnApp side.6.0.0-196-6.1
CORE-14748When you added a service add-on with no recipes to a vCloud VS, the transaction failed.6.1 Edge 1-6.1
CORE-14793If you tried to run a Performance Benchmark test for an IS datastore at the Data Store Details page, the transaction failed with a fatal error.6.1
CORE-14809If you tried to create a load balancer of an autoscaling type with the Free RAM option enabled in Autoscale Out/In Parameters sections, the transaction failed.6.1 Edge 2-6.1
CORE-14817When you tried to start up a federated Windows-based VS, the transaction failed.6.0.0-152-6.1
CORE-14824If you created a vCloud organization with automatic creation of a User Group associated with it, it was still possible to delete this User Group. 6.1 Edge 2-6.1
CORE-14836The boot VS transaction failed after editing the XML configuration file at the Edit XML Config page, and the <target dev="vda" bus=""/> bus attribute was empty for the primary disk of a Windows-based VS. 6.1 Edge 2-6.1

You could create a backup resource zone selecting a federated location group that might lead to issues with unsubscribing from a federated zone.

CORE-14855When you tried to set root password for a newly-imported vCenter VS, the label Leave Blank For Auto-generate was displayed in the password field.6.0.0-196-6.1
CORE-14860When you set a root password for a VS imported from vCenter, the data you indicated in the Password confirmation field in the Set Password pop-up window was ignored. 6.0.0-196-6.1
CORE-14908The layout of the Backups and Price column labels at the User Profile page was distorted. 6.1 Edge 2-6.1
CORE-14921A PowerShell recipe failed to run on vCenter and KVM Windows-based VSs.6.1 Edge 2-6.1
CORE-14925After you used the same SAML authentication to log in to several Control Panel accounts simultaneously, the 500 Internal Server Error appeared as you tried to log out from one of the accounts.6.0.0-196-6.1
CORE-14941If you took a normal backup of a federated VS at the Backups page on the Buyer's side, the backup was not displayed at the Virtual Server's Backups page. 6.0-6.1
CORE-14942When you tried to generate the VS hourly statistics through API call, the Outstanding amount was set to incorrect value at the User Details page.6.1
CORE-14946When you tried to allocate an IP address to a federated VS at the Assign IP Address page, it was allocated to a local VS instead of a federated one. 6.1
CORE-14948After you added recipe actions to the service add-on and tried to run recipe on a destination vCloud VS, the transaction failed with a fatal error.6.1 Edge 2-6.1
CORE-14952Some elements at the EC2 Instance Details page were inconsistent with the general page layout. 6.1
CORE-14960If you logged in to your Control Panel via Firefox browser, the SSH keys at the SSH-Keys for Virtual Servers page were not displayed properly. 6.1
CORE-14962Irrelevant "initial_root_password" parameter was available in the output of Get VS Details API request for an application server.6.0.0-196-6.1
CORE-14968When you tried to run a VBS or PowerShell script type recipe assigned to a VS, the transaction failed. 6.1 Edge 2
CORE-14978After you navigated to >=130 page at the Locale page, the pagination at the Missing Translations tab disappeared. 6.1 Edge 2-6.1
CORE-14979When you tried to hot full migrate a CentOS7-based VS on KVM compute resource, the transaction failed with a system error. 6.1 Edge 2-6.1
CORE-14984If you tried to set the network interface port speed limit to Unlimited for an Application server in the Application Server creation wizard, it was set to 10 Mbps instead. 6.1
CORE-14997The Start Smart Server slider label on the Rebuild Smart Server pop-up window was cropped. 6.0.0-196-6.1
CORE-15021After you performed a manual backup of an IS CloudBood VS, the arrow icon at the Backups page next to the backup in question was not aligned properly. 6.1
CORE-15038CPU Usage was displayed in GHz instead of GBs in vCloud Storage graph in the Statistics section on the Dashboard. 6.1
CORE-15045The CloudBoot backup server NICs assigned to SAN at the Edit Hardware Devices page in OnApp 6.0 got unassigned after the upgrade to OnApp

If you tried to restore a recovery point on a VS with R1Soft backup plugin, and the VS was not in recovery mode, the transaction failed with a fatal error. 


You could not restore a recovery point for a Windows-based VS, if it required SSH access and had a recovery mode enabled.

CORE-15052After you hid the sidebar menu with a custom logo set, the custom logo changed back to the OnApp default one. 

6.1 Edge 2-6.1

CORE-15057The label of epoch mechanism slider included the word beta at the Edit Data Store page after moving epochs from beta mode. 6.1 Edge 1-6.1

It was not possible to create a vCenter VS with those data stores or networks assigned that were moved from their initial zones. 


CORE-15097You could not see the Activity Log section on the Dashboard with the Show cloud dashboard permission disabled. 6.1 Edge 1-6.1
CORE-15105It was possible to delete a User Group associated with a vCD organization. 6.1
CORE-15108After you enabled/disabled disk autobackups, the message in the confirmation notification was not decoded properly.6.0.0-62
CORE-15119A load balancer stopped working after a node reboot at the Load Balancer Details page. 6.0.0-196
CORE-15134If you selected the option to display more than 10 items per page at the Integrated Storage Disks page, it wasn't applied. 6.1 Edge 2-6.1
CORE-15145If you tried to delete an Org network and create a new one connected to the same Edge Gateway simultaneously, both transactions failed. 6.0.0-196
CORE-15147If you scheduled deletion of >=2 routed Org Networks from the same Edge Gateway, the second transaction failed with a fatal error. 6.0.0-80
CORE-15157The 500 Internal Server Error appeared at the second step of the VS creation wizard if you didn't choose any template at the first step. 6.0-6.1
CORE-15162When you tried to create an Org Network with routed network type for a vCloud VS, the transaction failed with a fatal error. 6.0.0-62
CORE-15172When you tried to rebuild network for the VS built from the Windows template that did not support VirtIO virtualization, the transaction failed. 6.1 Edge 2-6.1
CORE-15182You could not assign an IP address to a VS at the Assign IP Address page without the All actions on virtual server's IP addresses permission enabled. 6.1
CORE-15188When you tried to refresh Hardware Devices list for compute resources with Integrated Storage enabled, the refresh icon was displayed but the transaction failed.6.1 Edge 2
CORE-15200If you tried to increase the size of a primary disk of vCenter Windows-based or OVAs-based VSs by 1GB or more, the transaction failed with a fatal error. 6.0.0-196-6.1
CORE-15203When you tried to full migrate a VS from CloudBoot to static compute resource, the transaction failed with a fatal error. 6.1
CORE-15222When you used an API request to enable/disable notifications, the API call failed with an error. 6.1 Edge 2
CORE-15224You could not import a vCenter VS with >168GB of RAM to OnApp at the Import Virtual Server page. 6.1
CORE-15229If you sorted VSs by labels at the Virtual Servers page, the order changed back to the default identifier-sorted one as you navigated to another page. 6.0.0-196-6.1
CORE-15231The nameservers' labels  were formatted incorrectly in the infobox at the DNS setup page.6.1
CORE-15235Clicking the Suspend button at the CDN Resource Details page caused the relevant information in the infobox to disappear.6.1
CORE-15253When you tried to create an OVA-based VS on CentOS 7 KVM compute resources, the transaction failed with the system error.6.0.0-196-6.1
CORE-15256The 500 Internal Server Error appeared on the IP addresses tab at the Networking page on the Seller side if you tried to detach an IP address from a federated VS.6.0.0-238
CORE-15269Sometimes, after import of two vCenter VSs to OnApp, deleting the last one and shutting down another caused increased CPU load and the transaction stuck.6.1
CORE-15304After you imported to OnApp a vCenter VS with 2 clusters connected to one DvSwitch, the networks and datastores of the imported VS were duplicated at the Network Zone Details and Data Store Zones Details pages respectively. 6.0.0-238-6.1
CORE-15327The word "was" was duplicated in the notification box that appeared after you enabled WAF rules for an HTTP CDN Resource at the Web Application Firewall page. 6.1
CORE-15358It was possible to delete a VS disk with the Destroy any disk permission disabled, if the Manage OnApp Storage permission was enabled. 5.10-6.1
CORE-15390If you tried to create an OVA-based vCenter VS in VS creation wizard, the transaction failed. 6.0.0-238-6.1

Patch Installation

The instructions below are relevant if you already run OnApp 6.1.

Upgrade Control Panel Server

To apply the patch to a Control Panel server based on OnApp 6.1:

  1. Upgrade the OnApp Control Panel installer package:

    # yum update onapp-cp-install
  2. Update system packages (if required):

    # /onapp/onapp-cp-install/onapp-cp-install.sh -y
  3. Run the Control Panel installer:

    If you upgrade from 6.1 Stable:

    # /onapp/onapp-cp-install/onapp-cp-install.sh --quick-update

    If you upgrade from 6.1 Edge 1/2:

    # /onapp/onapp-cp-install/onapp-cp-install.sh
  4. Start OnApp related services (like onapp, onapp-licensing, httpd) if ‘—quick-update’ option was used for the installer.

Upgrade Static Compute Resources

The instructions below are relevant only if you already run OnApp 6.1 Edge 1/2.

Make sure your compute resource is visible and online on the Control Panel. Then you can proceed to the following procedure and run the steps, depending on a version from which you upgrade. 

  1. Make sure your compute resource is visible and online on the Control Panel.

  2. Upgrade the OnApp compute resource installer package:

    # yum update onapp-hv-install
  3. Update your server OS components: 
    For Xen compute resources

    # /onapp/onapp-hv-install/onapp-hv-xen-install.sh -y

    For KVM compute resources

    # /onapp/onapp-hv-install/onapp-hv-kvm-install.sh -y
  4. Run Static compute resource installer:

    • For KVM compute resources

      # /onapp/onapp-hv-install/onapp-hv-kvm-install.sh
    • For Xen compute resources

      # /onapp/onapp-hv-install/onapp-hv-xen-install.sh

      Please confirm the download of Recovery Templates and other ISOs/images when you are prompted. 

Upgrade Static Backup Server

The instructions below are relevant only if you already run OnApp 6.1 Edge 1/2.

  1. Upgrade the OnApp backup server installer package:

    # yum update onapp-bk-install
  2. Update your server OS components:

    # /onapp/onapp-bk-install/onapp-bk-install.sh -y
  3. Run the installer:

    # sh /onapp/onapp-bk-install/onapp-bk-install.sh